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  1. for trolling, yes. for real-world that'd be a no.
  2. it would be a vast waste of cash output. even looking on a lot of the user benchmarks the newer platform is making it evident that the older stuff needs to remain ousted. 53% overall better than FX in single thread, quad-core development and mixed-core speeds. 34% overall better than FX in just raw effective speed. only things the FX has over the R7 is cost, base clock speed, and turbo boost speed.
  3. no, the achievement vs workflow is vastly improved over the older architecture. even with the possibility of more improvements alleged in the maturity of the CPU platform makes it a non-issue looking backwards.multiple single-threaded applications will run circles around the older platform. crippling your output on the older platform is counter-productive. plus the reliability factor of thermals, support and negligible hardware can easily put the kibosh on productivity. first, i'd say the 1800x was a mistaken purchase due to the cost as the 1700 can be made to match what the 1800x can do in speed enhancement. $90-$150 motherboard instead of top tiered 'gaming' monikered motherboards really won't make a hill-of-beans difference in productivity. DDR4 2133 DIMMs without francy-dancy heat spreaders could have been purchased from the pricing difference from just the CPU purchase alone. short answer as before, no.
  4. it is, but we'd disallowed all eBay listings, no matter if they have a normal selling site, no eBay.
  5. as per our posting guidelines, do not post eBay links.
  6. sorry mate, but making an Ask Me Anything thread is not allowed. No spam ‘LMGTFY’ links Post count/reputation farming 'Ask Me Anything’ threads Tagging things as 'repost' or 'reported' we know you are excited to make content for your media channel, but we'd wish your would not use our forums to progress your needs.
  7. as per the Community Standards: Talking about piracy in general, broad details, is acceptable however the posting or discussing pirated/hacked/cracked or otherwise nefariously obtained content is not. This includes Windows content, games, hackintosh, etc. Also discussions regarding ways to avoid or block legitimately installed monitoring/tracking software or the like is also not allowed.
  8. 00 is usually a device malfunction code. best to remove CMOS battery and 24 and 8-pin from mobo to reset to some default. also remove all connected devices and all but one RAM module from the motherboard and reboot. if you get at least a UEFI que, you'll have survived mobo issues.
  9. pretty much. all stemming from the cooler master eisberg AIO (cm/alphacool colab).
  10. pump better, nope the quick change fittings leak.
  11. yes, it can you'd only need one header to use one of these for 4-PWM fans:
  12. kabylake->cannonlake->coffeelake->icelake->tigerlake to be desktop. mobile follows the desktop naming, but the enthusiast platform remains one name scheme behind so far.
  13. i'm thinking it'll be cannonlake into 2017/18 and coffeelake in 2018 (refresh)
  14. the fractal design arc mini r2 can hold a 60mm thick radiator in the roof and being as small, but just 3" longer (fitting a 360 radiator in the roof).