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    Enjoying PC's since commador 64
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    ASUS X99-WS
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    32GB CORSAIR XRP 2800
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    2 X GTX 1080Ti
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    Corsair 950D
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    SANDISK SSD 960/ Kingston SSD 240 Raid 0 X 6
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    ROG SWIFT PG278Q / LG 4K
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    WINDOWS 10 Pro

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  1. Does the monitor work on any dp? Did you try the other cables? If you did, dead monitor! is there an input button on the monitor?
  2. Get the best card you can comfortably afford to spend. Saving a bit is good but when you reprojections because your 5-20% sucks.
  3. I would very much disagree with this recommendation. A 480 is not good for VR. We have a Vive and Vive pro. With SLI titan XP’s and SLI 1080Ti’s. They can NOT perform with newer VR games without frame doubling. A 480 or a 2070 will give sub par performance. You will I’ll not be able to take advantage of the index’s higher resolution or higher frame rate.
  4. I wouldn’t be surprised if scaling has increased to 125 or 150%. Check that too and refresh rate while your there
  5. D0 is cpu initialization code. Usually cpu pin or ram need reseating. No splash screen? Some confirmed fixes with bios updates, but those were all new builds. I would be suspect of motherboard needing RMA
  6. You have a bad capacitor for the back light. Turning it off is discharging the circuit. Think resetting. Eventually (most likely) the capacitor will fail completely and you will loose the back light entirely
  7. I should have been more specific.I was using my phone. Use the UFO ghost test and see the trails. Not the frame counter as shown above. As stated before, that particular monitor works best at 120hz instead of 144 because the pixels can go 144hz, but will leave the same trails because the pixel itself can not change without the persistence. The point as made earlier, 120hz will look as good if not better then 144hz because of the pixel persistence. SPECIFIC to the VG278.
  8. Look at the trails. Shorter the better; your monitor pixel refreSH RATE can’t keep up to the 144hz. Thus the trails. Or ghosting.
  9. Depends on the budget really. i myself, prefer static pressure. But depending on your region, it’s all about availability and budget
  10. Bingo. Better solder they beach back on then! or find a local guy that could do it for you. any self respecting electronic hobbyists would probly do it for 10 bucks or free (I would)
  11. Does it boot without the card in? that capacitor could be from the motherboard too
  12. I thought corsair (cherry) had a speed switch that was 1.2 or 1.4 of travel. I would check that out. Logitech also had a short actuation, look into the light switches too. Several companys now make them. Some had the GAMER style that kinda sucked though
  13. Why change? What are your needs? If you are only requesting a similar board, with the same amount of pci slots, again why change?
  14. main screen is still rendering. Seems normal for vermintide.