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  1. You do you, but that's gonna be a hard pass from me on that. There shouldn't even be enough dissolvable material left in the grounds when properly brewed for a second pot, let alone a third! Do you use way too many grounds for how much water you put in? Or do you just brew it really weak to begin with?
  2. Hello, here is the correct thread for such requests.
  3. Stumbled on that one recently and enjoyed it. POV and plot felt like a video game.
  4. Sounds normal. As long as it charges the device I wouldn't worry about it.
  5. Totally agree. I was more commenting on the overall value, since the Ryzen alternative in the OP was cheaper and had 64 GB of RAM.
  6. The Mac also only has 8 GB of RAM, paired with lesser CPU (vs Ryzen) and GPU compared to the others just doesn't make sense for the price. Especially with the M1 chips rolling out soon across their line-up. 5k is also pointless on a 27 inch screen. Just pushing pixel for the fun of it.
  7. Tolerances on parts can vary making the locking tabs a pain in the ass to remove at times. Now you know the trick As long as you network connection still works you haven't damaged anything.
  8. Are the fans plugged in? Are they configured in the BIOS correctly? When you say factory reset is that BIOS or Windows? If BIOS then perhaps the settings got changed from how you had it before. GPU will have a zero RPM mode where GPU the fans shut off under 60 C or so.
  9. It's unlikely both power supplies are dead. Based on the picture you posted, however, I'd suggest you start over. Get organized, get all the extra stuff out of the way, and start systematically testing things. Having two systems with multiple overlapping issues is going to be hard to diagnose without identifying some common ground first. First thing that comes to mind is pump cavitation on your AIO. Gamer's Nexus did a video a while back about pump vs. radiator orientation for AIOs and he found some configurations can lead to pump noise. Does lifting the radiator higher (to replica
  10. If I want in-depth technical details I just watch Gamer's Nexus. LTT is still good for the entertainment value.
  11. Sounds like the article is talking about quantum computing. It very useful, but in very specific applications. Each has their place but I don't see traditional silicon-based computer chips being phased out anytime soon.
  12. It doesn't surprise me if it blocks older versions being installed. Generally, the newest BIOS version is the one you want to run. There may be ways around Q-Flash blocking rollbacks, but I don't know what they might be. If games crashing is the real issue you'll likely get better responses/views creating a specific post for that with more details on games, hardware, troubleshooting you've tried, etc. It may be a BIOS issue, it may not. Alternatively, perhaps someone will chime in here with better insight on installing an older version as a troubleshooting step.
  13. Welcome! You can get any version of the BIOS files from Gigabyte's website. https://www.gigabyte.com/Motherboard/GA-H170-D3HP-rev-10/support#support-dl-bios I'd imagine you can install an older version the same way you install the new one. Use the in-BIOS option rather than any Windows software. I think Gigabyte calls it Q-Flash. Is his issue just with reverting back to an older version, or something else? It's not totally clear from your post.
  14. The same headphone/mic splitter for both headsets? Maybe the splitter is faulty... Do you have front panel audio connectors? Can you try plugging the audio or mic cable into one of those? Alternatively, if you are already using the front panel, try switching to the back of the motherboard. Or if available try using a headphone pass-through from your monitor (you might not have this depending on monitor though).