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    I7 6700K
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    Asus Maximus VIII Hero
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    Corsair Vengeance LPX (2x8gb)
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    MSI Gtx 980ti (x2 in sli)
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    NZXT s340 (Red/Black)
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    Western Digital Black (2TB) + Samsung 850 Evo (500gb)
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    Evga Supernova (1000w)
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    ASUS ROG Swift PG348Q
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    Corsair H100I v2
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    Corsair k65 RGB LUX
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    Razer Deathadder Elite
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    Audio Technica ATH-M50X (With Mod Mic)
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    Windows 10 64bit
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  1. That's correct, the easiest way would just be to load Dota, and see what the usage is on the IGPU vs the GPU is. Check quickly which power plan your using, most laptops with both an IGPU and dedicated GPU tend to "turn off" the DGPU in battery saver mode.
  2. So in your case, you have what's called an IGPU (Integrated Graphics Processing Unit), its built into the CPU itself.
  3. The integrated GPU is your CPU.
  4. What do you use your computer for? You won't seeing any difference if you use your computer for gaming and normal day to day activities. So unless you deal with large large files that you need to access quickly, there's really no point raiding them.
  5. A 5950x for gaming would be a waste of money, currently a 5600x is about as high as you'd go if you only care about FPS in games.
  6. Likely just flux residue from when the legs were soldered. Nothing to worry about
  7. More fans doesn't mean cooler temps. I'm running an almost identical setup to yours but a 5800x instead of a 9900k and my temps are perfectly acceptable. How many fans do you currently have and how are they set up?
  8. Why not just reuse the bottom part of the laptop? all you need to do is create a lid
  9. I assume given you did a factory reset through Synapse this isn't the case but always worth checking. M4 & M5 are mapped in Synapse correct? Do you have another computer you could easily plug the mouse into to see if the issue carries across systems?
  10. Depending on the kit you buy, you may not need to use your motherboard headers at all. Do you have a budget in mind? Personally I'm using the corsair LL120's, which connect to a hub, which is then connected to an internal USB header and doesn't require any motherboard fan or RGB headers, they are quite pricey though.
  11. The fact that its before windows doesn't matter.
  12. Right now, probably not. Instagram has a fact checker that aims to validate claims made on the platform. But I'm pretty sure it has to be manually flagged before its looked at, and I'm also fairly sure its a person who fact checks not a machine. The two big problems are context i.e am I making a obvious joke about how to cure covid, or am i claiming that something that wont, will cure covid. And secondary what do you define clickbait as, a lot of people would say anything that goes along the lines of "You wont believe what XX is up to these days". To which i could make an argument that it isn'