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  1. Apology accepted, but the part of your post I am quoting is still false. There is plenty of software being released today which does not include telemetry. Your statement might be true for the programs you use, but you don't even use 0.001% of all the programs released today. Your statement is certainly not true for a lot of programs I use, which are new and up to date.
  2. Some Youtuber. Quite large but I have never heard of them before. It has to do with Lynda, and the copyright system on Youtube. It seems like this channel licensed some content from a channel (a video he was part of?). Lynda then licensed the same content and assumed that the content was their exclusive content, so they sent out copyright strikes.
  3. It does. It's how these things work: But just to be clear, it is terrible. You should just use a switch.
  4. @Sin Stalker Have you and your wife decided on a name yet? I am curious if you have decided yet and in that case, what you decided on.
  5. A bunch does not mean a lot. It could just be a vocal minority. According to netmarketshare, 2560x1080 has a staggering... 0.05% marketshare. 3440x1440 has an even lower 0.03% marketshare. w3 counter does not put a single ultrawide resolution in the top 10. Rapidtables does not put any ultrawide resolution in their top 17 list, but that's from 2014 so it might be a bit outdated. Of course, the likelihood that people watching LTT has an ultrawide is higher than the average person having one, but I think it is more rare than people assume it is. I quickly scrolled through the thread and saw some people say and thumbing up things like how people with 16:9 monitors should be OK with it, because they watch movies and don't complain about that (at least that's how I interpret posts that says "You watch all your movies like that and don't complain"). To me, that indicates that you would be OK with making the experience worse for 16:9 viewers. Of course, you personally gave examples which would not be detrimental to 16:9 viewers, such as uploading two separate videos, but I don't see that being worth the extra effort. I mean, how would they even go about doing that? Film everything twice? Take the 16:9 video and cut off the top and bottom (which I sarcastically brought up) Take the 21:9 video and cut off the sides? Framing is not just about putting as much things into the frame as possible. Adding more space (a lot of times they are actually removing space to create the 21:9 picture) does not make a frame better. Like I said before, for the type of shots LTT videos consist of, the majority would look worse in 21:9. There is the occasional video where it might make a bit of sense, like their camera review which had a bunch of landscape shots in it, and they did use 21:9 for that. But for product glamor shot all you're going to get is less focus on the product and more table in the frame. For talking head shots you will just get more background, which is exactly the opposite of what you want. Constantly swapping back and fourth between aspect ratios in videos is unpleasant for viewers, and it creates issues with the video format. Is it even possible to have variable aspect ratio in a video file? Not talking about padding the file with black, but actually change the aspect ratio. If you just pad the video then you are just making both 16:9 and 21:9 viewers unhappy.
  6. Yep exactly. It even asks you if you want to turn it off. Can't remember if it is as install or at the first run. You didn't, but my post wasn't a response to you. It was a response to SansVarnic which said: You said that every major piece of software had it (which I would say is false, but it depends on your definition of "major"). I replied saying that the programs I use don't have it, to which Sans said I was talking bullshit and that in fact all software has it. They aren't obscure at all. Firefox - One of the most popular web browsers. Not sure if it is the second or third right now. FFmpeg - Used by a ton of people every single day without them even realizing it (you might have heard of programs such as VLC and Handbrake before, right?) MPC-HC - One of the most widely used media players for Windows. PuTTY - This is THE SSH client for Windows. You will have a very hard time finding any decent IT professional who has not heard of PuTTY. NotePad++ - Not obscure at all. SumatraPDF - This is probably the most obscure program on the list. Irfanview - Not obscure. It is very widely used and recommended. Wire - Obscure, I'll give you that. Hexchat - Probably the most popular IRC client after mIRC. You're correct in saying that 99% of people don't use those programs, but the same could be said about almost any program. I am having a really hard time thinking of 20 programs that more than 1% of people use to be honest. The programs I listed however are very big in their respective category.
  7. Since it has become a huge discussion whether or not to use F2 or F12 for Dell computers I thought I'd add that on the Latitude E7270 I got sitting next to me, you use F2 to boot straight into BIOS, and F12 to boot into the boot menu (which has an option to boot into BIOS). As for the whole "reformat all computers in a 10 mile radius", it honestly just sounds like he was trolling you.
  8. Not at first, but I think it would highlight some of the issues with using 21:9 for LTT videos. LTT does not have much happening on the sides. The focus is usually in a square in the middle. So moving to 21:9 will just reduce the amount of useful space they have, while adding a bunch of useless space. Well yeah that's just stupid.
  9. In this thread: A bunch of people who bought a monitor without fully realizing the drawbacks now want to be catered to at the expense of 99% of the other viewers. If you want a 21:9 video then you could download the video and crop it yourself. Just cut off some of the top and bottom. As for why LTT probably hasn't done it, because they have no reason to. If you look at their videos you will see it's mostly just glamor shots, charts or talking heads. All of those benefit from 16:9 compared to 21:9. Glamor shots = Want you focused on the product, not what's around the product. Making the frame wider will just make it harder fitting the entire product in the frame while simultaneously not just filming a bunch of the table it's sitting on. Charts = Usually tall or square, not wide. Making them wider can actually result in results looking inaccurate, such as a small difference of 1 FPS might look much larger in the bars (since the bars are longer overall). Talking heads = You want the focus to be on the person talking, not what's going on around or behind them. You want as little background noise as possible, and making the frame wider makes this task harder.
  10. My guess would be that they used malicious JS on the website that took over. From what we know, it was something to do with the website and not really Tor or the protocol by itself. To me, that means that Tor is safe, but the websites you visit might not be. This case also tells me that the government is more interested in spying on people than they are interested in catching pedophiles.
  11. Try running the no shutdown command on the VLAN 1 SVI. If that does not help then try setting port Fe0/1 on the switch to an access port on VLAN 1.
  12. There is no such thing as a free, fast and good VPN. There is no such thing as a free and good VPN either for that matter. You either pay, or you get garbage. No you can't. That's not how it works... They can still snoop on you, even if you use a private tracker.
  13. As long as it tells people who wear flame shirts, fedoras, trench coats, or cargo pants to any of the aforementioned items that they look horrible then I am fine with it. Actually, add socks and sandals to the list too.
  14. Oh, good. I thought you were thumbing him up because he said I was talking bullshit.
  15. Why are people thumbing up garbage like this post? You're extremely wrong and I will enjoy seeing you backpedal out of this situation. My guess is that you will come up with silly excuses for why these particular programs don't count as software. Okay then, prove to me that these programs collect telemetry and do not allow the user to turn it off: Firefox FFmpeg MPC-HC PuTTY Notepad++ SumatraPDF Irfanview Wire Hexchat Since you claim that all software today has some kind of telemetry built in (that can't be shut off, please keep in mind that I was very clear about that in my post) it should not be that hard to prove, right? But something tells me that neither you, nor the people who thumbed you up even possesses the expertise to actually validate such a claim. If @ARikozuM, @Dabombinableor @Colonel_Gerdauf feel like joining in and prove that these programs have mandatory telemetry then go ahead.