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  1. Hi. Thanks for replying. I have this graphics card: ASUS DUAL-RTX2060-A6G-EVO GEFORCE RTX 2060 6GB GDDR6 ADVANCED EVO PCIE I don't know what DVI it is. About the title, yea I think I was wrong. It's a cable that has DisplayPort (hooks up to the monitor) and then on the other end of the cable there's a DVI port, which is meant to be connected to the video card. Here:
  2. Are there any major disadvantages of this type of cable? (the cable itself has a DisplayPort port that connects to the monitor and a DVI port that connects to the video card) I'm thinking input lag (response time), screen tearing, refresh rate - does it worsen any of these (compared to a regular displayport) Thank you.
  3. Well, I've been using Windows 10 on my new pc ever since I made this forum thread and literally the only driver I manually installed was NVIDIA Driver for RTX2060. That's all I did. Everything is plug & play, (for example Xbox one wireless usb adapter, controller, etc) I don't have to do anything. I haven't run into any issues as of yet, everything's working just fine.
  4. Okay so unless I experience any issues I should just skip installing drivers, except for the graphics card. Thanks for the reply.
  5. Okay, so I just got my new PC and I received a DVD with the chipset drivers on it. Back in the day I used to download and install drivers from the motherboard's official website but do I really need to do it in 2020? I mean I have Windows 10. Do I need to install any driver from the DVD (or the website) separately? Windows 10 kinda does all that automatically, doesn't it? What if I manually install drivers anyway? Will it overwrite them? Will it causes issues? Thank you!
  6. Thanks for the suggestions. I agree with the PSU. I might change that. I also agree with the CPU. I think a Ryzen 5 3600 is a better deal overall, you're right. Honestly I'd buy AMD video cards but ShadowPlay is just so much superior to AMD's Relive that I can't really choose anything else but Nvidia. I dislike AMD Relive so I'd have to buy a capture card if I go with the AMD graphics card. As for the mobo, I need built-in WiFi for when I do not use an ethernet cable, I need Bluetooth for my wireless xbox controller and I don't want to buy a USB bluetooth adapter because I will need all the po
  7. Budapest / Hungary, $850. Suggestions are more than welcome!
  8. I checked the motherboard's official manufacturer website and it says "3000Mhz(OC)" ram are supported. On the website it also says "Ryzen 3000 Desktop Ready". Will my Ryzen 5 2600 work without issues? The shop I'm buying from will update BIOS on this board. Could you tell me if everything is gonna work flawlessly in this build? MOBO: ASUS ROG STRIX B450-E GAMING CPU: AMD RYZEN 5 2600 3.40GHZ AM4 BOX WITH "WRAITH STEAL" COOLER(YD2600BBAFBOX) RAM: G.SKILL 16GB AEGIS DDR4 3000MHZ CL16 KIT F4-3000C16D-16GISB (2X8 DUAL CHANNEL) GRAPHICS CARD: ASUS DUAL-RTX2
  9. So you guys consistently say that B450 is better, I'll definitely scope it out, thanks for the suggestion. @dizmo In Hungary, the Ryzen 5 2600 is the cheapest option I'll also look for a Bronze 80+ PSU then. Wonder if 500 watts will cut it?
  10. Budget (including currency): 850 USD Country: Hungary Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: Gaming Hello. First off, please tell me if this build is any good: 1.) ASUS PRIME A320M-K 2.) AMD RYZEN 5 2600 3.40GHZ AM4 BOX WITH "WRAITH STEALTH COOLER" YD2600BBAFBOX 3.) G.SKILL 16GB AEGIS DDR4 3000MHZ CL16 KIT F4-3000C16D-16GISB (2X8) 4.) ASUS DUAL-RTX2060-A6G-EVO GEFORCE RTX 2060 6GB GDDR6 ADVANCED EVO PCIE 5.) WD BLUE 1TB 3.5" 7200RPM 64MB SATA 3 WD10EZEX 6.) SAMSUNG 250GB 970 EVO PLUS M.2 PCIE M.2 2280 MZ-V7S250BW 7.) DEE
  11. Can you recommend a very good gaming motherboard that can work with i7 9700K?
  12. Would you recommend this board? Have you had any experiences with this board? Is it great? Are there significantly better boards out there for the same price? Also I'd like to use an i7-6700K or i7-7700K or i7-9700K. LGA socket is 1151 so it should be cool.
  13. Yeah. I've already been screwed over with used parts.
  14. My current PC has just died. I need a new PC urgently. I currently have like $500 budget. That's all I've got. Later I'll have more but as of right now this is it. I'll save up for a good video card and 64GB ram later. Now I only need a motherboard, a cpu and a power supply. 3 components. But I want it to be up to date and really good - if that is possible at all with $500 budget, lol. Budget: $500 I already have: - Case - Blu-Ray Drive - Samsung 500GB SATA3 SSD - HDD - Windows 10 x64 - A lame video card that I can use temporarily u