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  1. yea there is ventilation. i dont have the cooler yetm i was planning on getting it with birthday money
  2. Basicly This Thread but with the smaller Radiator of the X52 instead of the X62. For reference he are some pictures of my PC(The tigress POP figure is for GPU sag)
  3. Just to many sure it isnt a problem with blender i would try reinstalling blender
  4. Basicly the title. He like blue is pretty much just going to play overwatch and forza and has 2k to spend on a PC https://pcpartpicker.com/user/Flameytail/saved/jK8kTW
  5. Redis is pretty good. i ran a personal game server on redis once.
  6. should i just go for the x62 from superbiiz or save my money and get a h100i instead of the x62 or the h115i
  7. interesting everybody saying the h100i not the h115i. i was just looking at the h115i because of this https://www.gamersnexus.net/guides/3144-the-best-liquid-coolers-for-cpus-2017-holiday-sales-guide
  8. i was biking i hit a bump and it flew out of my pocket bounced 10 feet into a puddle. the screens not cracked though, the LCD is completely h@cked
  9. so right now on superbiiz i can get a x62 for only $132 USD and the h115i is $139 https://www.superbiiz.com/detail.php?name=FAN-X6202 its the $15 off coupon Honestly i probably wont be able to get it because i broke my phone screen and aparently a new screen is more important than my 4 times the price computer melting
  10. Bassicly the title. personally i like the how the krakens look WAY more than how the H115i looks. i would prefer to spend less so should i get a x62 on sale on superbiiz or just get a h115i. the h115i had slightly better cooling. Im running a i7 7700k OC'd to 4.6Ghz, and i cant push till i get a replacemtne for my Cryorig h7. Getting a low end cooler on a (when i bought it) top of the line processor was a stupid decision. What has been your experiences with these coolers? ive heard the corsair ones often fail. But I whenever i read reviews, its generally the people wh
  11. I had the same thing.