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  1. @The Flying Sloth the 'big brother' looks like a killer in terms of both price and quality. I've had the ESI u22 xt from the same price range, which didn't impress me a lot and had a huge channel imbalance on the headphone monitor output. So I had to return it. From what you've mentioned above, looks like I'd better be getting something at ~$100 price point. I also like the quality of the Scarlet solo. And that feels like falling into the rabbit hole.
  2. I mean, it sounds junk to me, in comparison to what I can record right now with this common mic connected to the workstation synth. Namely, this interface sounds like it lacks highs, some resolution, the amp can't handle peaks and dynamics well. By saying that, I refer to this review. I totally agree with you that there are many factors that can make this interface sound bad. And I would've definitely checked it in the store before getting one, if only it was possible right now. I never get any audio equipment without testing it live.
  3. Eh, I have checked out a review of the UM2 and it sounds terrible, much worse than my moxf6 line input. Idk if I should look into something a bit more expensive, but with a reasonable sound quality.
  4. @The Flying Sloth, @kelvinhall05 thanks for the detailed discussion there. I'd like to note one more time that I already have some cheap dynamic mic. Even if it's not that great, it makes sense of buying some audio interface for the mic, which can suit my need at lower price. On the other hand, it's pretty difficult to place on a pantograph, since it has to be pointed directly at me (I have a dual monitor setup).
  5. Nah, 3.5 jack is definitely a bad idea in that case. I see that there are neewer kits on aliexpress, that do include an audio interface. But do they really worth it? I think that it's better not to cheap out on the interface.
  6. Hi, dear community! I've been taking advantage of voice communication in games, work and other related stuff for years by now. But I'm not fully okay with the quality of the setup I have. Namely, this is just a standard webcam stereo mic (built into the monitor), that works well enough. And it pick up just everything, even the sound of a tv in another room, not saying anything about my mechanical keyboard (not cherry blues). I already have some random dynamic mic, which is not that bad, but I don't have any audio interface to run it, except for my workstation synth. So, are there any options that I can benefit from? My goals are: Less is more: I don't wanna have extra equipment, if that's possible. In other words, a usb mic is prefered. This also ensures some better portability (i.e. using it with a macbook on the sofa). $150 max, since I can't justify spending more on a mic for mostly old games, that utilize something like source engine, which has poor voice quality anyways. Although, I'd like to remove all the background sounds and noise. No head-mounted mics, 'cause I will be getting a proper mic mount for it. Thanks in advance!
  7. Yeah, sure, but this is not a solution. I have to open it up multiple times a week, since I have to clean the filters (I have pets). Also, I don't care about these reviews much. I wanted to get an opinion from a real-world use case, some long-term stuff.
  8. Hi, dear community. As the title states, I have the define R4 case from fractal design (it's with me for about 5-6 years now). I've always had rattling and vibration issues (there's one hdd) with it, and from my research it all comes from the front panel part. Moreover, a couple month ago the locker of the front panel grill (see figure below) broke, so that it won't fix in place. Closing the front panel door in that case will result in amplified low frequency noise, wich is complemented by the rattling, described above. Figure: front panel grill won't lock in place. I will be replacing this locking mechanism with a magnetic one soon, though I'm too tired of this case so far. I was about to replace it with Define C TG, since I have a mATX board, but the prices are quite high right now. In addition, it should be very hard to sell this old case. Finally, the question is: what are the most solid options, according to my low noise, zero vibrations demands? Thanks!
  9. I've selected the Silicon Power P34A80, according to your recommendations and reviews online. I can't justify getting the 970 evo, but I would definitely have considered one if I was only struggling for performance and not storage at the same time. edit: copied wrong name, I mean the P34A80
  10. Thanks, that makes sense. I've already saw info on how bad the dram-less drives would be for me, this is why I decided to ask about it. Unfortunately, the sn750 is a bit out of the price range for me (in my country), but I think that I won't find anything reliable within my budget, so I'd probably extend it.
  11. Hi. I finally decided to get a 1tb ssd for work and some games. I don't game a lot, as well as I'm not interested in most AAA-like stuff, though I feel that getting 512gb is not worth it nowadays. As it comes to work, I do a lot of programming, which requires frequent rebuilds, and this is where I can benefit from the ssd. The process also requires writing/reading a lot of small files, which is very important for me. If the drive won't be capable of it, then there's no point for me in switching to an ssd. I already have one as a system drive (I was asking about it in this post), but I don't wanna leave anything sensible on it (like work projects and so on), and it's too small for keeping games on it. I don't feel like spending more than $150-200 on it. I have the asus rog strix b360-g mobo, which allows me to use both sata and pci-e types of ssd, but I'm leaning towards the m.2 ones. I've done some research, and I couldn't find any 'perfect' solution (these were the intel 660p, adata sx6000 pro, sata samsung 860 evo). I also have some concerns about heating - some ssd tests report operation 90 C temps (I have a closed define R4 case). What are the best options for my requirements? Thanks!
  12. Yeah, I was thinking of it, thankfully they are cheap today, so I can improve my workflow and load times.
  13. Yeah, thanks, I somehow forgot to add a crystal disk info results, but it says 'very good'. Will look into them again a bit later. As for the nvme drives - I have one in a laptop, but I can't really see that it is any faster. I think, I will just make a backup of all the data and give up for now.
  14. Sure it can, but it kinda sucks. The crystal disk info shows 'good' and 'very good' for my both drives, but it was the same when my previous hdd died. I would like to get something for work anyways, since build/test times are sow much better on the ssd.