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  1. Why do people hate Apple inc?

    "Not any worse than the industry standard" is pretty bad for a premium brand. It is certainly not they should receive praise for at the very least. It was not specifically at you since I've heard several people tell stories of how they were denied support, and then they went back the other day and talked to another person and got help from them. Anyhow, that's bad service.
  2. Yes, but people buy Chromebooks because they are cheap. This thing is 600 dollars. If you want to run Windows software why not go for a much higher performing i5 laptop for the same price? Besides, this laptop comes with Windows 10S, so you can't run most Windows programs unless you upgrade the OS, which will cost money too (the free upgrade is a limited time deal).
  3. Vega 64 Crossfire defeats Titan V and Titan XP?!

    I like how you say the Vega 64 crossfire "defeats" the Titan when it would be more accurate to say they are even. But I guess two of AMD's highest end cards matching one of Nvidia's cards can be seen as a victory these days.
  4. Bahahahaha You can't be serious. How many times have they pulled sponsors after community outrage? Like 3-4 times? How often do they talk about how great something is without actually having used or even tried it themselves? Quite often. Have they recommended sub-par products and services just because they get paid? Absolutely. Like Synergy which is a free and open source program, yet LTT are "generous" and gives you a discount code for it. Like TunnelBear which is a pretty bad VPN provider since they, among other things, don't allow any P2P traffic and costs more than competitors such as PIA.
  5. Net neutrality

    You mean the removal of NN? Hard to say because it entirely depends on how the service is set up. Most big services like Neflix will most likely not be affected since they have completely different contracts and use CDNs. That's for people outside f the US by the way. People inside the US will be royally fucked in the ass by ISPs. There is always the risk that if something bad happens in the US (like "Internet packages") then it will spread to other countries, but I think that will happen in some countries regardless of what happens in the US. In other countries like Sweden it wouldn't work because we have a lot of competition when it comes to ISPs. "Internet packages" only works in countries where there are ISP monopolies, and those countries probably already have issues. Edited.
  6. Why do people hate Apple inc?

    Some reasons I dislike, or used to dislike Apple. 1) Super annoying fanboys. Windows/Android has its fare share of idiots as well, but for some reason Apple fanboys often seem to have this smugness to them. They usually have no idea what the hell they are talking about, but feel the need to voice their (wrong) assumptions and flawed opinions anyway. Just look at the thread on this forum where it was announced that the iPhone would drop the headphone jack. I was literally arguing with someone who didn't know that audio had to be converted to an analog signal in order for humans to hear it, and yet he felt like he had the knowledge needed to debate whether or not dropping the headphone jack was a good idea. 2) Apple used to sue everyone and has abused the patent system a lot. This has been incredibly bad for consumers because it has stifled competition and innovation. Apple is one of the major reasons why I think the patent system is garbage and need to be reworked. 3) I don't really like their products for a wide variety of reasons. A lot of which has already been brought up in this thread, such as the prices, the lack of ports, low performance in some aspects, and so on. 4) Steve Jobs was a truly awful human being, and it is sad to see people praise him so much. 5) They rarely if every admit to their own mistakes. Even if they do, they twist it to seem like they did nothing wrong. 6) Their warranties are garbage and for a "premium" brand they should be ashamed. I've had people tell me their warranty is good because you can trick their support into helping you even though you need to pay 50 dollars or however much for it. That's not good support. You shouldn't have to trick in order to get what should be considered basic support or regular warranty claims for issues you have not caused.
  7. Seems like you're already done but I just wanted to say that I too recommend VeraCrypt.
  8. Net neutrality

    You are incredibly wrong. It was reclassified in order to stop what was already going on. If you don't believe me just look at this article from the year before broadband was reclassified as a common carrier. Throttling was common in the US before NN laws passed. Sadly, it seems like it is still common. This is completely wrong. I have no idea where you got this idea from, but it is not true. 1) It is not classified as a "federal utility", whatever that means. It's classified as a "common carrier", which has a very specific meaning, which is unrelated from "government owned", or "paid for with taxes", or whatever else people seem to believe when they hear that word. 2) It does not allow for any more or less regulations than before, other than what is written in the telecommunications act for common carriers. Title II classification does not give the government more control. What it does is prevent ISPs from taking control. You might think I am trying to twist words here but I am not. There is literally nothing in the act which gives the government any power they don't already have without it. If you want an analogy, a law which states that murder is illegal doesn't give the government more power either, right? It's the same thing here. 3) There is NOTHING in the bill which has anything to do with taxes. NN or not has 0 effect on taxes. None whatsoever. What is it with Net Neutrality that attracts so many ignorant people? It seems like everyone wants to talk about it but less than 1% actually knows even the basics of it. I wonder how many people talking shit (on both sides) has actually bothered to read even the first paragraph of the bill they are for/against. Judging by the inane comments on here and other forums, I'd say not many.
  9. That's a pretty dangerous thought to have. It sounds like you've already made up your mind who to trust and distrust when faced with what could be fake, but also could be real information and evidence. It's good to be skeptical, but don't jump to conclusions. That can very easily lead to confirmation bias which in and of itself will encourage that type of bad behavior.
  10. This will be a huge problem in just a few years. Not porn being made of celebrities, but this technology (plus fabricated audio) being used to create fake evidence and "fake news". Soon having video "evidence" complete with audio will not actually prove anything, just like a photo doesn't really prove anything today because of photoshop. Not only will it create a bunch of lies being told, denying something will be incredibly easy too, even if they got you on video doing whatever you are denying. The future is not looking bright. In the meantime I'll have to study these Taylor Swift and Aubrey Plaza videos to validate how real they look. For research purposes of course.
  11. With average vision and a distance of 30 cm you will be able to see around 300 PPI. The non-plus Galaxy S8 the 1080p mode gives you 425 PPI and the native resolution gives you 567 PPI. There are two problems though... 1) Running at less than native resolution will always look worse because of the interpolation needed. 2) The Galaxy S8 uses a pentile subpixel matrix which means the red and blue resolutions are only ~2/3 of the green one. So the PPI of red and blue is actually around 280 in 1080p mode, which is below the range for average vision. In the 1440p mode that subpixel PPI for blue and red goes up to 403, which is quite a bit above the average human vision for 30 cm distance.
  12. Ehm... It's like 1/5 of the performance of similarly priced i5 laptops. Performance is horrible in these benchmarks. Absolutely abysmal.
  13. It costs about the same as an i5-8250U laptop. 600 dollars for the 4GB model. 800 dollars for the 8GB model.