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  1. @WoodenMarker this is max for both stress and has hit 80c during streaming
  2. @WoodenMarker thanks for the tagging advice :). just my wife streams on the PC so constant high temps worry me
  3. Getting up to 82C max with MCE on, but want to keep it cooler. I’m in the UK and am looking at up to £70 max.
  4. People are saying there are better coolers for the 8700k than the 33 esports. Why do people shy away from AIO? I have heard horror stories about them leaking and ruining systems?
  5. Thanks for the reply! The big Noctuas are 165mm, so just too big for the case
  6. Also, I want to avoid RAM clearance problems if possible. It’s a Z370 HD3 board with Vengeance 8gb sticks
  7. Hey everyone, new here!! Just a quick question. At the moment I have an Artic Freezer 7 pro on my 8700k, but it runs a little hotter than I would want it to, I looked at the Noctua NH15 but it’s JUST too big, my case is a N300 by coolermaster. what would you guys recommend, please go easy on me :D. cheers, James