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  1. The image will be either stretched or will have horizontal black bars, depending on your game settings The actual size should remain the same, though some hud elements may appear to be larger Idk if it is possible to reproduce it that way. Imagine, that you're watching a movie in 720p on your 1080p display, and there is poster with some text in it. You may find this text blurry and unreadable, while it would be clearly readable when watching the same movie in 1080p So, it all depends on the screen settings. Usually, in fullscreen mode the game in non-native resolution is stretched to fit the display size, not keeping the aspect ratio of actual image. In windowed mode original aspect ratio will be preserved. So it depends on the settings you choose.
  2. I'd go with that ips acer nitro model, which is 144hz 1440p panel and costs about $500. The colours are not perfect in this one, but in overall it's fine. You'd want to run any display at its native resolution. 1080p is blurry on 1440p screen. And yes, playing with black bars on the sides when using 21:9 display is pretty ok you'll get used to it. So, to summarize: if you get a monitor for work, get ultrawide and don't bother. If you're getting it for playing games - get 1080p 144hz version, and maybe look into that acer monitor above. P.S. don't forget to test it with deadpixelbuddy when you buy it.
  3. Yep, but you can't get them in Russia (in fact, you can, but the shipping is about $ 30), and I'm not really into those thick earpads. Anyways, I decided to finally use HM-5 earpads that I have and replace the cable (got some low-noise microphone cable, which I'm going to wire directly to the drivers). Thanks for your help!
  4. Thanks! About mods: I think, any t50 mod today is rekt by t60 model. But Imo it just costs too much (as other mods) for a headphones with such sound signature and drivers.
  5. Hi! It's been about 3-4 years since I bought my fostex headphones (tr50 mk3). And now their earpads are just falling apart Moreover, if you put them on a sheet of paper, there will be a dirty greasy mark, just like if you put a burger there. So, it's time to replace them. What are the best while easy to get options? I have a pair of HM-5 velour earpads, but the just don't work with these headphones. They are too large and just ruin the sound. I've hear that some of the Shure thin earpads can fit, but I can't find any info on that anymore. Thanks! P.S. getting new headphones is an option also.
  6. I was sort of hoping that the t60rp would fix the issues that t50p have. Going into higher grade stuff is too expensive for now. And I can't test both t60rp and he400i in my local stores.
  7. Hi! I've had my t50rp mk3 for several years. They had some repairs, pad replacements (velour hm-5), and yet the default ones appeal more to me. Is there anyone, who has upgraded from t50 to t60? Are they much different? I can't decide between those and he-400i now. Thanks
  8. I'm also looking 4 new iems actually. I've tested shure 215, but they sound really bad to me. The 425 are much better, though they are also a bit muddy. So I'm gonna stick right here and see what happens.
  9. Long story short: no. These cameras are designed to take photos and short videos on standalone basis. I'm not even talking about damn slow autofocus motors on $300-less lenses. Even with my old nikon D700 recording 15 minutes video makes it super hot. I'd suggest getting used logitech c920 or something like that, 'cause you will be compressing your video anyways. Just get better lighting for the spare money maybe? Idk
  10. Unfortunately, even if you will be able to use this cam with external software, dslr controller is not capable of working for such extensive period of time, it can result in overheating. Just get a proper webcam, nowadays they're a lot better than several years ago.
  11. Yeah 1080p 60hz should be fine. My desk is really narrow, so I seat quite close to it and 27" display is already too much. Thanks, I think this is the way to go.
  12. Hi, dear community! I've been looking for a monitor for multi-monitor setup (programming). I already have one 21" hp display with tn matrix, but I don't mind either keeping it or putting away. Currently I'm looking into getting 3 of Acer ET241Ybi and putting them in one line with vesa mount. This option looks perfect for now, because: 1) 24" for small desk 2) cheap 3) thin bezels 4) vesa mount So, are there any other good options? The max budget is about 500-600 $. Thanks!
  13. By the 2k I mean 1440p. And I don't use windows, btw.