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  1. Big Thank you @minibois For Main Power, you need Momentary Switch @rbrooks007 We appreciate the orders guys, they keep the lights on.
  2. Hi

    I want the jet fighter switch on my desk build but cant find in UK.can you ship it UK and if so how much please. It looks awesome...

  3. 1st ever LCD reservoir? maybe?



    1. TVwazhere


      I didnt know Corsair had the RGB fittings too. Nice!

  4. The loop would fill at same rate, regardless if you fill it through a reservoir or any other component. The primarily benefits of using a Reservoir? 1. They can provide air bleed hole, which makes bleeding air from your loop easier. 2. Allows you to visually monitor level, current state and condition of the fluid. 3. Can provide drain hole at bottom. Otherwise, a reservoir isn't a necessity in a loop.
  5. Wow, great case for $50 SHIPPED!!!!



  6. Great build! Love the layout and detailing.
  7. We may have found our "new" favorite SFF case,




  8. By request, I've made DIY Guide to Installing LCD Touchscreen in your PC case! 



  9. My 1st official 3D print, 15 hours to print, and will be doing ABS next, it's Samurai gang design for Cyberpunk 2077


  10. @Skiiwee29 Ive created voucher discount code for anyone you refer to Mnpctech, they simply enter LTTSkiiwee29 at checkout for 15% OFF, that way we can track your referrals, Thanks again for your support!
  11. Mnpctech & CD Projekt Red
  12. Use code MNFAN at checkout, so you get discount if you order the mesh from Mnpctech. Thank you TVwazhere, I would like to spend more time in the forums, but 2019 has been overwhelming busy, but in the best way imaginable. So many new client projects in the works atm, https://mnpctech.com/promote-game-release-gaming-computer-pc-giveaway.html