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  1. Does anyone knows if this also effects their Amplifi line of products? And what if you use something else other then an ubiquiti account to login? Like a google account?
  2. Looks like the asus vbios update tool is borked, at least for me. Keeps saying the vbios is up to date when it's clearly not. Could just be me having this problem though. Edit: Apparently you need Asus GPU Tweak installed in order to update... They might want to add that to their documentation.
  3. Been using dazmode protector for several years now without a water change and the liquid is still free from growth. It's mostly ethylene glycol with some corrosion inhibitors.
  4. THIS is the only monitor I found that actually have everything you want without going ultrawide. The issue is trying to find it in stock. Like GPUs, the higher end gaming monitors are constantly out of stock after a few days now.
  5. I hope the new vbios also raise the power limit a little for my 3080.
  6. Yup, cancelled my memoryExpress order because of this. At this point it's probably smarter to wait and see what AMD is offering with big navi since the chance of a pleb like me getting a card before 2021 is probably nil.
  7. The op would also need to figure out how to authenticate to the isp if what he's doing is connecting direct to isp. Usually it's gonna be pppoe (with some sort of vlan tagging) or DHCP and it might need finagling with configs to get it to actually connect. Unless he means to connect from fiber media from a router or a switch or something then that's whatever he set on those boxes.
  8. Mind posting your the specs of the PC you're testing with? And the card you are using? Sometimes a too slow of a system can be the bottle neck of the network speeds. Also just because the port of the card says gigabit doesn't mean it can handle gigabit throughput. I'm assuming the modem/router is probably fine, but if you have extra equipment laying around you could try to bypass the modem they gave you with bridge mode cus maybe it can't handle routing at gigabit speeds?
  9. This is the IP for league's NA server: They have ICMP protection so the MS will be a little higher then what you actuality get in game but should be fine if you're just using it to compare ping between different networks.
  10. Unless you plan on upgrading to the 1.5gb plan later on I would just try to find routing equipment that can handle vlan tagging and pppoe at gigabit speeds (ether get a fiber to ethernet converter or a router that can take a sfp module) with maybe with some NAT rules and filters. To hit the 1.5gbs speeds you need a router or NIC that can sync at 2.5gbs and there isn't that many options. Currently I'm using a mikrotik RB-3011 to bypass for the 1gb fiber. But this router is pretty difficult to configure unless you're savvy with cmdline. PFsense is another good options, but do research on the NIC
  11. Personally I use a MikroTik RB3011 that takes a gpon sfp direct from the provider (connected after setting vlan tagging, pppoe, fasttracking). I doubt you'll be able to do that as most isps try to lock you down, but if you set the provider's modem to bridge mode and then getting another router you probably put together a cost effective solution. What isp do you have now? Maybe it's one of those that allows you to bypass with your own gear? Also if you do get a modem try to get on that have hardware acceleration, it will help sustain the gigabit speeds during heavy use.
  12. There's a couple ways I can bypass the homehub. 1) Using pppoe passthrough 2) Media converter 3) sfp pci-e card. But I think bell solved whatever issue is at their end because I'm getting full speeds again. Yay!
  13. I did the test with the original HomeHub3000 that bell provides and getting the exact same speeds... starting to think that it's bell's end. I'm going to wait a couple days and see if they fix it. Anyways, thanks for the help I'll probably res the thread in a couple days if I still have issues.
  14. I did the speedtest with parameters you listed and my results are still the same. Disabled offloading and changed the mtu but still getting the same speeds.
  15. http://www.dslreports.com/speedtest/40948724 So recently I upgraded to gigabit fiber internet and I decided to upgrade my router to a pfsense router that I built using spare pc parts. The issue is that I know my hardware can handle the gigabit connection but for some reason my download speeds are only about 50-60% of what they should be and I don't know what's the issue. I'm also not that familiar with pf sense so there might be some secret sauce config that I might need in order to hit that magic gigabit number. The fiber line is connected to the router via a sfp to rj45 media converter
  16. Depending on the method your isp connects to you to your modem you can just bridge the modem to your router and then set the router to connect to your isp. PPPoe or DHCP are the 2 most common ways of connecting, at least in Ontario because everything is ether part or using parts of bell or rogers lines. And if you don't have a nice router, its a good investment because you can use it from isp to isp and usually a nice personal router will be way better then whatever the isp will provide. Plus I like control put in my hands and putting in custom firewall rules etc.
  17. I've sent the support an email and hopefully someone will get to it soon. Thanks for the link. I tried and it still doesn't work so I'm assuming it's an issue beyond what I can do. So hopefully the floatplane guys will help me sort it out.
  18. So I don't know where to post to get support for this so I'll post it here and hope someone from the floatplane staff will see this but I paid for floatplane and can access it fine on the LMG forums, but for some reason on the official site it says that I'm not subscribed. I'm assuming it's some kind of bug in the backend. It's not a major issue as I can still see the content I paid for, but It's just nicer to use the site.
  19. Just make sure there's no plasticizer in the tubing (the stuff that makes the tubing soft) cus that will leach out over time and clog the blocks up.
  20. Gamers nexus have done quite a few of these disassemblies if you want to look for them. Usually most of the aio's share the same design (Aseteck is the biggest and most commonly used supplier) so once you see the one disassembly you've seen them all. The only thing different would be the PCB to control the rgbs or the temp monitors.
  21. Have you updated/install Python 3.7? I had a similar issue and doing that fixed it for me.
  22. If you get all your parts from a Chinese brand like barrow then its possible to get everything you need close to the budget. It would just take a really long time to get the parts due to shipping.
  23. Ya, that's super weird, I wonder if the block is faulty? (which is rare) Well, you could try to RMA the card or you could get another waterblock for it if reapplying the paste and reseating doesn't work. The board is the same as a strix boards so any of those blocks will fit the Poseidon. I linked the temps that I get for my Poseidon with a 23C ambient. Cooled with a 360 and a 240mm rads with noctua NF-F12s maxed out.
  24. I get most of my stuff from a mix of amazon and Dazmode. Amazon only have alphacool stuff with prime shipping right now with reasonable prices. Idk what the shipping will be like since you live in SK, but knowing the shipping rates in Canada it probably won't be cheaper, but still cheaper than international shipping I would guess. https://www.dazmode.com/store/ https://www.amazon.ca/Alphacool/b/ref=bl_dp_s_web_10038472011?ie=UTF8&node=10038472011&field-lbr_brands_browse-bin=Alphacool
  25. The temp decrease imo is not worth the effort or money. Unless you happen to have one of those AIO units laying around from an old project or something.