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  1. airdeano


    hello, welcome to the Linus Tech Tips forums!
  2. airdeano


    hi and welcome to the Linus Tech Tips forums!
  3. airdeano

    20-30 FPS in GTA5 with 2070

    window mode or full screen?
  4. airdeano

    Need review

  5. airdeano

    DRAM LED on no post

    no issues till now, your RAM or controller has passed away
  6. airdeano

    DRAM LED on no post

    welcome to the Linus Tech Tips forums! reseat your RAM DIMM(s). if no joy, then either the DIMM failed or the memory controller has failed. how old is the system?
  7. airdeano


    yes, that is pretty much all that boots in those slots.
  8. airdeano


    it won't boot using nVME even using: that'll work just fine.
  9. airdeano


    the asus z97a will only support SATA drives in the m.2. nVME is not supported. and i have one and it will not support nVME (no x4 support)
  10. airdeano

    What's Happening

    welcome to the Linus Tech Tips forums! we kinda like to keep the tech-side of the forums well, technical. for chit-chat and non-tech discussion topics we have the off-topic forums here:https://linustechtips.com/main/forum/50-off-topic/ we'll lock it down here <-LOCKED->
  11. airdeano

    worst computer in the history of computers

    please reserve this type of material unworthy of forum use. pointless and <-LOCKED->
  12. airdeano

    Nvidia (Freesync) on 980 Ti

    currently, only the 1000-series and up will be participating on the VVR or the VESA implementation of the freesync hardware specifications change.
  13. airdeano

    ARGB Help

    welcome to the Linus tech Tips forums! if using the arbg controller, you wouldnt use the asus aura feature. you'd use the cm controller. bypass the controller from cm and hook directly up to the asus argb (not the rgb 4-pin) header. you should be able to control from the aura app then.
  14. airdeano

    Whats The Difference?

    welcome to the Linus tech Tips forums! rs has individual argb controller the r relies on the motherboard to control the rgb.