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  1. eBay, craigslist and e-salvage stores would be the place to start for old PCI cards.some of the advanced GPUs used a composite connection which were for dedicated monitors. old number 9 (9FX) or diamond cards for PCI or VESA outputs.
  2. welcome to the Linus Tech Tips forums! we can not lend any support efforts to hackintosh projects as per our Community Standards: Talking about piracy in general, broad details, is acceptable however the posting or discussing pirated/hacked/cracked or otherwise nefariously obtained content is not. This includes Windows content, games, hackintosh, etc. Also discussions regarding ways to avoid or block legitimately installed monitoring/tracking software or the like is also not allowed. there are devoted forums for that discussion. we can discuss other elements of the build, but not for any support for non-supported OSs.
  3. on todays used market, 30% off retail isn't too much to ask for. new at £122, used at £85
  4. generally, GPUs do not have BIOS updates. most 'tuning' is done through the driver.
  5. then you'd need to open a support case with ASRock and/or Samsung.
  6. ok, before this gets out-of-hand, lets keep this objective and not personal. you asked for a value, take those with into account that region, availability and access are not config'd into those guessedimates.
  7. does the 850 show up in the UEFI and/or install OS?
  8. are the temps the same or better with the stock h100i fans? one item to look into is the h100i mod:
  9. picture of installation could help.
  10. they are out of stock is why you cannot add them to your cart.
  11. budget

    enough of the off-topic challenges. we are here to help the OP, not your egos. this thread went 25 comments with no help to the OP, just blah,blah, blah arguments.. so helpy the OP, no argueing with the community.
  12. yes, the h110 is compatible with the i3-6100, drop it in and go..
  13. sorry, but we cannot lend any support to copyright protected applications/games which have been illegally obtained..
  14. yeah, corsair does not say that in any remote literature as per their downloaded .pdf: again, if you had 'cycling', then your header was set to reduce the voltage as per the CPU temperature. i searched the corsair forum for your cycling issue and any corsair representative to say contrary and they all point to the hookup to the motherboard fan header.
  15. it is the same silicon. we've done the same for the 7970/r9290, gtx 570/580, gtx 670/680, gtx780/ti. marketing their first run for the rx was cautious. shipping 8GB cards as 4GB, some BIOS flashing of 470 to 480 to 'buy' into the market share. now they have some recovery, they have to make expectations for upgrading, so push the MHz and we get FPS. FPS sells. its already been discovered, they've raised the voltage levels to increase output; which has dodged the 480-series with meek results for overclocking. AIB makers using an 8-pin, some both a 6-pin and 8-pin, when we know, they'll never get close to 300watts on mid-range cards. the VRM/VRAM is suited for it, but 'limitations' putting a boat-anchor on exceeding levels. tldr; like nVidia, get enough power out there they'll buy the FPS. don't come out of the gate WFO, leave something for the next cycle (refresh/rebrand).