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  1. wise, choice, but remember; air filters will reduce the amount of airflow (about 50%) so your 3 and 3 idea is more like 1.5 in and 3 out (negative pressure). to equalize, the front fans will have to be at 100% and the exhaust will have to be at 50% fan speeds. some of that untold mojo/sciencey stuff.
  2. to all thinking they are in this arguement, enough innuendo on 'how smart others are/are not' when commenting in these posts. make your point and leave it at that. can't make the discussion on merits or data and resort to intelligence legitimacy ain't gunna happen here. keep it to facts and published data or do not reply. another sideways comment and we'll understand why you could not make it back to the forums.
  3. not according to the EKWB configurator they do not.
  4. simple and relatable terms you eat 2 pounds of cookies and crap 2 pounds you have a neutral position= good (in with the good, out with the bad) you eat 2 pounds of cookies and crap 1 pound you have a positive position = bad (still got 1-pound of cookies left taking up space) you eat 2 pounds of cookies and crap 3 pounds you have a negative position= worse (s'mthing other than cookies has fallin' out - see a doctor immediately)
  5. you still have 2x120 exhaust. only reason for p/p fan is too slow the fans down and the extra set is to promote loss in airflow due to the slower speeds.
  6. not really, just have to be conscience of the exhaust speed.
  7. negative pressure if all fans were 100% you'd have to lower the exhaust fans speed to match the front intake at 100% for a zero pressure.
  8. help

    tone down the clowning and attacks..
  9. the controller uses a SATA power connection from the PSU, not a molex plug.
  10. as per the guidelines: NO links to Ebay or other second hand and/or auction sites (even ones run by possible "recognized" brands)
  11. sell the res and get a case and smaller res.
  12. it be an easier search with a shorter reservoir. 400 class is for a very few full-size towers.
  13. seems to be already posted here:
  14. what is the main usage of PC? gaming, vid edit/render, game streaming? video resolution and refresh? i cant see that a replacement $600USD will gain you the value over what you have now. but it will matter to what your main intentions are.
  15. pretty much any z97 mobo is what you'd be looking for to take advantage of the k part of the processor. that h97 will work, but you will not be able to overclock for later CPU power needs. if you dont have the stock CPU fan, yeah a simple cooler (case will dictate your HSF). a tube of TIM paste is always good to have.