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  1. Hey, thanks for the info I'm in Victoria, 1 1/2 hours south of Melbourne atm. But me and my gf are going to move either around Melbourne or Sydney early next year.
  2. No, I havent tried anything yet. I need to try this stuff after work tonight. Thanks
  3. Awesome, I'll give all this a listen! Thanks for that
  4. Hey people, I have an issue with my sound bar making a high pitched distorted noise over higher pitched sounds. Does anyone have any ideas of a fix?
  5. So do I, yeah obviously more a tech in general podcast. I also listen to "Kinda funny games daily". Check that one out if your looking for something more game focused!
  6. Hey guys anyone got any podcast recommendations? What do people listen to?
  7. Hey guys, Anyone know why GeForce can't locate my steam games? I've tried running as admin, giving permissions to the folder. Also made sure the folder is in the scan list.. Thoughts?
  8. PS5 digital Better exclusives (not accessible on pc like xbox). Content = King
  9. Yep. The xbox series s has lower specs then the series x, but the ps5 models are identical except for a disk drive
  10. Thanks for your input and the channel recommendation Its all valuable! I'm doing a comptia network+ to learn the concepts, and researching vendors used in Aus.
  11. Yeah I was gunna start learning Python for fun when I have a bit more time. Thanks for the advice
  12. Hey! Thanks for your input im currently about half way through the Comptia network+ course, I'll definitely look at this aswell.