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  1. thanks for playing, be safe driving home.
  2. it is a lot of number, but fails in actual performances. cinebench r15 only a 360 and single core 195 which is high (stock 244/130) but when pressed not a lot of umph behind the speed. h100i with 800rpm fans at 78°
  3. prodigy is ITX, so the WiFi card will need to be included in a mSATA platform on the mobo, so you can run the PCIe x16 slot for graphics. prodigy M for mATX is achievable, but doubtful if the lower slot will be a simple PCI, more able to find PCIe on a mobo than just PCI.
  4. so for 1080 a single gtx1080 is exceptionally sufficient for the 1440 itch, new monitor and possible high/very high settings for your 120+ for the 4k want, new monitor and it'll be dual gtx1080 cards for solid 60+
  5. any of the UNIGINE graphics benchmarks (most used valley or heaven) are free:
  6. true, but the part is already purchased and without losing massive value on a used part. purchasing a 6th GEN pentium G4400 for $60 to do the reflash and keep for a test CPU or HTPC for later.
  7. yes, installation of the wrong socketed CPU can damage the CPU pins and that would not be covered in any RMA process. you'll need any 6th GEN CPU processor to do the update (the cheapest the less cost involved).
  8. correct, to this point, on my asus z97i i could easily go 5.1GHz on 1.45v VCORE stable, but only 4.3GHz on 1.20v VCORE. so it really comes to what the silicon needs to stably hold the multiplier to the limited amount of VCORE voltage supplied. this is where the z-platform is best suited. but for assurance, really no fps/performance differences between 4.2GHz and 4.3GHz.
  9. and all of this is for what functions? or just e-peen?
  10. umm the parts you have ordered and parts received have been stored months prior your order, so there is no special precautions needed before the rest of the inventory arrives. there is not an expiration date on water cooling parts. store somewhere they cannot get damaged.
  11. in most cases the less than z-chipset will voltage lock under 1.3v (a lot of them are 1.25). this will be a factor in the overclock being stable.
  12. dunna know how you'd 'config' the channel usage, inserting the DIMMS in both black or both blue DIMM slots is dual channel. verify function of each DIMM slot by booting one stick in one slot, shut down and repeat in the rest. if one fails, then you found an issue. by default, the RAM should boot at 1333MHz (have to XMP/tune in UEFI to reach rated DIMM clock). another could be the kingston could be at fault. retry all slots and modules.
  13. wonder if the $10 MIR can still be used on a 'gift' purchase? hummm..
  14. please create your threads in the appropriate subforums for best solutions. moved to CPUs/Motherboards and RAM --->
  15. check that: