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  1. using a simple water tank: at the lower point can elevate the upper clearance issue. loop order: res/pump->GPU->CPU->RAD->res/pump (can use one of the top ports on the rad to bleed air quickly)
  2. that'd be the first step. if you have to RMA the CPU and it does not act up at stock, the RMA will be denied as they will not overclock the CPU to find the BSOD.
  3. crap as in: noise or airflow?
  4. do you get the same result with the OC removed?
  5. ^^ this, for the mATX mobo installation (mITX already has the standoffs made into the mobo tray).
  6. for a specific productivity PC, stay either on air cooling or an AIO cooler. $800 for mere aesthetics and not really forwarding your productivity level is not 'smart money' spent. GPU(s) benefit more from liquid cooling to allow the GPU boost to stay higher longer. the CPU can easily be cooled via AIO or high-ended air cooler. use an external ODD like this:
  7. you can nix (get rid of) that 120 x-flow radiator. literally no reason to use that component. the 280x60 can easily support a voltage overclocked CPU and GPU and still use a sub 1200rpm fan set.
  8. the stand offs are built into the motherboard tray, meaning there shouldn't be any other standoffs installed. basically, lay the mobo into the chassis and screw it down. if you have done that, then you'll need to contact thermaltake on what might be their solution.
  9. instant load on the CPU and then no usage produces those spikes. you are just fine.
  10. welcome to the Linus Tech Tips forums! PC water pumps might pose an issue, but are usually constructed from stainless steel/acetal which shouldn't have any rust. some of the sealed 'econo' pumps might have issues. some are meant to be submerged, some to function outside fluids. determination would have to come when we see what pump is in question.
  11. please state your needs, budget and requirements and reask your question in the proper sub forum. <--LOCKED-->
  12. re-edited comment..
  13. welcome to the Linus Tech Tips forums! you won't be able to fit a 360x45mm in the roof of the H440 with a 360 in the front position. only can run a 30mm and the forward fan mount will be half restricted (pictured is a 60mm in the front and 30mm in the roof) with a 45mm in the front. the ports on the front mounted radiator will be on the bottom, no room at the top for the ports. please do not run Y-splits, will foul flow rates and crucial cooling capabilities. honestly, run a 360 in the front and a 240 in the roof. unless you are using excessive voltage to run a twin 360 radiator setup, the H440 is not the case for this (and prolly overkill). have the itch for a dual 360 with less issues, look to the fractal design define s. still janky, but easier to setup.
  14. thank you for the link, this will allow @nicklmg to proceed.
  15. please observe our policies on posting: we already have a hypothetical thread here: