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  1. atrash

    Are romer-g switches similar to membrane

    I'm using Brown switches too but with two o rings on one keycap. still not quite up to my liking but the key travel distance is much better now. I still prefer scissors switch of the macbook retina keyboard tbh or even Logitech K810. O-rings are really cheap to get. Plenty of them from AliExpress.
  2. Water and dust proof? How long is the official software support? (you know being android and all..)
  3. eitherway, they've done some shady things in the past so... http://www.androidpolice.com/2017/10/10/never-settle-oneplus-found-collecting-personally-identifiable-analytics-data-phone-owners/
  4. that's the price you gotta pay for wanting a high end spec phone with 'affordable' price I guess :shrugs: ... I was never a fan of Oneplus or any Chinese brand phone for that matter anyway.
  5. So I found an old phone in my drawer, that used to belong to my brother. https://www.gsmarena.com/lg_optimus_g_e975-4941.php Except for the scuffs,wear and tear on the bodyshell, everything seems to be working perfectly fine. Since I already have an iphone myself and have not much experience using an android, I was wondering what I can do with this phone? I was thinking of using it as gps for my bike. It comes with Android 4.4.2 btw. Any ideas would be appreciated
  6. atrash

    What to do with this phone?

    I already have an iPad for that. I agree it's not too bad of a device looking at specs wise that's what A-GPS is right iinm? i have absolutely no clue of where or how to start with rooting. mind pointing me out where to look for them? I can always get it plugged it or use a powerbank. Here Maps is a nice idea. but will the gps work without a network tho?
  7. perhaps you could take a hint at what LTT is? Linus TECH Tips... and it's doesn't matter if it's a cheap or expensive publicity. It's still a publicity. and if you thought Renault did it just to save money, you must be pretty naive.
  8. If any of you have a Mac and iPhone, go install the app 'CoconutBattery' and check your phone's battery life/charge cycle counts. I know my 6S was almost @ 600 charge cycle with 78% full charge capacity before I had it replaced. then you can run whatever benchmark you want and see if the score correlates to the battery degradation. Battery shouldn't be expected to last according to length of time but on its charge cycle which Apple says is 500 or below 80% before it should be replaced.
  9. atrash

    Hamburger Neutrality

    what movie is that? looks interesting and my kind of movie
  10. maybe because the Plus have an extra gig of ram probably. I still like the phone but the frequent app reloading can be infuriating
  11. yeah that was my experience too. i even did a fresh format of the phone afterwards and it feels much slower than before. 3D touch app switching feels sluggish, apps need to reload all the time. I have minimal app usge bsides Twitter, Discord and Whatsapp. are you on the latest 11.2.1 btw?
  12. My 6S battery was just below the 80% charge capacity with almost 600 charge cycle before I replaced it with new battery 2 months ago. Weirdly enough i never had any slow down issue back then until only recently when they've been pushing out so many updates lately
  13. as long as it outputs 5V and the same or less amperage, you should be fine.
  14. atrash

    Bricked iMac Pro requires a 2nd Mac to restore

    all that expensive hardware and you picked an average bronze PSU lmao. keep digging mate...
  15. atrash

    Xbox or PlayStation and why?

    how old are you and your friends again? who argues about which consoles is better anymore nowadays
  16. considering how heat naturally rises, wouldn't placing the radiator horizontally will make it dissipate heat better? and probably less pump pressure needed since the water doesn't have to go up and down and up again into a vertically mounted radiator?
  17. atrash

    Samsung Galaxy S6 *may* receive Android Oreo

    Went through so much questions just to ask if their phone will (finally) get an update or not... Glad I'm not in that camp ;P
  18. I'm looking to get a new laptop for my sister for her art college and I want it to have great+accurate display, decently long battery life, good built that can last 2-4 years, and OK after sales support for a tech noob. Also if it can play light games at medium settings that would be a plus. I don't think she needs touch screen as she already has her Wacom tablet. I'm open to either Windows or MacOS but trying to stick with budget less than $2000. the less the better Maybe find a great deal somewhere (not dodgy) Pricing and stock is US based so that should make it easier. I appreciate the help. Feel free to ask me anything. Edit: forgot to add, 16gb of ram is needed too and not sure if i7 quad core is truly important for her drawing software
  19. atrash

    Will an i5 2500k bottleneck an rx 580??

    I can play forza 7 at 4k but not at constant 60fps but will dip to 45fps min. Haven't tried other games tho as that's what I play mostly. So does it mean if the utilisation is below 80%, there's no bottleneck or vice versa?
  20. atrash

    Will an i5 2500k bottleneck an rx 580??

    I have the same question too. mine can be OC up to 4.8ghz with no problem. If I play at 4K using gtx 1060, will the bottleneck be less of a concern? I play mainly Forza 7
  21. as long as it is not stupidly heavy like a desktop replacement. I tried configuring it. Battery seems weak at just 36Whr tho. Thanks. I'm also looking at the last gen Macbook Pro as I'm using a RMBP(late 2013 model) myself.
  22. Good guy EA for refusing to make more money for themselves by doing this.. /s
  23. atrash

    Microsoft Wallet rebranded as Microsoft Pay

    Alipay by Aliexpress and probably few more chinese thrid party online payment platform we've never heard off
  24. atrash

    Is a 1060 Amp! worth it?

    I have the 1060 AMP. it's really silent (fans rarely spin) and cools well (below 72c with about 30% fan speed under load. Can easily play Forza 7 at 4K ultra @ 50fps
  25. atrash

    iOS 11.1 autocorrects "i" to "A?"

    Guess you're not looking hard enough or you're just blinded by your hatred. I could list down all the upgrades the 6S had over 6 but then you're just going to ignore them or say something trivial to undermine them like you're already doing right now. You could start by reading the reviews for once. Also, you're derailing the thread.