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  1. Read the first part of the post you responded to. I edited the post just after posting it so you might have missed it. Here is my suggestion: Each part of the punishment is (if I do say so myself) thought out and can be justified by facts and logic. Hell, I didn't even say no to prison. What I said no to was putting them in prison for 10 years (or 5 years each).
  2. Can you, without using any emotional or other subjective arguments, justify putting them in prison for 5 years? I have already explained why I believe it is a bad idea. Wanna punish them? Sure, I am not arguing against that. But to put them in prison where they cost taxpayers a fortune? Really bad idea. Take away custody of their children (because they are clearly unfit to have any), make them pay for counseling (try and heal some of the damages they most likely have caused), and then make them do community service or something else which will contribute to society instead of leech off it. 1) Why are you (inaccurately) bringing up my political views? That's just a poor attempt at an ad hominem argument. I usually find that I am rather left nor right leaning. Especially not these days when everyone on both sides is insane extremists. I am sure that plenty of people would call me right-wing based on my post history. It entirely depends on the subject. 2) I don't particularly care about the parents. What I do care about is making the situation better. Putting them in prison for 5 years will not do that. At that point, we are just talking about revenge because we hate the people, not because the situation will be better by putting them in jail. Why waste a huge amount of money to put them in jail? You're just making the situation even worse for everyone, not just the criminals but also all taxpayers. Do you really want over 1,5 millions of your taxpayer money to go towards food and shelter for these despicable parents? I wouldn't. But that's what you are arguing for. "I sure hate these people... I hate them so much I want to pay their food and rent for 5 years! That's how much I hate them!" Whenever the subject of punishment comes up I feel like people let their emotions take control. The justice system should not be based around revenge, even though you might hate the person that's guilty. What you should strive for is to make the situation better. If you don't care about making the situation better then why even have a justice system to begin with? It's not making things better so why even have it? If you can't argue (without arguing from emotions) why someone should be punished a certain way, then you are not thinking logically. Just because you might think that a kick to the nuts is a fitting punishment doesn't mean it will actually help the victims or anyone else.
  3. So you will, based on their looks, judge that they would not be able to follow a restraining order and would rather put them in jail instead? You do not even want to give them a chance? I don't know where these people live, but if it was in New York then the average cost of keeping a prisoner in prison is over 160,000. I don't think that includes the monetary loss of not having them pay taxes and such, so the actual amount might be even higher. But basically, you're saying that it is worth spending 1,600,000 dollars (very rough estimate) (double if it would be 10 years each instead of 5 years each), plus potentially ruin the lives of two people who might have the chance of redeeming themselves, just because you don't like the way they look? You should not let emotions and personal opinions cloud your judgment. Again, prison is not a tool to use for revenge.
  4. Losing custody of their children (which I think they already did) would accomplish the same thing without putting a massive burden on society, and ruining the chances of the parents adapting to become citizens again. But I doubt they will get 10 years in prison. That's just the maximum (actually, it seems like the maximum is 5 years, but it's 5 years each).
  5. Too harsh if you ask me. There is no denying that what they did was horrible, but come on... 10 years in prison? Will that actually help the situation in any way? You should not think of prison as revenge, but rather as a tool to either keep dangerous people away from the public or to rehabilitate them. Such a long punishment would do neither. If anything, a long prison punishment would just result in an overall loss for society. Keep people in prison costs a lot, and that's before you take into consideration the fact that they stop contributing to society (through goods, services, and taxes).
  6. Nougat is already at 12%. In fact, it's at 13.5% right now. Here is the source for the article you linked, with updated stats. Fragmentation isn't that bad by the way. As you can see, 45% of Android devices are on Android 6.0 or above. That means almost half of all Android devices are running the latest or the second latest version of Android (not counting 7.1 since it was just a minor release with stuff like extra genders for emojis). They are trying to fix it, but it's not an easy thing to do. I don't know why, but updates to ARM devices do not work the same way an update to an x86 computer. It is not an Android issue either. Apple manages it by having a very limited set of devices to work with, and they do everything themselves. Microsoft tried to do the same thing but in the end, they have at several points just given up and axed support for a ton of devices. Right now I think there are only a handful of WP devices still getting updates. Android O will hopefully fix some of the issues with project Treble (which will come with Android O).
  7. I was just being sassy. I still think everyone who was blaming a "Fiji driver" didn't know what they were talking about and their argument had as many holes in it as a fishing net.
  8. Looks like I owe some people an apology. I got quite upset when people kept making excuses saying that "Vega is using a modified Fiji driver". I said that made no sense but as it turns out they were right. It does use a modified Fiji driver... Because Vega is a modified Fiji.
  9. These attacks are not organized on "extremist sites". They are often organized by people talking to each other in person, or over phone calls made with burner phones. Blocking sites won't help.
  10. I think it has to do with explanation number 2. I have had the same thing happen to me (clean install, opened edge to download Firefox, and had to scroll down quite a bit to find a legitimate link) but when I tried it just now it showed results similar to yours. Might be a Russian roulette style of thing. If Mozilla hasn't bought enough ads recently then the users will be served with a lot of ads for MS products instead. If they have then legitimate links will be at the top. On topic: as a lot of people have already said, a lot of this is probably because Microsoft has very aggressively pushed Bing. I mean, whenever you search for something in the start menu in Windows 10 it contacts Bing. Do they count those as well? In Windows 10S they have actually blocked the ability to change the search engine, so you have to use Bing. Changing search engine in Edge seems needlessly difficult so a lot of tech-illiterate people can probably not even figure it out.
  11. A lot of people in this thread seem to be stuck on the idea that "they can legally do it!" (see all the argument about how they are a private company), but not many people seem to want to talk about if they SHOULD do it. Or in the (slightly altered) words of Jeff Goldblum:
  12. That's like asking what the difference between different vehicles are. It's an incredibly broad subject. The most basic answer would be that different architectures have different amounts of transistors, and they are arranged in different ways. But that explanation is like saying the difference between two cars is the engine. There is a lot of details being skipped. In practice, different architectures have different performance, heat output, features and many other things.
  13. Every time something like this happens, both the left and right will become even more extreme. The right will have their views validated (that they are actually the ones being oppressed) and as a response to the right being even more vocal the left will become more extreme too. Good job Google. You are part of the problem. This is extremely counterproductive if you want to stop hatred.
  14. Your computer shouldn't use that much RAM at idle. It sounds like you have some programs running in the background which eats up a lot of memory. Open task manager and then in the process tab sort by memory. If you want you can post a screenshot of it here.
  15. I wonder what benchmark those numbers are based on. It's hard to see the frequency numbers, but an 11% single core performance increase and a 51% multicore performance increase indicates to me like the benchmark doesn't take advantage of all cores. I mean, if we assume the benchmark scaled linearly then there would be a 50% performance increase just from the extra cores alone. If you add the 11% per core performance (is it per core or per clock?) then you should be well above 60%. I am so happy that Intel is finally pushing out some real improvements between generations again.