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  1. Glad you got it figured out, even though it's a bummer you need a new monitor.
  2. Gotcha. Do you have a TV or something with HDMI you can try? Do a clean driver installation first using DDU. You could also get a cheap Displayport to HDMI converter, but I'm thinking it's unlikely to be an issue with a specific port on the GPU. I'm leaning right now towards either a software/driver issue or a monitor issue. Have you made any changes to the Nvidia control panel settings?
  3. Any specific video examples that look the most off to you? Nothing has stood out to me in any recent videos.
  4. You mention it doesn't happen in games... what content DOES it happen in? If it's something like Youtube or Netflix could it be compression artifacts? They are typically more noticeable on solid, dark sections of the screen. Some easy troubleshooting steps. Try a new HDMI cable/different HDMI port on monitor and GPU Try Displayport cable Try a different monitor/TV Try a different GPU (of your GPU in a friends machine) - this one might be more difficult depending on what you have access to DDU and re-install GPU drivers Give some of those a shot
  5. Depending on what game you play, along with resolution and framerate desired, the 20xx series may be plenty of performance. They're still good cards provided you can get them for a reasonable price (I haven't looked at used prices lately to say if what you're finding is reasonable or not). Additionally, you can buy them now, unlike the new generation of cards which are still in very short supply. If you have high performance needs, such as high refresh 1440p or 4k then the new generation of cards is probably the better buy. Also, pairing the new AMD cards with a 5xxx series AMD CPU
  6. Neat, but sounds like a question for Dish Networks to answer.
  7. Is that while at 100 percent GPU utilization and power? I ask because I just noticed your previous screen shots only show 45 percent GPU power and 60 percent utilization, which would explain the really low temps.
  8. I don't know what more to say then. If it's not causing a performance issue I wouldn't worry about it. You can try another driver re-install or rollback the Windows update.
  9. Sorry, I'm not sure I understand your question here. Clock speed is how fast the GPU core or memory is running. When someone says it's not boosting as high it just means the clock speed is not at it's maximum speed.
  10. If other games run at the rated speed then it sounds like a Minecraft issue with the latest Windows update. By "doing nothing" do you mean just sitting at the desktop, or what?
  11. It's also entirely possible that something in the latest Windows update isn't playing nicely with something else. Wouldn't been the first time an update caused issues.
  12. Try a few other games and a few different benchmarks and see what the memory frequency runs at.
  13. Yes. From my experience once the card starts going above 70 C or so it will start dropping down the clock speed. Depending on the specific chip and manufacturer the temp vs. clock speed table may be different. For reference I'm running a 1080 from MSI.
  14. RAS_3885


    They did respond. I added some comments in original thread just now. Bump your old topic (reasonably) if you are still looking for solutions. You did that 20 minutes ago, so need to give time for people to see if a chime in if they have any additional thoughts that haven't already been covered.
  15. You shouldn't be installing drivers from the device manager after using DDU. You should be using the installer package directly from the GPU manufacturer, be it Nvidia or AMD. Assuming VRAM speed reading is accurate (and read the above posts to find out why it may not be) software will load the GPU in different ways so I would not expect it to always run at the max speed. If it's not causing performance issues I would not worry about it.