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    Electronics, Computer Hardware, Gaming,
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    Intel I5-4590 3.3GHz
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    Don't know
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    8gb stock DDR3
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    EVGA GTx 970 SC
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    500 GB HDD
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    Corsair CX 550 Bronze
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    1080p 24in. Acer Monitor
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    Windows 10

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  1. It only started today, I tried playing modern warfare two times now. They just updated the game so idk if that's the problem, but the first time I managed to play two games completely through, it's only when I tried closing the game did it black out and my fans started running 100%. I couldn't get my pc to respond at all, and had to force shut off. The second time was in the middle of a modern warfare match, same thing happened. Is this because of modern warfare? Should I be concerned about my gpu? this has never happened before and idk what to do. I checked other games and it has
  2. so the monitor martward said, the m27QC or G27QC, would these be good ones to look into?
  3. So you're saying that I need to get g sync or free sync if Im going to spend 200+ on higher frequency monitors? The gigabyte monitor you recomended has amd freesync, but I have nvidia 2060, will it still work?
  4. What's the big deal with g sync? What does it do? And what's the difference between flat and curved monitors?
  5. I would go with a micro atx case and mobo, as they are probably the cheapest route out of the three sizes. As far as a cpu cooler, Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo is my base recommendation, by far not the best cpu cooler, but in my experience the best for budgeting. Just don't go overclocking your cpu and expect it to keep up without checking The problem with mini itx cases is that they are so small they can heat up really easily if it doesn't have good air flow. If you can get the fans in and can afford the itx, go for it, but the atx or micro atx are a lot easier to keep cool as ther
  6. Yeah, no. I can't have both. I get one or the other, my 2060 would fry before I get both, and I can't upgrade my gpu for a while now.
  7. Do you really need a liquid cpu cooler? That seems a little overkill for a budget build, especially with a 1660 super. And is there a reason you're going with mini itx?
  8. Get a better power supply, at least a 80+gold I'd drop the i5 cpu, though it'll be okay for now, I'd at least get an i7 or go amd for newer games. A few people claim that the 10th gen intels aren't worth it, as they haven't gotten the software figured out yet and they're really unreliable. Don't know for sure how true that it, but that may change your mind. If you're trying to save money, get rid of the m.2 ssd and get something a little smaller for now, you can upgrade later when you have the money
  9. My current build is i5-9600k 16gb ram rtx 2060 Right now I have a 1080p generic monitor, I'm trying to decide which way to upgrade on display. I don't plan on upgrading my build any time soon, and don't want to feel forced, so I initially thought to get a higher refresh rate instead of going for resolution, but I figured I'd ask some experts. Is refresh rate really that worth it? I play fps games and people around me claim refresh rate makes it so much smoother, but I've never noticed anything wrong with 60hz. Is there really that much difference between 1080p and 1440p? Will I notic
  10. I've been using the recording program that's built in with windows 10 for months now, it's worked awesome for me, but I've been trying to bind the "record last five minutes" feature to a quick button on my mouse so that I don't have to look down at the keyboard and press win+alt+g. Especially since I play fps games, "G" ends up being a key in the game and using it for the recording shortcut makes me through my grenades or other equipment. I've looked in the settings for xbox game bar, and it acts like I can make my own bindings on top of the basic ones for every function. However, it does not
  11. Don't think it's mATX, can't give a decent picture as it's in a crowded case. Yes that looks very similar to mine, a few things are different but the screws holes are all the same and the pci ports are all right. My main concern is if it'll fit in a case that isn't hp. I know how the manufacturers design their products to only fit in their stuff, and I'm hoping that's not the case with my mobo
  12. Just as the title implies, I'm trying to move my motherboard to a new case for better airflow, but I don't want to buy it without knowing if it'll fit. Is my mobo an atx board? Will the io ports line up, will the screws line up?
  13. I agree, get a better hdd, also, why did you choose a 2.5 inch?
  14. I'm considering getting a gpu upgrade, mainly for ray tracing, and I'm wondering if it'd worth it. I have an i7 4770, I already know the gpu is overkill for the cpu and I wont be using the GPU to it's full advantage. What I want to know, is will my cpu be able to handle ray tracing at 60fps 1080p?