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  1. I can't give advice about antivirus, but I use keepass derivative and ProtonVPN. When looking for a VPN I would recomend comparing the features they offer for the cost. For example, my paid level of ProtonVPN comes with access to more devices, as well has the fastest speeds. Also if you can wait til the end of November (Black Friday to be exact) different companies may give deals to people buying their product. For keepass, take a look at keepassXC, they have better browser integration than the standard keepass.
  2. Protonmail released a blog post that goes into more detail about efail https://protonmail.com/blog/pgp-vulnerability-efail/
  3. Protonmail had a tweet that said this has been known since 2001, and that those that are vulnerable haven't fixed it. They have said a lot about this issue and say that the suggestion to stop encrypting is wrong you just need to use clients that aren't vulnerable
  4. DJ Quads on Soundcloud, and http://freemusicarchive.org has some as well
  5. I have it running on Pop!_OS, but I needed a gui just because the computer I was putting it on is a laptop with a broken screen and I needed an easy way to output to a different screen. I think it depends on what specs you have. For example, the specs I have is a i7-3612QM with 8GB of ram. You could probably be fine with whatever os you want, it is just preference, just make sure that you have enough resources for what you want to do
  6. flowalex

    LTT App?

    As mentioned in the following thread, there is no plan to create an app for the forum at this time.
  7. First question I have is how is the site is being hosted, and the second is how are you planning to create it, eg CMS like WordPress or Drupal or coding from scratch, with those I can give some more suggestions.
  8. What render engine are you using for After Effects, I noticed significant drop in render times using Cinema 4D vs Ray Traced 3D
  9. None of the scripts that I have used required the word start. Have you tried just running ./tonido.sh, also is the script executable, if it doesn't work try chmod +x tonido.sh then try running ./tonido.sh Also I haven't used this software, so that is the best advice I can give
  10. I moved back to windows 7 after I got tired of daily BSODS, any audio trigger would cause a BSOD, plus I was getting a ton of audio stuttering when playback was working. I don't play AAA games so DX12 doesn't matter to me. I have a laptop with Windows 10 installed, but I use Linux more anyways so I don't boot into it much
  11. Dents aren't bad everyone gets them at some point, I have a friend that had their car broken into and then a month later t-boned. There are two methods that I have tested that work for home dent removal, the first (only works if metal) is to heat up the area (a hairdryer works but takes a good amount of time) and then apply dry ice to it, make sure you wear gloves for this, the other is a product called pops-a-dent, which you can get off amazon(https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01LY4S7ZU/ref=twister_B01MG5SXVL?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1). I have tested these up to baseball sized dents, talk to your dad and explore these options.
  12. That should be fine, the only things that you may have a problem with is thee audio device and the Hue+. Depending on the OS that you choose you will most likely have to install the Nvidia drivers or do some tweaking with them, if you are going to use Ubuntu I recommend Pop!_OS since they ship a version with working Nvidia drivers. For the Hue+ I found this script on github, I don't have one of them so I haven't tested it but here it is: https://github.com/kusti8/hue-plus. I also don't have that same audio device, but I have a similar style of one from Tascam and I have audio playback that works, but don't have recording yet. Also you will need to enable trim, this guide is for Ubuntu based operating systems but could work for otherss, https://askubuntu.com/questions/18903/how-to-enable-trim. My best suggestion is to create a bootable usb to try out the OS of your choice so you can decide if there are any issues
  13. I have never used this host for a website, I usually recommend using a host that has Cpannel for WordPress/Drupal sites, but usually wordpress needs a lamp (Linux Apache MySQL PHP) or if it is windows WAMP.
  14. I switched to Pop!_OS, which is based off of Ubuntu 17.10, and I have been really happy with it. It uses the Gnome desktop, and they ship two different versions, one with the proprietary Nivdia drivers running, and one without for all other graphics options.