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  1. ___

    Whats Your Personality Type?

    INFP Variant: Turbulent Role: Diplomat This describes me pretty well, at least from what I had read it. I used to lie during personality tests setting myself up for the results, but this time I decided to just go with my gut instinct without thinking about the results. I'm not sure if this personality is good or bad.
  2. ___

    A Smart Firearm?

    Humans are less easier to fix unfortunately. I thought the same thing, maybe it would be more likely to break if it was in the trigger or cause other issues. Better safe then sorry when it comes to guns as a lawsuit would be very costly if the gun malfunctioned and the persons family goes after the gun maker for it not firing.
  3. ___

    My brother converted....

    You say you get it, then you say that calling it a religion is stupid?? So you don't get it.. The PcMasterRace is a sarcastic meme in the gaming community. It can be annoying when it's overdone, but all it's doing is making fun of the pc elitists that actually do think they're better than console users just because their parents bought them a gaming pc. They call it a religion because..well it's complicated(at least I'm not fully sure why) but it shouldn't be taken seriously at all. Just gotta brush it off if it offends you I guess.
  4. I've really liked reading your posts this thread. That's it, I don't really have a comment on this news post that hasn't already been said.
  5. I don't understand how this is news. Oh well, I don't give a shit about more than half of the topics posted in this section anyways (not including reposts).
  6. ___

    Netflix is testing ads in its original content

    You pay for TV and get ads, so I don't see how this is much different. Just the fact that you pay what you get for, and with netflix that's waiting for your shows to appear on netflix.
  7. I can't tell you how many times my parents or relatives have bought something, technology wise, that I've seen as a complete waste of money or not the best choice for the price bracket. It's been more times than I can count on my two hands.
  8. Doesn't the SAT and ACT measure how much you've learned/know? You wouldn't get accepted if you get a horrible score on those standardized tests.
  9. Lots of money flow through these congressmen, they have to think about there future job as a bitching lobbiest and the money the companies will pay them. Honestly I don't see this necessary, so no. Sorry but there are already public places to use the internet, even for poor people! For free!
  10. ___

    Nvidia Gameworks controversy continues...

    Why is everybody mad? Do they think that Amd is going to just sit there and let Nvidia take over? This is just competition between businesses and unfortunately right now one is getting it's ass kicked. On the bright side, if the trend continues, it will force Amd to improve their graphics card software which will be a win for consumers with their cards in the future.
  11. ___

    Nvidia releases The Witcher 3 Driver

    That sucks for the console apus... They're probably going to be horrible then. /s