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  1. Parallel Loop Theory

    assumption is that the restriction level in the GPUs are equal. the restriction level of the CPU block vs the GPU block is not equal. like air, the coolant will travel a path of least resistance.if the CPU block is more restrictive than the GPU, the coolant will not flow to the CPU black and travel from the GPU (less restrictive) and return to the res instead of the CPU. your 2nd pic will not cool and will bypass the GPU/CPU. plus the CPU blocks are usually designated with an inlet/outlet.
  2. O ring help

    g 1/4 end. this seals the fitting to the object it is installed in.
  3. Which Platform

    worth $120, not really (to me).
  4. Best CPU value?

    breaking a CPU is difficult (especially locked). buy it and save for the better processor and flip it (prolly not enough resale) or wait for the proper parts. if the t-series throttles your usage, then you are in deeper do-do than not having it.. there are better options than settling for sub-needs.
  5. Best CPU value?

    the editing proposition will be the time issue (depending on softy/acceleration won't be fast for production value). streaming prolly would be fair, but not consistent. straight 4770 or 4970 for speed and core usage. the t values (thermal) won't leverage all cores (single core max speed)
  6. Which Platform

    kinda depends on what you plan to do with the system (needs a GPU). if gaming, skip the fx (ud3 must be higher than v3.0 - preferably v4.0 for any overclocking/improvement than i3)
  7. Why are my temperatures so high?

    prolly the GPU processor isn't pasted well enough or you have one large air bubble trapped in the GPU block.
  8. asked and answered in other threads. -LOCKED-
  9. Trust predicament

    Sorry, but we dont allow attacks to the community. locked
  10. Hot Deals of 23/9/2017

    nope.. only physical items.
  11. Ryzen 3 power

    the ryzen 1300 does not have an internal/onboard graphics processor, you'll need a dedicated GPU to make this build functional. power should be a 24-pin.
  12. 3-1 or 2-2? intake - exhaust

    welcome to the Linus Tech Tips forums!
  13. 3-1 or 2-2? intake - exhaust

    if possible, yes.
  14. 3-1 or 2-2? intake - exhaust

    best scenario would be 3 intake (filtered) and 1 exhaust. otherwise, the fourth fan as an exhaust will promote a dusty environment inside the chassis.
  15. Explain me how to delete a topic

    @LLEBTNCJD_its_something the moderation and administrator teams can assist the community with the chores of moving/deleting threads/comments to maintain forum liquidity and flow. using the report icon (triangle with the exclamation mark) in the lower left of each comment. leave comment on report on what needs to be done.