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    G3258 3.2
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    8gb 1x8
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    Asus gtx 750 ti OC
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    600W psu on eBay for $50 (Getting VS450)
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  1. I did there was nothing. I heard G skill make their own but there are only 3-4 as u stated before.Buying 3000mhz is expensive. Some ppl OC from 2133 to around 3000
  2. oh, ye the kit I linked is the one I have. Going to get another 8gb kit for dual channel and hopefully have it at 2933 cause my biostar a320mh motherboard supports max 2933. So 1.45 is the max and anything over is bad?
  3. yea, apparently those depend on OC potential with samsung being the best. I want to OC my ram to 2933 as its 2600 rn. What's the safe voltage?
  4. Example micron, sk hynix etc I have this ram https://www.gskill.com/en/product/f4-2666c19s-8gnt
  5. Combining them would be 72A max. I'm just reading off the sticker provided.
  6. MTBF 100,000 hours at 25°C under full load Not even under full load so around 15 years. I've only used it for around 3-4 years. I have a new 1660 ti which I was going to sell and use the used 980 but requires 2x8 pin. and a 6 to 8pin adapter cost like $17
  7. ooo Black Lagoon. And no...it works, why would I unnecessarily upgrade.
  8. I have a SeaSonic M12 SS-700HM 700W and unfortunately it only includes 1x8pin for the GPU which requires 2 8 pins. Is it safe to buy a 6 to 8 pin converter?
  9. Boi you gonna upgrade the 970 before the 6300 xDDDDDDDD Get that trash CPU outta here Edit: Dw, seems you ordered a new CPU
  10. Heat kills so the hotter the card, the shorter the life expectancy, longevity and an increase chance of failure Although the cards can run at 83c, for a zotac card and not a reference/blower you should turn up the fan curve like what other ppl say, custom fan curve in afterburner