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  1. I just got an IPS ultrawide monitor and did the LCD test and noticed it has one visible dead pixel which I can ignore.However, I noticed when I move my head across the monitor I think I can see tiny black pixels. Tiny because they are much more smaller than that dead pixel. And I say I think because I am not sure if they are actually pixels or something up with my eyes.However, I asked someone else to do the same thing - move head around the monitor closely with a red/blue/green color (LCD test) up on the screen and they did report seeing it too.We also noticed if we move really close to the m
  2. Thank you. But does "native resolution" have any effect on this? Example: 1080p on a native 1080p 27 inch 1080p on a native 1440p 27 inch
  3. Thanks, the bit about PPI and pixels sizes makes sense. However in regard to the second point - In this example we are downscaling and not up-scaling right? So does this still hold true? My question earlier: Is there a difference in blurriness if you run 1080p on a native 1080p 27inch /30inch over running 1080p on a native 1440p 27inch/30inch ?
  4. Got it. Now I wonder how does "nativeness" influence sharpness/blurriness when viewing on the same resolution and same display size? Just wondering if you know the technical details out of curiosity ? Also, thanks for the tips
  5. Okay so running 1080p on a native 1080p monitor is always more sharper than running 1080p on a native 2k or 1440p monitor regardless of the display/monitor size right? How does setting the scaling matter here? Can I change the setting to make things less blurry?
  6. I have read that if you use a lower resolution on a larger screen there can be blurriness or low image quality as less pixels are spread over a screen. So as you go above 24 inch it is recommended you have higher resolutions than 1080p. Is there a difference in blurriness on a native 1080p 27inch /30inch over running 1080p on a native 1440p 27inch/30inch ?
  7. Thank you for the info! It will come in handy later when I am selecting a monitor but now I am just trying to understand certain things. So I am still looking for answers to the following questions if possible? I know maybe you skipped it because it is basic but I am new to this. [Let's for example take a 24 inch 16:9 and a 30 inch 21:9 display which have almost the same height - http://www.displaywars.com/24-inch-16x9-vs-30-inch-21x9 Let's say the 16:9 is running 1080p natively and the 21:9 is running 2560×1440. ] What would be the effect of dropping
  8. Hello everyone, I am looking for some help here. This is a bit long but I hope it makes sense. I have decided to upgrade my viewing experience from a 15 inch laptop screen to a monitor. It has a GTX 1070 and a 1080p 60hz screen. CPU is Intel Core i7-HQ6700. I initially thought of getting a 24 inch screen but then started considering larger screens. I mostly play CSGO and Rust along with a bunch of different games in RPG, strategy etc. at times. The heads in CSGO are so tiny on my laptop screen In CSGO I only get about 100-130 FPS and in Rust 60 FPS on medium settin
  9. Thank you @Daniel644. That makes sense and the website is very useful. ? I understand this better but have more questions in my journey to getting a new monitor. I will post a new topic for the other questions.
  10. So I read that a 27 inch monitor might look smaller than a 24 inch monitor due to the aspect ratio due to the smaller vertical length / height. i have been trying to understand this for a while now. Done a lot of reading and watching videos but I am still confused. This might be silly but am not great at math. I think the height of a 24 inch 16:9 monitor is more than one of a 27 inch 21:9. So, is the height of a 27 inch 21:9 monitor less than the height of a 29 inch 21:9 monitor? Or are they the same? What about the height of a 27 inch 16:9 monitor?
  11. Congratulations guys! A lot more numbers to come I would love to win the Razer Blade! Even though the stealth would be lighter and much easier to carry around I don't see myself getting a razer core soon. That being said the the stealth in itself is amazing! I would love to use the Razer Blade for gaming, entertainment , editing and general entertainment! An I7, GTX 1060, 16 GB RAM, 1080p screen and 1 TB SSD! Wow , that is one hell of a config! I This would be perfect for an amazing gaming experience. It will finally let me play all the games that I have been checkin
  12. An amazing phone from what I have seen and read ! For all of you that did not know , there is an opportunity to win it right here in the forums:
  13. My thoughts on the ZTE Axon 7 : A feature rich and premium phone at a very good competitive price! I love the cameras ,the 8 megapixel one in the front is pretty sharp and clear from what I have seen and will help satisfy my selfie needs. The one mega 20 pixel camera at the back looks superb in its quality but add to that the feature to refocus your images after taking them and you get a very good portable camera in your pocket. The awesome front dual speakers with Hi-Fi audio and Dolby ATMOS surround sound are a welcome addition for when I want to wa
  14. This is just sweet! I would love me some 1080 and Gfuel to game mad, crazy mad