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    i7 6500u
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    intergrated 520 graphics
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    1tb hdd
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    windows 10

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  1. there is 32x just it is only in the server space
  2. I would recommend the ASrock option
  3. thanks, the laptop has loads of USB 3 ports so I can adapt them to HDMI, but I was wondering if I would come up against a limit with the graphics card not being able to cope.
  4. ok, I would recommend getting a PS4 because of the better performance
  5. I would recommend waiting until 2020 for the PS5 and the XBOX two come out. then you can either get a PS4/XBOX at a lower price because the new one has come out. or buy the XBOX two/PS5
  6. hey guys at the moment I have a PC with a I5-4670K and a 660 TI, I am now upgrading to a laptop with a 3500U which comes with vega 8 graphics, I was wondering if it could drive all of those monitors (they are all 1080p). and if I could get away with running the laptop screen (1080p) on the Vega 8 graphics. thanks in advance Tom
  7. and if you need extra ports you can buy a cheap sata expansion card on amazon for under £25
  8. you can get a 250GB SSD for only £30 so pretty cheap.
  9. although if you would like better performance then go for a SSD