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Tim Drake

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About Tim Drake

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    LTTs Unofficial Angry Teen
  • Birthday Apr 13, 1998

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    Tim Drake
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    iiCarterr x
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    Belfast, Northern Ireland
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    I love gaming, all kinds of gaming! I also love fiddling around with computers and learning new stuff about computer components.
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    I do YouTube and Twitch, check me out!

    YouTube = MasteerCheef
    Twitch = MasteerCheef
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  • CPU
    i5 4670K
  • Motherboard
    MSI Z87 MPower MAX
  • RAM
    8GB (2x4GB) G.Skill Ripjawz 1600MHz
  • GPU
    Gigabyte G1 Gaming 980 1550MHz Core | 3800MHz Memory Clock
  • Case
    Corsair Air 540
  • Storage
    60GB OCZ SSD 1TB Seagate Barracuda
  • PSU
    EVGA Supernova G2 850w
  • Display(s)
    AOC G2460FQ
  • Cooling
    Corsair Hydro H110
  • Keyboard
    CM Storm Quickfire TK - Cherry MX Brown
  • Mouse
    Logitech G402
  • Sound
    Tritton Detonator
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 Home
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  1. So you ask a poll to see if you were wrong or not, you get even answers and still you think you're right? Lol nvm, done with ignorant people
  2. Also, you never even bothered to factor in price to performance value. Obviously people will just choose the better option.
  3. Then again, you have the 9590 so you never had a good choice in CPUs
  4. lmao 20 degrees is cool for you? Noctua do a really good low profile cooler, there is a new one coming out from CRYORIG that looks great! Check release date
  5. Not biased in the slightest. I thought about upgrading previously and realized that Skylake is a worthless upgrade atm for the price. Still a great upgrade but not for the price. Also, again. You could of had all your questions answered in one thread yet you made 3.
  6. Also, isn't Skylake able to take more voltage than Haswell? So surely you would have no clue how it could handle 2v unless hearing from people who deal with Skylake + LN2 a lot such as the OCN threads that @Lays frequents on but you don't..
  7. 3 threads all surrounding things that could of been answered in 1. Stop shitposting/over using threads.
  8. *sigh* when people try to be smart. They both accomplish the same thing in different ways.
  9. I know it isn't but in very basic terms, it can be considered similar.
  10. The current boards that are out are far too expensive because it is new and companies can charge shit loads for new. You wasted far too much money on that board. AND GOD, WHY DDR4?!?!?!?!
  11. I don't see your point about the modules. The i7 is a similar technology, it is not a con.
  12. DDR4 is a stupid upgrade, the MSI board cost double what it should and Skylake isn't really worth the extra money at the moment. It isn't Skylake I am annoyed about, it's the £170 board and DDR4 i'm really annoyed about. When I said "better" I meant better price to performance as I was rushing out the door for college.