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About Arcanekitten

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    Got the most pussy
  • Birthday May 18

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    Arcanekitten #2625
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    The Nogger of the street #0906 (no joke)
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    Don't even know this one
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    The Netherlands
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    This forum.
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    Straight ;) (from the underground)
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    Ryzen 1600X
  • Motherboard
    Gigabyte AB350-Gaming 3
  • RAM
    G.Skill Tridentz RGB 2x8GB
  • GPU
    MSI R9 290 4G
  • Case
    Fractal Design R5
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    Samsung 840 EVO 128 GB, 3 TB WB Green, HGST 500 GB 7200rpm AND WD 3TB Blue 7200RPM
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    Cooler Master G750M
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    AOC AG322QCX, LG 29UM67-p and LG 22MP67VQ-P
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    Cooler Master Hyper 412s
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    Razer Deathstalker
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    Matcatz R.A.T 7
  • Sound
    Sennheiser HD 558 and Logitech Z323
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    Windows 10 Home 64-Bit
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  1. Arcanekitten

    lg g6 or p20 lite?

    I personally own the LG G6 and a close friend of mine uses the P20 Lite. Both great devices but the LG G6 does have the wide angles lens and the more powerful SOC here so I would suggest you buy the G6.
  2. Arcanekitten

    Monitor Debate

    It depends really. Do you use other stuff while gaming like discord, youtube or maybe spotify then a second monitor can ultimately be the superior option. For a gaming only focus the ultrawide is the better option as the jump between 100Hz and 165Hz isn't felt as 'big' as going from 60Hz to 100Hz.
  3. What the fuck. They actually made enjoyable games. Presumably the strangers things game is canned now?
  4. Arcanekitten

    1st gen threadripper vs 2700x?

    Then I wouldn't be looking at it. Sure it's cool to have but the motherboards that come with the TR4 platform are atleast double the price of that of the AM4 Platform. This is definitely the main issue if you are looking at the 1900X. The only benefit there really is the PCI-E slots which you probably don't need in a gaming rig. The clockspeed can be overclocked real easy on the 1700x to match the threadripper and the TDP is also way lower on the 1700x.
  5. Arcanekitten

    1st gen threadripper vs 2700x?

    It all depends on what you are planning to do with it.
  6. Arcanekitten

    CPU Usage At 100% and Game Stuttering

    A modern I5 running at 100% is not unheard of but definitely not normal if you are just playing games. What games are you playing? and what is using your CPU during the game?
  7. Arcanekitten

    How much GPU can RYZEN 7 1700 hold?

    Yes it should manage a GTX 1060 or 1070 just fine. Even the higher end cards are fine but at some point you are gonna run into a IPC with some games.
  8. The reason you would maybe want a higher transfer speed is if you want to transfer internally in your house at a certain rate. This however is super unpractical for a wireless extender and is something I wouldn't even consider. Since your internet speed is 40 mbps I would just go for the one that fits your budget so the 150 or 300 one.
  9. Arcanekitten

    Bluestacks Trustworthy??

    Yes Bluestacks is trustworthy, I use it myself.
  10. Arcanekitten

    2 GB of vram

    For 1080P, sure. Games these days do ask a bit more of Vram than a couple years ago but you'll be fine with most games.
  11. As far as I can tell the laptop only has a Type C USB 3.1 port and not Thunderbolt support which is required for an external GPU.
  12. Arcanekitten

    Witcher 3 Performance Bugs

    I think these issues are all crossfire related as crossfire is a pretty fucked thing at this point. You have the white flickering issues while running one GPU? Also, honestly a FX8350 is pretty low end by today's standards I wouldn't be surprised if that could be an issue here.
  13. Arcanekitten

    Can You Use Different Types of RAM

    This would be fine if then the ram works with each other. Some sticks just have issues with each other and don't work and there is no real way to know for sure. You could also OC the 3000Mhz kit to 3200Mhz but this wouldn't be a grantee that it works as the OC might not pull through.
  14. Arcanekitten

    Witcher 3 Performance Bugs

    Well you should start of with giving us a bit more information. Did you change anything in your system recently? Updated any drivers? What GPU is currently active it might be the IGPU. What is your current setup. Have you checked the Crossfire profile?