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  1. No real posters get paid (like the mods, or just helpful users in general). There is however issues with shills from time to time. A shill is someone who gets paid to pretend to be a regular customer, but is actually trying to influence people to buy a specific product. So if let's say Five-four had a shill on this site, the shill would make posts about how good Five-four is and try to make people pick get subscriptions for it, and in return he gets paid by five-four. The reason why I mention five-four is because we had a very.... peculiar user on here a while ago which only recommended them, all his posts were about clothes, and he mysteriously got banned after a while.
  2. [Citation Needed] Also, it depends on a lot of factors. Do you include the travel expenses for skiing? Because then you can argue that you are paying flight tickets in the "price" for skiing. Buying and maintaining a horse, plus all the club fees and equipment that goes along with riding makes it extremely expensive too. Most likely more expensive than skiing. Golf? All depends on what gear you buy. You can buy a single club that costs as much as an entire skiing kit, and you can have 14 clubs (plus membership which varies greatly depending on the club). I have no doubt in my mind that skiing is one of the most expensive sports for kids, but I don't think you can definitively say it is the second most expensive. All sports can vary greatly in cost.
  3. Don't forget club membership fees, uniforms, skin guards and if you're a goalkeeper, gloves. Obviously some sports are much more expensive than others (I used to play golf, so I know) but I think most sports are expensive for growing children which needs new equipment ever year. Stupid children and their "growth".
  4. It's not. Demi-chan = soft and comfy monster girls. To LOVE-Ru = softcore porn The anime was kind of crap, but I'd say the manga has a lot of character development. Not much plot, but it's very character driven. Plus Yabuki's amazing art. I can't wait to see what he does now that TLRD is over. Nichijou is good, but I think Danshi koukousei no nichijou is at least 10 times better. It is seriously one of the best animated comedies (not just anime) I have ever seen. I have watched it like 3-4 times and I'm still not bored of it. It's the same concept/style as Nichijou, but it goes for more relatable stuff instead of bizarre/over-the-top.
  5. That could be anything. Context? Where did you find the picture?
  6. I don't believe you should abandon your morals and integrity just because you make more money.
  7. Yes you did miss the point. I never said Bezos was perfect. What I said was that if you want business advice, you should not look to Linus. Also, here is the point again: By the way, these "terrible benefits" you speak of are actually rated fairly highly by their own employees. 3.7 out of 5 on Glassdoor with their healthcare coverage being really good. And that's based on reviews from 5.2K employees in the US. For comparison, Walmart gets 3.1 (and Google, the best rated place to work gets 4.6 ). Not sure what you got against Amazon, but your views clearly do not reflect the average view of their employees. "Horrible wages" - Average or slightly above average for the type of work people do there. "Horrible benefits" - Slightly above average. "Horrible working environment" - This one I can agree with, and there is some data to back it up too (unlike your previous points). Things like stack ranking is just flat out bad. But you will usually find some bad practices on any company. I mean, LMG have had one employee quit because she claimed LMG was a poor place to work at. Considering how (relatively) few employees LMG have had, that could be seen as a bad sign too. Or maybe different companies got different cultures and not everyone will fit in. However... 1) We're talking about how to run a business, not how to be best friends with your employees. 2) Amazon cares about their customers, something I think more companies should do. It's not for nothing they have scored the highest customer satisfaction rating 8 years out of the last 10 years (according to ACSI). 3) There are several ways you can measure "leadership". Calling his leadership garbage when he is one of the most successful people in the world, and is involved in multiple extremely successful companies is just plain stupid. If you measure it by how much fun you'd have playing some SNES with him on a Saturday evening then sure, he is terrible. But if you measure it in any way that's important to a business success then you are just strictly wrong, as proven by his countless successes You clearly have a lot of emotions regarding Amazon, for some reason, but your posts are as if they were written by someone from another dimension. In fact, all of your posts I've replied to so far have been rather inane.
  8. I have read the article. I do not see anything about it removing thermal restrictions. Someone is worried that it might do that, but if previous benchmark cheating is to go by then it does not. What it does is set the CPU to always be at 100% frequency, and that's it (at least for the old cheats). That gives an advantage because there is a quite big (for a CPU at least) delay between changing CPU states. I don't have any solid numbers but my guess is that it's like 100ms or more. Since a lot of benchmarks consist of a mix of different tests the CPU will downclock itself at several points during a run, and then it has to ramp itself up again (normally). So the average frequency for the CPU in a benchmark run will be quite a bit lower than what the chip is actually rated for. The cheat makes it so that the average CPU frequency during the benchmark run is the max the chip is rated for. I very much doubt it removes thermal or power limits since previous cheating attempts did not do that. I think the whole thing is rather harmless as well. It totally is cheating, but if you know which chip is in the phone you will know roughly what it will perform like anyway (as far as CPU and GPU goes). This cheat shouldn't change the results that much either.
  9. Way to miss the point (which I even took the time to explain so that nobody could miss it). But hey, it's easier to nitpick things than to actually respond to arguments, right? I got a feeling this will just escalate to "everything Linus does is right, and everything everyone else does it wrong". Linus is neglecting his viewers? People justify it with "LMG is a business so making money comes first, deal with it". Amazon paying their workers "horrid wages" (which funnily enough, is actually higher than most brick-and-mortar stores)? What a horrible company. They should put people before profits. Also, why are you not talking to me anymore? Why are you talking about me as if I was not here all of a sudden? It's very rude.
  10. Quite frankly my dead, I don't give a damn. And I don't see why so many people do. It's neither my nor your viewers' problem that you are not getting as many sponsors. How do you think my clients would perceive me if I started making sloppy jobs, breaking promises and my only excuse was "well I am not making as much as I used to and I don't want to cut down on expenses, so deal with it"? They would be furious and probably hire someone else. I'd feel really bad if I was a pitied as you are. He does not talk sense about business at all. In one sentence he tries to justify screwing over his fans because "please feel pity for me, I am not making as much money as I used to" and then in the next he says he don't want to cut expenses because he is driven by emotion rather than smart business decisions. He really should not be a role model for businesses. Wanna know what role models are? Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon and the second richest person in the world. Want to know what he said when a publisher told him that they should censor user reviews because "negative reviews must be bad for business" (since negative reviews = less products sold)? He said: Wanna know what John Doerr, a very successful venture capitalist, has to say about businesses? This is what Doerr said after having invested in Google, 12 million dollars before Google even had a business plan on how to make that money back: His points is that if you make your customers happy then profits will come naturally. The way I see Linus Media Group, they are doing the exact opposite. They are trying to make as much money as possible (which they invest back into the company to fuel growth) and then customer satisfaction is basically an afterthought. People don't like X? Well it makes us more money so who cares. People don't like Y? Sorry but it makes us more money so it stays. People don't like Z? Sorry, can't hear your complains over how much more money I am making! By the way, here is yet another quote I think more businesses should take to heart. This time it's from Bill Gates. By the way, since I can already tell people are getting mad at me, let me quote Angry Joe. Just replace "halo" with "Linus" and "game" with "channel".
  11. Yeah, getting slightly upset for being lied to? What kind of self centered person am I? I am such a horrible person for being upset when someone lies and treats me poorly. Next time I should just open wide and bring my own lube, because Linus is going in hard and dry. Hey Linus, ever considered selling dildos? At least then your fans would know that you're screwing them. Yep, and people have been asking for more. So why put it behind a paywall? [Citation Needed] I can not find any indication of this being true, and I actually went back and looked at the statistics for his videos before and after each moving vlog. It seems pretty normal to me and besides, it's incredibly hard to actually prove "if I hadn't released video X then video Y would have gotten more views". 1) I doubt Linus thinks he is only going to make a few hundred extra dollars from FPC. Since they are renting all this new stuff, and hiring people for it, I am willing to bet that Linus is aiming for way more than "a few hundred extra dollars". Anything less than several thousands of extra dollars will make this venture go at a loss. 2) Where did you get Linus' dollar per 1K view number from? I'd like a source for that. Is that the average for a video you're quoting? 3) If he would make more money by putting it on YouTube then why did he clearly say that he believed putting those videos on Youtube would hurt his revenue? You're not making any sense here. You can't use "he would make more money putting them on Youtube" as an argument for why he is not putting them on Youtube. Those are synonyms. Totally agree. I've said the same thing several times actually. I don't see your point though.
  12. Well you can look at it several ways. Microsoft developed it. Hollywood studios adopted it and made it a requirement for services like Netflix. Is it Microsoft's fault for developing it and offering it to Hollywood? Or is it Hollywood's fault for adopting it and making it mandatory for their movies? I think both are at fault.
  13. Intel wanted the L2 cache to be a separate die, but in order to not lose that much performance it still needed to be fairly close to the CPU. So they made a daughter-board where they could slot in the CPU, and then L2 cache right next to it. This resulted in a pretty massive CPU since it needed several chips and buses between them. This became way too big to fit inside a regular socket CPU chip so they went for the slot design instead. The reason they wanted to move the L2 cache off the die was for yield and flexibility (as in, different SKUs with different cache sizes) reasons, which in turn drove the price down.
  14. It's not even an issue of "can your computer decode it?". I could do it just fine on my 2500K and Radeon 7850 when the DRM was not blocking me. The problem is that the DRM used, PlayReady, needs specific hardware to work. Nvidia 10XX GPUs might get support for it soon but until then you're screwed. Welcome to the world of DRM, where paying customers gets fucked in the ass. No lube included. [Citation Needed] You're right that it can't be played because of PlayReady 3.0, but I have never heard anything about movie studios forcing Microsoft to use it in order to allow 4K on Windows. In fact, PlayReady 3.0 (and all previous versions too) was developed by Microsoft. For all we know, it might have been Microsoft that went to the move studios and said "hey look at this awesome DRM we are making, do you want to use it?".
  15. Wait a minute... Floatplane club got exclusive videos? Edit: Yep, exclusive videos for FPC. In other words: "yes we said we wouldn't do this, but if we do it this way we make more money, and that's what matters". I am honestly surprised you got any dedicated fans left since you treat them like shit so often.