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  1. right now, very important. due to the AGESA updates, the mobo mannies are trying to update the UEFI for p-n-p RAM, but so far all are a bit behind. timings or the RAM are the key elements to functionality. composition of flash memory (ICs) seems to be primary, speed, then timings. even the tertiary can make a no-go impact. so either review and make purchases from the manufacturers QVL list or wait til the issues are ironed out (could be months).
  2. have you tried using just one monitor for the setup, enable the SLI and then reconnect the monitors?
  3. ive got 2x gtx 980 ti (4995) for under $275 each (but before the crypto-craze). the acx is an advantage for air cooling over the ref cooler. if your freakish on temps go the acx, if not the ref performance is lacking minimally 8-12%.
  4. RAM timings have a great impact in synthetic benchmarks. especially on the newer AGESA UEFI releases. this is marked by this video for the ASRock petigrees: and no doubt all motherboard mannies are having ills and a painful learning curve of beta testing.
  5. no, it is not a suitable product to use in PCs.
  6. please abid by our guidelines on posting in the hot deals section:
  7. location? you can see if this is available: Alphacool NexXxoS GPX - Nvidia Geforce GTX 980 M03, if not PPCs does:
  8. and enough EGO chokes another thread... stay on topic and keep the confrontational comments out of these forums..
  9. mount the twin AIO in the front intake source:
  10. for now, purchase a simple 2x4GB kit and until those are validated or you purchase a QVL kit sell 'em.
  11. as per the user manual:
  12. got a single DDR4 4GB stick to use as currently, that boards QVL doesn't support your 16GB modules.
  13. it was available 12days ago, usually these flash sales are good for a couple of hours/days.
  14. heatsink for the north/south bridges.
  15. some CPU actions are not complete unless the IME is installed. generically, if they need them, they'll self install (nVidia driver as well as the .NET)