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  1. just get something with macros. I use the K95 RGB with brown switches. they don't make it anymore.
  2. yeah. use wiggle, then below that, use posterize time. then you can even precomp that and speed it up if it's now too slow.
  3. There's nothing stopping me from writing and hosting more videos... except that there have been no interesting products for me to review for awhile. I've tried to get more ebikes, but companies have not been willing to send them. There's a cool keyboard converter dongle thingy that i am hoping to review sometime soon. It may be much better than luamcaros. Also, if I had to write a video or two every week, they would not be nearly as good. I'd be stretched too thin.
  4. Hello kids, The macros definitely save time. I'm putting out the same amount of videos, but now I also have to review every single video that we release. I mark it up with suggestions and/or mandatory fixes and send it back to the original editor. They make the fixes, watch it again themselves, send it to me, and then I have to watch the whole thing again as well. That's for Floatplane videos. I also have to watch every YouTube version as well. So I must watch all videos we put out at LEAST twice. Sometimes a video bounces back and forth several times before it's good to go, e
  5. No case of Spoon Theft now?! xD

  6. Bleh, the Lego boost... I'm not seeing anything that excites me about it. Weird how Lego Group has WeDo, WeDo2.0, now Boost, .... AND the Mindstorms lineup. I'm getting pretty sick of all these "educational" toys for kids that are just expensive, and don't teach much. So, what, is Boost supposed to bridge the "gap" between WeDo and Mindstorms? I don't think that's necessary. I'm not even so convinced that WeDo is necessary...
  7. Yeah, optical flow only works well for simple, slow moving stuff. Like pans and tilts. And it gets very confused by cuts.
  8. Hello sir, terribly sorry for the trouble. I have a shoot first, ask questions later approach to problem solving. I'll EVENTUALLY figure things out, but not without some chaos along the way. Your problems are almost certainly being cause by Interception. Here's the thing: Unless you pay for the commercial licence, which is $2,200, your computer is now limited to only 10 of each device type (as shown in your device manager) I did not know this until a few weeks ago, when I did some digging, after having odd problems of my own, and hearing about problems like yours.
  9. i THINK it didn't actually make it into the final edit. He was screeching at me BTW. LOL