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  1. Well, That failed miserably. D:
  2. Most mods you listed, i will be implementing, i will be also putting on new case feet, better vent. and handles.
  3. Yeah, but he's an active member on this forum and i've seen him help out some peeps on here.
  4. I will be modding my cougar spike soon and I will be getting parts from MnPCTech, Any Suggestions? P.s. Would like a little help from bill.
  5. Do not criticize the great Linus or your PC will explode. <_<
  6. 1 more month til' I build my rig, I'm So Excited! :D

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    2. DarkBlade2117


      Wait the ones currently on your profile page? I guessing you are waiting to see what the GTX 950 has to offer before you buy eveything.?

    3. JoeBTN



    4. DarkBlade2117


      Sweet man hope you have fun. I'm build mine when ever I can get get $1400. $400 saved. Hopefully my grandparents will set me up,on my Bday and Christams ( combined gift so I can one bigger one ) with a new chair. I can't stand the leather one I have now and I love mesh chairs. Also getting a nice desk from ikea for like $80 ( buying a do-it-yourself Kindda thing where you buy the table top and all the legs separately.