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    Deep in the Swedish forest
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    Building services engineer


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    R7 2700x
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    16GB DDR4 @ 2993MHz
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    EVGA GTX 980 TI SC+ ACX 2.0+ SLI
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    Be Quiet! Dark base 900 pro
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    1x 120GB SSD; 1x 500GB HDD; 1x 2TB WD Black; 1x 3TB WD Red
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    Seasonic Prime 850 Titanium
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    Acer predator X34A
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    Corsair H110i
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    Qpad MK-50 pro
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    Corsair Vengeance M65
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    Sennheiser Momentum 2.0
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    Windows 10 Pro 64-bit

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  1. I took my saab to the mountain, my family's cabin, a 200km drive, it was so fun to drive. It's quite a bit of snow here but usually its more. It looks right at home in the snow.
  2. Today I changed my rear springs on my saab 900, 29 years and about 310 000km they look surprisingly good but they were so very spongey. With the new springs it changed the car, it's obviously to be expected but the change was so great it surprised me. If you have an older car or higher mileage and have the original suspension, change it, it dose not have to be fancy aftermarket things just new stock parts, it makes the car feel so much better.
  3. It's a great car, I only drive it a few months during summer, to minimize the zero degree celcius cold starts and other wear and tear that the cold climate brings. My stomach hurt watching that lol. Even if that car was in such a bad shape. I got my A8 dirt cheap because of overheating problems, 1 day battery drain and no working infotainment. I found all the problems myself and fixed them. They are not too bad to work on.
  4. I have got myself a set of 18" wheels with summer tiers that will fill it out perfectly but at this time of the year I can't have those on.
  5. I got some fender extensions, I'm happy with the result. It's mostly to hide the rusted fenders hahaha. I thought about to repair them but it was way to much so its not worthwhile.
  6. Finally found some louvers for my 900i Someone had painted them white so I painted them black again and I'm very happy with the results. Car is dirty but the weather is so bad right now if I wash it will look the same tomorrow.
  7. The problem is your cpu, when you lower the settings with the new gpu is too fast for your cpu, the old 730 is slower and your cpu can handle it. Do as other recommended and try to turn up your settings, making your gpu do more work and cpu do less work.
  8. I did buy a sandblaster gun to see if it would work with my air compressor and it did. I tried a little bit on my model T frame. I got to drive a 1927 model T and that sparked my motivation to really start on my model T project.
  9. I took out my saab 96 for the first time this year, it started right away and I took it for a good ride. I also put together a short showcase and some driving clips, it was so much fun!
  10. Are old saabs used by hipsters where you live? Here it's not, there are lots and lots of saab enthusiasts for all saab cars, I myself have the following, 1962 saab 96 twostroke, 1992 900i, 2000 9-3 SE and a 2006 9-5 Biopower.
  11. I also took the 1911 model-T for a spin, and its truly amazing to drive, any model-T is amazing to drive but this one runs so smooth.
  12. Finally I'm done very happy with the results. I also picked up some secondhand alloys for about 40usd with new tiers and I think it look so good now, I really like the 3 spoke wheels.
  13. Nothing special, a local stores 3 step polish, first paint wash that I applied by hand and then polish and finally wax. I'm happy with the results.