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    Alberta Canada
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    Auto & tech
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    Enjoying PC's since commador 64
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    Owner of Mech / Tire Shop


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    ASUS X99-WS
  • RAM
    32GB CORSAIR XRP 2800
  • GPU
    2 X GTX 1080Ti
  • Case
    Corsair 950D
  • Storage
    SANDISK SSD 960/ Kingston SSD 240 Raid 0 X 6
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    ROG SWIFT PG278Q / LG 4K
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    WINDOWS 10 Pro

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  1. Loadent

    144hz monitor only goes up to 120 fps?

    I should have been more specific.I was using my phone. Use the UFO ghost test and see the trails. Not the frame counter as shown above. As stated before, that particular monitor works best at 120hz instead of 144 because the pixels can go 144hz, but will leave the same trails because the pixel itself can not change without the persistence. The point as made earlier, 120hz will look as good if not better then 144hz because of the pixel persistence. SPECIFIC to the VG278.
  2. Loadent

    144hz monitor only goes up to 120 fps?

    Look at the trails. Shorter the better; your monitor pixel refreSH RATE can’t keep up to the 144hz. Thus the trails. Or ghosting.
  3. Loadent

    Best fan for a restricted airflow case

    Depends on the budget really. i myself, prefer static pressure. But depending on your region, it’s all about availability and budget
  4. Loadent

    Computer kept on restarting

    Bingo. Better solder they beach back on then! or find a local guy that could do it for you. any self respecting electronic hobbyists would probly do it for 10 bucks or free (I would)
  5. Loadent

    Computer kept on restarting

    Does it boot without the card in? that capacitor could be from the motherboard too
  6. Loadent

    Typing Keyboard

    I thought corsair (cherry) had a speed switch that was 1.2 or 1.4 of travel. I would check that out. Logitech also had a short actuation, look into the light switches too. Several companys now make them. Some had the GAMER style that kinda sucked though
  7. Why change? What are your needs? If you are only requesting a similar board, with the same amount of pci slots, again why change?
  8. main screen is still rendering. Seems normal for vermintide.
  9. Loadent

    Higher than normal Graphics card usage and temps

    on task manager, which app is being utilized? I found, some launchers like, EPIC and DISCORD, ETC will use the graphics card just as you are stating.
  10. I have been waiting myself, but nothing really is coming down the pipe I can really like or justify. I have currently the PG278Q, PG279q AND OMEN X35. I have been happy with 100hz ultrawide VA and the 144 TN, and 165 IPS. Ideally I am waiting for the 144+ ultrawide with HDR10 in 35+inch model. Unfortunately just nobody makes it yet, never mind anything good is 2000+ Canadian rupees. If that doesn't come, it will be BFG for me!
  11. your system (with one ssd, and one hard drive). nothing else, can pull between 450-540ish watts as it sits. Depending on the quality, you might not even get that now (only peak output of 550, not constant) I would try to underclock your CPU and GPU a little 15-20%, and see if your stutters go away.
  12. Just note, that power supplied is right at its max with your system. Any overclock, extra drivers, lights etc will push it. You may have a lack of power. 650-750. If you are overclocking the CPU, the GPU may not have enough power to pull. Sometimes overclocking may seem stable, but cause farting stutters like that.
  13. Loadent

    Master boot record virus of some type I think?

    reboot router, command prompt, ipconfig /release, then ipconfig /renew. quick goodle and you will be set
  14. Loadent

    Master boot record virus of some type I think?

    I remember several years ago, runescape was underfired for not being secure and all the accounts being hacked, but as stated above, it was more the lack of personal security. Most likely that was your problem. But, reset your ip and change your login credentials and you should be fine.
  15. Loadent

    Master boot record virus of some type I think?

    yep yep and double yup