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    LTT's mysterious owl.
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    Hi, welcome to my profile. I'm a 24 year old finance MSc student.
    Been fiddling with tech since I was 6 years old, mostly old radio's and alarm clocks back then.

    Oh and..
    When I was little I spent the bigger part of fall '04 outside during thunderstorms
    in the hope that I would get struck by lightning and become Static Shock.

    After my old rig died in 2010, life got busy, I bought a PS3 and enjoyed every second of it (f*ck me, right?).
    Got back into PC gaming last year and soon-ish I'll build me something nice.

    I also like everything there is to air and water cooling.


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    Dell U2414H
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    Mionix Avior 7000

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  1. Hi everyone, I recently bought Satisfactory hoping my laptop (Lenovo C940, i7 10th gen, 16GB, iris graphics, 2 4x PCI-E lane TB3 ports) could at least give me playable fps on low settings. Didn't quite work out. I looked into getting a eGPU + GPU: say Razer Core + GTX 1660ti but that's already roughly 700 euros (I live in NL). Do you guys think there is a budget build alternative out there that could give me good fps for less than 700 eur? P.S: willing to spend more on Mobo, PSU and other key components to facilitate upgrade-ability in the future.
  2. Hi guys, So I have a budget of 180 to 250 bucks for a 24" 1080p IPS monitor. I am going to use it along side my current Dell U2414H. Important is that I have to be able to daisy chain them together with DP. I use it mostly for office work so 144hz isn't needed but I figured if the Asus monitor provides decent colors and is also suited for a possible gaming PC in the future, why not. I'm a bit on the fence now that I have a short list. Basically, because I'd rather not spend 250 if I can get a perfectly good monitor for 180-190. Dell P2419H : https://www.
  3. Awesome! Thank you so much for your clear answers. I think I'll try chaining the two monitors with DP first indeed. I would get the Dell WD19TB but the cheapest price I can find in my area is 230 bucks and that's exactly how much the U2419HC costs right now for me. Feels kinda odd spending that money on a dock then. I'll probably build a PC when I'm ready to purchase a 144hz ultra wide. Cheers!
  4. Hi Kisai, thank you for your extensive reply. I admit I had to read it twice to make sure I understood everything. The dock option does sound nice, so if I understand correctly, I simply plug the USB-C cable of the dock in my laptop and I'm good to go right? Get some DP cables for the two monitors and presto. Are their any other docks besides the Dell WD19 that you would also recommend? I'll think I'll also check to see what Lenovo and HP have to offer. My laptop indeed has two TB3 4x lane ports and it came with a 65W power brick so 100-130W is more than enough.
  5. Hi everyone, TLDR: what's an elegant, cost-effective solution for me to connect two 24" 1080p screens, a USB-C to Ethernet dongle, USB-C laptop charger, USB-A wireless mouse receiver and (occasionally) an external Samsung SSD to my Lenovo C940 at the same time. I was wondering if ya'll could help me come up with an elegant solution for my current setup. I'm already knee deep in the dongle life with this thing and running out of USB ports. My goal is to extend my screen real estate in the most elegant/efficient way possible. Current setup: Lenovo C
  6. Hi, After at least 4 years using the Mionix Avior 7000, I am on the market for a new mouse. I am a claw grip user and have large hands by pretty much any standard. I recently got the Logitech MX Master 3 but I don't like it's scrolling characteristics (I would assume they have some automated trickery going on in there to switch between the hyper-scrolling and normal scrolling) Additionally, the mouse's high arc at the back is uncomfortable for my grip style and hand size. Requirements: - budget: 100-110 euros - wireless - good batter
  7. Thanks for the reply! Based on what information do you say this? I couldn't find anything concrete. Also side question if I may, you think it's a prob that the 2018 Matebook X Pro doesn't have full 4 PCIe lanes on it's thunderbolt 3.0 port? I happen to have acces to an eGPU enclosure that I would like to use at some point.
  8. I'm going to keep it short. Trump has launched his trade ban against Huawei. I have 1500 bucks to spend on a new laptop and having done my research I am between a Dell XPS 13 9370 (barely used) for 1540 or the Huawei Matebook X Pro 2018 for 1500. Both laptops tick essential boxes for me: sub 1.5 KG in weight, i7, 16GB Ram, 512 SSD, Thunderbolt three and USB type-C charging, well built (little flex). I think the Huawei is the better value since the screen is 3000 x 2000 and I could care less about the webcam. BUT, am I a complete idiot for still
  9. Hi guys, I have an Asus X555LB-NS51 laptop with 8GB of RAM. I want to upgrade to 16GB but I am not yet sure whether that possible. I found some contradicting information so far. On Crucial's website it seems that my laptop can take 2 sticks of 8GB RAM and they even recommend a product that would be compatible. However, on the Asus website it says that my laptop can have a 1x DIMM which I assume means that it only has one slot. I don't think I have this model specifically tho. Most of the specs match but I have a 1080p screen not a 720p. Thus, if I buy a 2x8GB
  10. Hi there, I'm hoping to do a custom loop with a 420mm rad in the top and 280mm rad in the front. I'm wondering if there is consensus on the best way to set up rads in a pc case for best thermals. If you let the front rad intake into the case, it's dumping heat in there that will not only go out the rear (where I'll have an exhaust fan) but also through the top where I'll have another rad in exhaust. I am considering having both rads as intakes but this would mean that all the heat exchanged from the CPU and GPU to the radiators is being dumped back into the ca
  11. Specs? What rads are in the top and front? push / push/pull? what case?
  12. that looks intimidating, gotta check a review or two haha
  13. The so the R6 only holds a the 420mm, not the 280 in the front. Also, why is using a full CPU+VRM block of importance? I forgot about the Evolv series, hopefully it'll be good this time around!
  14. Anyone know a case ~$300, that can take a 280mm, Alphacool XT45 (push only) in the front and a 420mm Alphacool XT45 (push only) in the top. I'm a fan of Fractal Design and Phanteks cases if that helps the recommendation. GPU would be a Asus 1080 ti STRIX w/ EKWB full cover block PSU would be a EVGA 750w G3