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  1. Should be in the paperwork that comes with the computer, or the individual part.
  2. Assuming you can, If your going to OC the CPU I would suggest doing it through the bios as its more stable vs the AMD overdrive (At least from my experiences). And for GPU overclocks MSI afterburnner should be fine, there's tons of good guides on it from Linus and jays2cents. And yes for the most part it void your warranty unless you get a brand like evga (Nvidia only brand though).
  3. Just choose the one you think looks best in your system as they all perform about the same. But I would avoid the blower style coolers unless you have a specific need for them.
  4. i7 6800k @ 4.3ghz 1.415V GTX 1080 @ 250mhz offset and Vram @ 700mhz offset 120 + 360 rads Pull only with noctua NF-f12s 63C on CPU and 63C on GPU. I run intel's XTU with valley benchmarks to get max temps. Ambient is kept at 22C all year around (Climate controlled) At normal gaming situations the gpu is at about 55-60C (Depends on what games I play) and the cpu doesn't break 50C usually.
  5. The caps from the razer should fit fine. (They should both have the T style connection)
  6. For ePen and benchmarking scores. In the real world (eg. games) it doesn't make much of a difference with 2400mhz ram vs 3000mhz ram.
  7. EVGA PrecisionXOC and MSI after burner both works for me in DX12.
  8. Some people might disagree with this, but try to get good with 1 hero and 1 hero only (I have hundreds of hours on Zarya). The most important thing to do is get the fundamentals down (muscle memory, reaction time, leaning animations to predict etc). And then try to expand into getting good with 1 hero per class. Another thing is don't be stubborn because filling what your team need is one of the best way to carry. Team comp is a win condition. And lastly learn and play what is strong in the meta and learn the counter picks. At least that's what I tend to do when I start any game tbh. I'm only a Lowly diamond so take my tips with a grain of salt.
  9. The made it so you can detonate her orb mid travel now. She's much easier to play now (imo)
  10. Wanna preorder one... sold out everywhere lulz. The Canadian prices are also stupid because our dollar is so weak right now. $400CAD... dang it.
  11. The GPU might be hitting the thermal and powerlimit. Download MSI afterburner and drag the temp and power limit to the max. That should let the car boost higher.
  12. The lights on the mouse starts to blink red. You can still get 5-10mins out of it even with the red lights on so plenty of time to find the cable to plug it in. There's also a battery indicator built in VIA the DPS lights when you first turn the mouse on.
  13. I would just not use the software because I've been having problems with it to recently (similar ones) and just uninstalled it. Everything works fine after that.
  14. The Phantek PH-TC14PE is also a pretty good heatsink, if you want something more simple looking. http://www.phanteks.com/ph-tc14pe.html
  15. Why not use speedfan? I use it and JaysTwoCents did a tutorial on it.
  16. Your choices are limited really to the i5 4690k or the i7 4970k (Because of your socket limitations and I'm assuming they can still be found). I would skip the Broadwell line of CPUs.
  17. The H320 x2 will out perform the Kraken by a decent margin. Source: I have both. The H320 x2 with Noctua NF-12s Can keep my CPU at about 60C (With an ambient of 20C) And the kraken with Noctua redux nf-p14s is about ~10C hotter then the H320 x2. But the Kraken does look prettier, so I moved it into my home theater system. Also I wouldn't get the Raijintek... I heard it was prone to leakage.
  18. You just go back into the bios and reset it back to the default values. Usually there's a hotkey of some kind for it to load into defaults. Or use the jumper on the motherboard.
  19. The platters usually not the part that gets worn out (That's what your program is representing), its the needle that reads and writes that usually wears and dies. So keeping files from getting fragmented can actually keep your HDD running longer as the needle isn't moving around as much trying to find the different parts of the files.
  20. Well, I wouldn't stream in 1080p as the bitrate to stream it without it pixelating is quite high.(you can also adjust your x264 encoding profile to use more resources but it will hammer your cpu) Also for bitrate I would not go over 2300kbps as you want to account for the people that are watching at lower download speeds. So unless your a twtich partner, I would limit the stream to 720p@2100-2300kbps. You can also use this to get a rough estimate https://obsproject.com/estimator
  21. Have you checked what your loads are at those temps? Could there be stuff in the background pinning your processor to 100%? Also try remounting the cooler and check everything is actually run ( eg. pump, fans etc.) Also artic silver 5 have a breaking period so higher temps are normal at the beginning and also sometimes less is more (so try using less TIM). Last resort is to ether A. get a new chip or B. Delid it and put liquid metal in
  22. Not really, I've seen 6600k needing some pretty high voltages to hit clocks. Silicon lottery is butt sometimes. Oh well
  23. Looks like you just lost the silicon lottery really, really hard. Don't think much you can do other then buy a new chip or refund it (if they let you) and get a new one. Even then no one can guarantee you'll get a better chip. Also try lapping the cooler's cold plate and using less paste (that helped with temps quite a bit), but be warned that will void all the warranties.
  24. Well, reading through what you described so far it sounds pretty dead. So I don't think there much you can do other then waiting for the RMA. Make sure to check your other components that they weren't the ones causing the GPU to die. Sometimes a faulty mobo or psu can take parts down.