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  1. I know what DNS is. It's a server with a database that indexes all the websites' domains and their IP addresses. Typically these are owned by ISPs, and there are public DNS's offered by Google, Cloudflare etc (I have a question about these too). Services like YouTube, are hosted by multiple datacenters around the globe and the contents (in this case, videos) are delivered through what are called Content Delivery Networks. This network is basically a network of data centers placed strategically around the globe to serve the users. The definition I made above of the DNS server, only makes sense
  2. Starlink dishes have been overheating and shutting down (tech news thread). So, make a watercooled starlink video. I mean it's not a new idea, it's the first thing that comes to our minds, and this person suggested it as well. So, please make it happen.
  3. Device: Lenovo Legion Y520 Was using the laptop, and got a BSOD "kernel_data_inpage error". Usually when I get a BSOD, it'll reboot within 10-20 seconds, but it was stuck at 0% for 5 minutes. Thought it was stuck for good, so I long pressed the power button to force it shutdown. Now the boot logo appears but nothing more, (can't even enter the BIOS or the boot menu). When I looked the BSOD error, some of the possible culprits are a corrupt RAM, corrupt storage etc. Even If the storage is borked for good, I should still be able access the BIOS and the Boot Menu, right? T
  4. I feel like AMD might have a chance, because they managed to nearly match the results in rasterized gaming with significantly lower power consumption, which is obviously very important in mobile gaming. And honestly, as Linus mentioned, RTX 3000 isn't much of a leap when it comes to performance per watt. What do you guys think?
  5. System76 dropped an all new Bonobo WS Laptop 4 weeks ago. So, basically a portable workstation, with desktop CPU (upto 10900K) and desktop GPU (upto RTX 2080 Super (maybe you should wait for the one with 3080)). Yes. Full desktop components on a laptop (I don't know about the RAM). Definitely an absolute monster of a machine that you can take with you. I'd love to watch Anthony taking a look at this beast. https://system76.com/laptops/bonobo P.S.: The full review for S76 Oryx Pro is on the pipeline, right. Please do a full review.
  6. I'm well aware my ISP can still block connections with the IP addresses of the site. I was just confused by the whole dns over tls thing on Android. And thanks for the tips regarding it. I successfully set up stubby with CloudFlare as the recursive resolver. DNS over TLS is enabled as reported by this page . DuckDuckGo is accessible right now. Is there any lightweight third-party tool like this for windows. (Fine with CLI tools as well).
  7. I've been using CloudFlare's DNS service for the last year, and it's been good. But for the last 2 days, DuckDuckGo has been down here in India. Reports on news sites say that it's not their problem, and Indian ISP's are responsible for this. But also they said it's working if you're using CloudFlare. But it is still down for me. I checked my router settings, Windows network settings and Ubuntu network settings and still can't connect to DuckDuckGo. But when I tried changing the provider hostname in "Private DNS" setting on my Android device to "1dot1dot1dot1.cloudflare-dns.com" and it works.
  8. In the "10 Ways Linux is just better!" Linus talks about Anthony running into a guy at System76 who had a GitHub repo with a script which could install all the software you would need and download your user profile after installation. I couldn't find the link to it in the description, or the comments. Could any of you kindly link the repo in the comments? Thanks
  9. I already asked this question on r/undervolt subreddit. But I haven't got any proper answer. I know what undervolting is and the other basic stuff. I undervolted my CPU with Intel XTU. It was straightforward (just setting the voltage offset). I wanted to do the same with my GPU. Most of the guides I read/tutorials I watched were using MSI Afterburner. The process (as you may already know) involves adjusting a curve on a graph. Nobody explained how it would affect the voltage of the GPU. X was voltage and Y was frequency. I understand it represents the GPU will run at "y" MHz at "x"
  10. Isn't the whole point of GPL is that you can do whatever you want with the software without any sort of restriction?
  11. Coming from Windows, in which I have to install all the drivers provided by the manufacturers manually, it always baffles me how linux is able to support a lot of hardware. (Of course there will be problems with certain hardware). In the case if GPUs there are only 2 companies. So including the drivers for those manufacturers out of the box couldn't hurt. But how do they do this for the other hardware? Do hardware manufacturers follow a universally agreed upon design (set by some standards organizations like ISO or IEEE or something like that) so that the basic functionality of the hardware is
  12. I watched the review of the URSA mini. I want the full video of the dancer who comes at 6:31. Someone commented a<removed by staff> link which is dead. It'd be awesome if someone knows a way to find it. I tried reverse image search but it didn't work. Couldn't find it in the wayback machine either. If any of you guys knows about it please reply.
  13. Does anybody here know where Brandon's shorts get published? I mean I know he doesn't create them himself and it'll be published by the director/producer. I'm just looking for the short "Getting Ready" which he mentions in the video about the Blackmagic URSA Mini and I couldn't find it anywhere. I would love to check out his other works as well. If you guys could point me to all the works he has done that'd be great. Thank you.