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  1. I picked up my wheels yesterday with fresh new tiers, mounted them and washed the A8. Fresh tiers feels so amazing to drive on, compared to those that was on it's like day and night.
  2. I customized my front bumper cover this weekend, just put it back together since I need it to get to work tomorrow. Anyway it turned out quite bad actually, it didn't go as I had planned at all, it looks okayish from afar, I used stuff laying around, which at this point I guess has gone bad. No matter how much sanding I did I couldn't get the surface smooth after fiberglass putty, even though I had added a fine putty, sanding, there was still small edges and pits I couldn't get rid off. The paint I had custom ordered for my cars color code was way darker than the actual color. Well it is what it is and I'll live with it until I decide to redo it. I'll learn from this and do better next time. Here's some pictures now that it's done.
  3. I got really good deal at the time that I just couldn't pass up on.
  4. Soon I'll be a few steps closeer to 300hp at the crank on my 2000 Saab 9-3, I have collected the necessary parts over the past months, just recently ordered a do88 intercooler and a walbro fuel pump that's the final parts I need. I'm going to replace the turbo, intercooler, fuel pump, the air intake to the turbo and then have it dyno tuned on e85 to hopefully reach my goal of 300hp. I already have a 3 inch downpipe with a 2.5 inch sport exhaust, 630cc fuel injectors upgraded clutch and rear anti swaybar. Supposedly making 250hp at the crank from an ecu tune (plug and play) on e85 I'm so excited to recive the final parts the coming week.
  5. Another SAAB is always nice! You're going to have a good time with that, can't wait to see pictures.
  6. Yeah it reminds me alot of the 96. I polished and waxed my 96 the previous Saturday and it looks so much better now.
  7. Yesterday's morning was beautiful and had nice mist of twostroke smell
  8. I'm actually going to keep it close to stock, it's strong for being 140hp, I'll eventually put headers and an aftermarket exhaust system on. For now but maybe in the future a turbo wouldn't hurt Haha.
  9. The 3 saabs, my Audi A8, a fiat 124 sport coupe 1969 (AC), I'll begin to renovate this one this year. Almost a complete model t 1926 runabout in pieces I'll collect all the needed parts while I complete the fiat, I have a classic snowmobile, a trapper 6000e from 1984 and a classic tractor from 1952, a Volvo T24 and I have a 50cc scooter. A total of 6 cars, 1 tractor, 1 snowmobile and 1 scooter. In total 9 vehicle.
  10. I have gotten my hands on another SAAB, this time a 900i 1992 16 valves 140hp 2.1l i4. The engine runs so very smooth that it's hard to believe it has over 31000km on the clock. 1992 900 and 2000 9-3 And all my SAABs in one picture 1992 900i, 1962 96 Deluxe, 2000 9-3 SE
  11. I've fixed my Audi yet again this time it was the powerstering pump that had gone bad, I got my hands on a cheap secondhand low mileage pump. Pulled the radiator to get access, the pump itself was an easy change. And here it is, newly washed, ready to drive.
  12. Okay, that's what I'm going to do as the next thing when I have all this together. Maybe next year or so.
  13. I've begun to collect parts to put a better turbo in my Saab, my goal is to have all the things I need to the summer. So far I've bought a secondhand TD04HL-15T that is in the aero trim of the cars, I'm going to renovate it since there is a little shaft play.
  14. It's just for the looks currently. I'm not really sure if I like it or not, I'll try it out for a few days and see. If anything I'll just keep em in the trunk if I need them.