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  • Birthday 1993-03-01

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    Gold mining, motocross, working on my Electrical Engineering degree
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    Gold Miner, Student


  • CPU
    i7 3930k (4.5 ghz)
  • Motherboard
    Rampage IV Extreme
  • RAM
    16 gig DDR3
  • GPU
    1x EVGA RTX 2070 XC Ulta Graming (full coverage waterblocked) + 1x GTX 680
  • Case
    Cooler master stacker HAF
  • Storage
    1x 512gb 840 Pro + 1x WD 6TB Black + 2x WD 1TB Black's (raid 0)
  • PSU
    AX 1200i
  • Display(s)
    3x LG 21" 1080p monitors + 1x Samsung 40" LED 1080p TV
  • Cooling
    2x laing D5 variable speed (pump res combo unit), 1x 360mm XSPC extra thick rad, 1x EK Vector Copper Waterblock
  • Keyboard
    Corsair K95 Platinum
  • Mouse
    Logitech G700s
  • Operating System
    Windows 10
  1. Granted I have a custom loop so maybe this isn't the best example but you're basically saying that the NH-U12A cools better than a 360mm rad? Sorry but something is fishy here... Here's where I'm at: I have 1x 360mm rad, with 3 noctua NF-F12's... This one 360mm rad cools both my i7 3930K at 4.5ghz, pulling on average 147.3 watts, and my RTX 2070, which has a TDP of we'll say 175 watts. Realistically its much higher as the card is overclocked to 2055mhz but we'll use stock numbers as far as tdp for it now... So assuming 175w for the GPU and 147w for the CPU, all on one 360mm rad, I should be seeing sky high temps then right? .....actually no... max cpu temp is ~77C and max gpu temp ~58C. I can see how an AIO might not cool as well as my custom loop but the fact that I've got 322 watts being pushed into my rad, which is more than double what you guys are putting through the 360mm AIO. Yet my somehow CPU temps are still 3 degrees lower than what was stated for your 360mm AIO? That makes no sense at all, unless that cold plate is complete and absolute trash.
  2. I am currently having an interesting time with Adobe Premiere, timeline scrolling and playback are working just fine, but when I go to export a project it will only use my CPU, neither of my GPU's. I've tried all sorts of combinations even going so far as to leave my RTX 2070 completely unused as far as display outputs and run all my graphics through my secondary card which is a GTX 680. No matter what I do under the export settings the option for "cuda acceleration" is greyed out. CPU: i7 3930k, GPU1: RTX 2070, GPU2: GTX 680. Also this is a super sweet monitor! I'm really hoping someday we see a curved monitor equivalent to 3x 23" monitors (approx 61" diagnoally) that would be my perfect monitor for sure!
  3. What is this I heard about a Floatplane shirt on the WAN show?? Anyone from Floatplane want to chime in on when we might see one? I want to get a picture wearing it with my actual floatplane! We typically we swap back to skis in Oct or Nov so sometime before then would be sweet guys! ? Here's a video I did about 7-8 years ago. The vibrations did some funky stuff to the GoPro. (AUDIO WARNING FOR HEADPHONE USERS)
  4. Eh sorta! The Inspire 1 was kinda before all that but that ability was added later via software. That functionality is more for consumer stuff and from what I've seen doesn't actually work that well. The Inspire targets more of a prosumer market, which doesnt really want or need that functionality. Shes a big bird, ~7 lbs, and four 12.5" diameter blades!
  5. After having my DJI Inpire 1 V2.0 for coming up on three years I finally TIG welded up a mount for my sled to take it out on snowmobile trips with me. Unfortunately I haven't been flying much lately so my pilot skills aren't the best, but either way here's the footage I shot! Thought some of you might enjoy, I uploaded it in its full 4k glory but we'll see if YouTube wants to process it or not:
  6. Here’s an idea, for extremely small "fins" (really grooves) these 9 thou thick cutoff wheels for a Dremel... 9 thou thick cutoff disks One thing I saw about 5 years ago in the machine shop I worked in at the time was this.... We cut a piece of 1/4" round stock about 4" long, then drilled directly into the center of it on the lathe, not very far, maybe 1" We threaded this to fit a 6-32 screw. Then we took and mounted this 4" long cut off wheel mandrel we had just made into the chuck of the Bridgeport mill. We affixed a 1/64" thick cut off wheel for a Dremel to our mandrel using the 6-32 screw in the end. Next we mounted the piece we were cutting in a vise that held it perpendicular to the table. This meant that it was now in the correct orientation to have grooves cut into it by the cut off wheel. We cranked the drive on the Bridgeport as high as shed go and let'r eat. Obviously the RPM on the Bridgeport was wayyyyyy slower than a Dremel so things were painstakingly slow... It took quite a bit of finesse, but eventually we got a feel for the feed rate and such and were able to cut some fairly accurate and thin grooves into the piece.
  7. A long long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, I folded for you guys' team... I saw this and fired up the ol gaming rig, with 2x 680's and and 6 cores 12 threads at 4.5 ghz chugging away now! On a side note this thread kinda pushed me back into looking at specs for computers again, I was amazed to find that CPU's have really, not come very far since that computer was built in 2012...Like that overclocked 3930k is not that far off a lot of the CPU's on the market today.... Graphics cards however look to have come a long long ways! I'm hear'ing 2080Ti's are making like 2million ppd?? Wow! By contrast, old 680's are only good for about 140K ppd each.
  8. Me: hmmm let me just hop on over to ebay to see what the current bid is, I wouldn't mind having something they all signed.... "click click click" Me: (spits coffee)
  9. Here's my entry! Shes got a few gaming hours on her now, and has chewed through quite a few projects, but its about time to giver a little upgrade #ROGRigReboot (yes those are triple slot cards)
  10. My Realtek audio chip has **MAYBE** died, on my Rampage IV Extreme... I'd like any input as to stuff to try to get it going again, thank you! Everything was working 100% fine (just as it has for almost 4 years now) ...Before doing anything I obviously shut the computer down and unplugged it. Pulled my GPU's took my photos, to put them up for sale, put them back in annnd upon re-powering and starting was greeted with a blue Windows 10 critical crash screen. Upon restarting again it started up, my mouse worked and I was able to type in my password but after logging into Windows 10 it decided it didnt want to work with my logitech G510 keyboard, as well as audio wasnt working. After yet another re-start everything is working fine EXCEPT THE AUDIO.. No matter what I do I cant get any audio out of anything having to do with the Realtek audio, it doesnt recognize when I plug anything into any of the ports, HOWEVER I know that windows is putting out audio because when I plug into the audio pass through for my G510 keyboard my headphones work.. I was running all the latest drivers for my mobo but just to make sure I re-installed them all. I'm wondering if this could be some issue I'm having with windows 10? Any info or things to try would be awesome! Thanks! Specs: i7 3930K Rampage IV Extreme 16 gigs DDR3 ram 2x GTX 680'S 1x 850 Pro 1 TB 2x WD 2 TB Black 1x WD 6 TB Black
  11. I am a Late 2013 model MacBook Pro owner, I use it with FCP (Final Cut Pro) to render out short (>5min) videos. And I can say right now that with a few tabs open in chrome and and FCP running, there are some serious bottle necks. I'm assuming it has to do with RAM usage, as the CPU is the upgraded, i7 4960HQ, it also has the 16gig memory option... I honestly really like my MacBook Pro, even after 3 years of heavy daily usage, it still runs "well"... BUUT that being said, I would not buy the new MacBook. 16 gigs is simply not enough for the future. I think it is a shame on Apple that you cannot get a MacBook Pro with more ram or storage space than mine which is 3 years old....
  12. Idea: use Linus's home made water block from scrapyard wars, lap that and see if it makes a difference.. If lapping a CPU heatsink/waterblock would ever make a difference, it would be with that home made deallo.
  13. Honestly not surprised to hear the Air going away... Even in 2013 when I pre-ordered my MacBook Pro I felt like the Air was rather irrelevant..
  14. I honestly enjoyed the video.... for the most part.... The thing that I did not like was that it was just essentially a video trying to sell (insert whatever mouse it was here) the entire time.... I have no interest in buy that mouse, and found it really annoying... I did however enjoy seeing how they test and build their mouses. Also when it comes to saying that the wireless mouse is faster than a wired one......really?? You really expect me to believe that this sequence: #1 Mouses processor detects movement #2 Mouses processor processes movement #3 Mouses processor sends signals to transmitter #4Transmitter sends signals #5 Receiver receives signals #6 Receiver processes signals #7 Receiver sends signals to Computer is faster than this sequence: (for a wired mouse) #1 Mouses processor detects movement #2 Mouses processor processes movement #3 Mouses processor sends signals to computer Come on guys.... You and I both know that this is utter garbage... It was clearly a latency in the sensor or the processor of the wired mouse being tested... You guys are better than this and you know it....
  15. holy laptop fan guys... A few times throughout the stream it got soooo loud!