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  1. Yeah it was pretty much just echoing what I said, they were bred to be fighting dogs and are aggressive by nature. I wasn't saying that they can't be trained to be passive, it does take work though. What I was saying is that a lot of people get them with the intention of encouraging their already aggressive traits and using them to fight each other or as a way of appearing more aggressive themselves. These are not good reasons to own a dog. There are people that take good care of them though, they often have breathing problems etc so do need extra attention. I think countries that
  2. They were bred to be agressive, it's not really a pure breed, its a selective mix of traits that end up with a fighting dog, Mastiffs, Bull dogs etc. The whole point of them is to be aggressive. I have no problem with them, they are lovely dogs, but lots of people abuse them and/or use them a status symbols. Depends on where you are from, but I can see why some countries ban them.
  3. Why not? You have a good PC. Nothing wrong with owning a console.
  4. Yeah pretty much addicted to sushi and sashimi, lot's of good restaurants popping up where I live now. I like Chinese, Indian, Thai and all that too. There isn't really much I don't like though.
  5. Not going to be a dick and get into the whole gun law debate, but if where you live is so dangerous then why not save the money and move?
  6. In case you didn't know this is a known problem with Xperias, they have admitted the fault and you should be covered under warranty...
  7. I think it's just coincidence... The iMac really brought Apple back from the dead at a time when they weren't doing so good. But the same could be said for PC and it's individual components... Pentium IIs actually cost more than modern day equivalents back in the day. It has a lot to do with the technology becoming more popular. The technology prices are coming down as inflation goes up so it's giving the appearance of everything standing still in the technology world. You could even say the same for things like TVs and monitors.
  8. I actually like it when manufacturers stray away from the non cuboid designs. This one however is a little too overstated for me, specs are good, but obviously you pay through the nose because Alienware produced it. I think we need more options for custom cases from 3rd party manufacturers, cuboids are probably the most efficient though for standard motherboard sizes.
  9. You can rely a lot more on higher education than you can becoming an entertainer, but you need a certain amount of both to become successful. There are people with great educations that won't have a successful life because they lack charm and there are great entertainers who will suffer the same feat because they lack the knowledge/intelligence. Always aim for higher education, if you get lucky a long the way and find a non academic path then great but in the long run education is not for others, it's for yourself, whether it's on paper or not.
  10. Autumn/Fall technically ends 21st December so it will be before then as they said they are on track for the fall release. It will probably be Nov if they want to get in for the Christmas sales.
  11. Yeah depends how you look at it I suppose to me that's a high dose if you know what I mean. It doesn't usually come in pure form though unless it has a lot of warning stickers on it which is good news. If you tried to drink yourself to death with coffee you wouldn't be able to, your body would reject it, violent sickness, headaches... If you get passed that stage I would be impressed.
  12. You will always have to fear death, no getting around that one. It's really just too complicated a question to answer as it will vary from person to person. I wouldn't recommend it to someone with an existing heart condition that would more than likely shorten their lifespan, but for a healthy person it shouldn't really affect their quality of life which is actually more important than lifespan in this day and age.
  13. It is related to other factors like mass, metabolism and the fact healthier people do other things like have better diets etc to increase their lifespan. Caffeine doesn't really factor into it.
  14. Not exactly the difference in resting heart rate doesn't compare to the difference in elevation every time you exercise, your theory of a determined amount of beats in a lifetime is not very scientific.