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  1. It was the year 2035.... and... wait a sec.. Oddly, I don't have any era of tech I'm nostalgic for. I am always excited for whats next. I never ever go back. Games or software era? maybe a couple, but hardware is always better going forwards.
  2. its going to be next to impossible to diagnose based simply on utilization graph. Have to know specifically what is doing that. Go back to the "Processes" tab, sort by CPU, and tellus what are the top 5 or 6 items that are consistently using CPU. For all we know there's nothing wrong hardware wise and it's just windows update doing stupid things in the background like it usually does. Or even Windows Search Indexer doing a full reindex.
  3. Sprawlie

    cat thread

    My old cat passed in November. she was such a good girl. Adopted a couple rescues that were about 6months old. been struggling to get them to become "cuddly" and accept petting. For the most part, they will run away the second you try to touch them. Otherwise they've been very very good. They use their litterboxes without question. They have never bitten or scratched at us. They will sit in the same room and hang around. But they will not cuddle. they will not let you touch them and they really don't even want to play with us. I feel like i'm doing something
  4. No, I was saying that the only reason to NOT virtualize today is performance, shoudl there be something in particular that virtualization tech takes away from I run a few virtual server farms, and modern virtualization yields < 5% performance loss pretty much accross the board. The benefits to virtualization IMHO outweight this 5% performance decrease in the vast majority of instances (Except where that 5% directly correlates to money) trust me on this one, I know what i'm talkin about in regards to virtualization of infrastructure :p. Even if you're host
  5. its in my nature given my job to overthink this stuff as for benefits of virtualization? EVerything should be virtualized these days unless you get some sort of performance benefit out of bare metal that you cannot achieve while virtualized (and this is less an issue these days) it's just a good practice since with virtualization you gain portability, expandability, and data security by removing the tie down to specific piece of hardware. if you've installed a bare metal server and there's a hardware failure that brings that device online, getting
  6. wait? is this itrue? what about loadbalancing/redundancy disaster recovery? I cannot believe Linus would allow anything LTT related to have a single point of faillure. What about virtualization? I can't imagine Linus running all of this on single bare metal servers. if they are... you hiring an IT Manager's who have experience taking physical server infrastructure and rebuilding it in a ful load balanced, redundant and fail-over capable virtualization infrastructure
  7. I believe it's entirely possible for someone to be an industry involved person and provide relatively unbiased opinion. But it depends entirely on the reviewer. Some are better than others. For me where you can tell someone is respectable is when they outright before starting declare what their pottential conflict of interest maybe and inform us the viewer that they understand that it "MAY" have influence. A Coffee reviewer I follow, James Hoffman, has developed equipment and works directly with manufacturers and his own company to create espresso machines. Yet he still
  8. NEwegg doesn't appear to have a local supplier. when I was looking for tubing, everything was out of the UK basically and had import duties that drove the prices up. I've been given a recommended local Canadian vendor (haven't tried yet) and can provide the link if it's not against forum rules.
  9. I have absolutely loved this thread. Kept going to respond while reading until I got to the end This sounds like one of my days
  10. Since you’re on unraid, do you have the community Apps extension installed? There’s a good docker grafana image that will give some neat graphing on performance stuff. if you are more of a “do it yourselfer” you could also always set up some sort of central monitoring VM running Zabbix
  11. Sadly I've never managed to get any of the 11th series intel based XPS's to not overheat. there's a fundamental design flaw somewhere in the coolling solution and it even at 100% fan speed is insufficient to cool properly.
  12. Sure But i never said it was a "sealed box". I said that with mostly sealed sides, the sides that are opened, or cases that are primarily only fan openigns that have fans in them, are not sufficient airflow it was the people who decided to respond in mockery who implied that i was calling it a "sealed box" no shit it's not sealed. there are gaps. None of these cases are hermetically sealed, nor did I say that at any point. That was the counter they tried to use to discount what I said.hence my frustration with you doubling down on it.
  13. again: you are wrong: Many Cases absolutely do not have sufficient openings for a proper "positive pressure" setup. the O11 dynamic and NZXT 510 are examples of cases I KNOW and have tested that will absolutely cause an internal heat sink resulting in dropped performance. Even on water. There is insufficient airflow openings in these cases when all fans are fitted for proper positive pressure setup. Again. I HAVE TESTED THIS. I'm on my 3rd case. Going ot switch to an airflow case that isn't completely sealed like these cases and see if any differ
  14. yeah, those are fine and if the hotspot and the package are close enough, than it's not the problem. Just have to check the simple stuff first. the PSU you have should be suitable for the build. but I worry it might be failing then. do you have a second PSU to test with?
  15. What has me extremely EXTREMELY worried is this: This is not normal behaviour under almost any circumstances. Windows update doesn't cause this. This is caused by changes to the EUFI partition on your drive and the only reason I can see that happening without any interaction from you is something is manipulating your EUFI entries without your knowledge. And since yo said it started right away when you tried to address Printnightmare, I'm very concerned as In my deployments of the patches and fixes accross hundreds of devices in a corporate environ