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  1. check the HDD boot priority in your UEFI 'press del or F2 setup' during boot/POST.
  2. Case Compatability

    sorry, but the t750m is a gold rated PSU, not platinum. it is gold rated: https://www.corsair.com/us/en/Power/txm-series-2017-config/p/CP-9020131-NA yes, both are ATX compatible PSU, so they will fit your case the tx offers 7 year warranty as the cx is only 5 years
  3. Blue coolant turned green

    prolly best to do now is to remove/drain what you have, purchase a couple of gallons of distilled water (walmart/grocery store) and fill/drain till clear. once clear run for a day or two and then redrain, used tinted coolant and re-evaluate your color drop.
  4. Blue coolant turned green

    thank you. i do not use their products, but from others 'issues' did you flush the system out before assembly or use? they do recommend this: have you installed or added any other additive or 'kill coil'?
  5. 570x rgb and water cooling

    this might help in your measurements:
  6. welcome to the Linus Tech Tips forums! if stock (no overclock) your idle temps (not really an issue) should be 3°-5° above ambient. your coolant temperature is prolly near ambient, so your CPU should be 36°-39°. idle 43° is close, but prolly not the best. check to see if the TIM application is covering the IHS. more importantly, what are your temps under a 100% load?
  7. Blue coolant turned green

    welcome to the Linus Tech Tips forums! usually you would have some creepy growth re-tinting the coolant. blue+yellow=green. most growth is yellow/green. please list your watercooling gear and what was done with the parts.
  8. Hey everyone I am new!

    hello back and welcome to the Linus Tech Tips forums!

    please do not make multiple threads dealing with the same topics:
  10. really? thanks for the s**tpost we kinda want serious suggestion/solutions in the tech side of the forum.
  11. here is the back of the board, 4-small black screws hold it from behind
  12. UEFI F22 or the beta 23D (looks to have incorporated new agesa 2a RAM maps!)
  13. you'll need to copy all the timing stances, remove XMP.. reboot.. prolly a couple of times to unlearn the XMP profile. once all back to default 2133, then copy all the stances into the DRAM section along with speed and voltage.
  14. are you using XMP and changing the timings? a lot of the am4 boards has to 'train' the memory with several starts to 'lock in' the changes. safe for x370 beefy VRMs 1.475v safe for b350 vegan VRMs 1.375v or place fan on VRMs and increase voltage.
  15. Old block on new CPU.

    this might help a reference: depending on overclock methods/voltages/silicon lottery your not going to improve drastically from your older block. only four fans isnt helping much either. find some xspc 1650 fans cheap (most arent used) for $20shipped and find a decent sale on a used ek supremacy or even a XSPC raystorm and go with that for modernization. then you'll find that you might be a bit more comfortable thermally.