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  1. Just now, Hari S said:

    how is it

    it's great in my opinion, best specs for the price, but OP is getting some price creep that i don't quite like. 


    it's quick and as someone who doesn't mind flashing the OS, I normally flash Cyanogenmod/Lineage on my OP phones. 

  2. So, here's my idea. 


    Microsoft has announced an LTE surface pro.

    I have a surface pro 4 that i've had about 2 years now. 


    so here's what I want to do, and help me brain storm this.


    I want to install windows 10, android Oreo, Mac OS, and a Linux Disto. all on individual 128GB Micro SD cards. 

    booting each on my surface pro 4, via the SD slot.

    I would use the internal storage as communal storage between them all, formated in EXFat for a universal file system between the OSs.


    I would use a USB to install all of these OSs onto the micro SD. 


    Remix OS seems to be x86/x64 bootable

    and all other listed OSs are obviously x86/x64 compatible. 


    thoughts? foreseen issues?

     do you think android could use the LTE feature of the new surface pro?

  3. 2 minutes ago, WhyAlwaysMe said:

    Yesterday I installed Windows 10 on my computer. I installed AMD overdrive because my graphics card fan was driving me crazy.  After I installed it, I can no longer boot into windows without an error. I tried entering windows with safe mode, but when I attempted to uninstall this message popped up; 'The Windows Installer Service could not be accessed. This can occur if the Windows Installer is not correctly installed. Contact your support personnel for assistance.' Anyone know what to do?

    i'd just reinstall win10. it's AMD OverDrive that is causing the problem. if you can't uninstall in safe mode i'd try to gut the files that AOD uses, then try to uninstall in normal mode. 


    if that fails, just reinstall Win10, it's a fresh install anyway, so you aren't losing much.

  4. 7 minutes ago, dizmo said:

    No, they just dont load any faster than a SATA drive.

    M.2 is a form factor, it has nothing to do with speed.

    while m.2 is a form factor, the 960 m.2 is a PCI-e NVMe drive, and it's a butt-load (as in a whole wine barrel) faster to load anything from. 

    show me a review where games load slower on ANY m.2 drive vs a comparable SSD.

  5. 1 minute ago, dizmo said:


    Really? I'd love to see some reviews on that, because every single review I've seen has shown the opposite.


    shown the opposite? like games load slower? like boot times are slower on an m.2 vs an SSD? like the m.2 takes up an SSD's SATA port?

    what reviews are you talking about?

  6. 4 minutes ago, Ebaberin said:

    So, I took the rubber protection thing out and there's this other piece of metal thing stuck on it. I couldn't find anything online about this but I believe it's not supposed to be there.

    Any ideas on how to get it out?


    looks like a regular jumper pin. i'd leave it alone if it isn't hurting anything. 

  7. 3 minutes ago, Scooby622 said:

    thats interesting because they say on their website that it supports up to 3200 plus oc

    http://www.asrock.com/mb/AMD/AB350 Pro4/

    so did you try to manually adjust the clock speed in the UEFI? 


    it says OC (overclock), so the board will not accept the speed automatically, you need to manually set it. and it's DDR (doubleDataRate) so if you measure it with software tools it might read as 1600MHz instead of 3200MHz

  8. 1 minute ago, dizmo said:

    Nice build. Are you buying now? What's your budget? If you stretch it a bit you can get a 1700x, they're on sale with a really nice discount right now. There's also an X370 motherboard on sale for $99, and if the US has the same deal as Canada, you can take another $20 off an order of $200 or more. Making the 1700x only $259.99. I'd also get a better cooler, the 212 Evo isn't really that great.

    NVME speeds are useless to 98% of users.

    dat boot time doe.


    while most people don't see a difference when browsing the internet, you will see a huge difference if games are loaded on it, and boot time is quicker than my POST time in my case. it also frees up SATA ports

  9. as much as this hurts:


    start from scratch, pull GPUs out, insert cheap GPU for an easy boot.

    place stock coolers back on GPUs, 

    insert (1) one 1080 into the top slot, check if it boots, then insert the same 1080 into the bottom slot to make sure your PCI-e slots are functioning properly.  

    if the 1080 doesn't display, then try with the other 1080. if neither work use a cheap GPU. 


    if both 1080s will work in both slots, then re-apply water-block and attempt each GPU one at a time, post results. 

  10. 2 minutes ago, ✪ Kavinsky said:

    Hello muchachos, 

     i am upgrading from gtx 750ti to 1080ti lol and i am not sure if my Corsair VS 550 watt will be okay even tho 600 watt is recommended .


    P.S: Is i5 7600k a big  bottleneck with 1080ti??


    greetings from a tech noob

    the CPU won't bottleneck the GPU it's fine. 


    as for power, i normally suggest a 750W, because it will last for years down the line, and many builds later, for not that much more up front.

    but a 550w should work.

  11. i bought my used (used once) for 350 USD, and it seems to be worth it if you have a gtx 1070+ or 980SLI it seems to work fine on both of my setups.


    it's kind of like it's own gaming console to be honest. it has it's own store and such. 

    in my first hand experience, the store has plenty of games. but if you logged 2000hrs you could play them all.  

  12. 1 minute ago, Howitz said:

    both are wired, i have 2 audio jack on my computer, one on the front and one one the IO, i would like to know if it's possible to play it on both audiojack rather than needing a little splitter thingy

    well, you can probably find some audio bridging software, but a Y splitter is only like $5 or less. 

  13. 5 minutes ago, Jurrunio said:

    You can put any 6th and 7th gen CPU on there, even unlocked ones (though you cant overclock).


    Your RAM is fine. DDR3 runs at a higher voltage than DDR3L, but many mobo manufacturers use independent memory controllers for DDR3 support anyway so it doesnt matter.

    are you sure you can put a 7th gen CPU in that socket? intel has a thing about macthing chipsets to CPU generations.

  14. 15 minutes ago, alexacojar said:

    Hello, im new here <3


    So im looking to upgrade my CPU, and i was wondering if i need to change my RAM too, for example, im lookin at a i7-6700 6th gen, it matches my motherboard in every way, BUT it says it supports DDR4-1866/2133, DDR3L-1333/1600 @ 1.35V only, wich i dont have, so would i need to change my ram in order to be able to use the CPU at its max capabilities? Would there be any trouble if i installed this i7 with the same RAM i have? Thanks.





    Honestly, i wouldn't say much in the rig is worth upgrading, other than your GPU. the motherboard will only support either DDR3 or DDR4, not both, so you can't just upgrade to the newer RAM generation. it's probably worth if to populate your RAM slots fully instead. 


    your CPU could be upgraded to the 6700, and you could upgrade to 4x4 or 4x8GB RAM sticks. (in DDR3)


    again, if you're trying to get more game out of it, just get a better GPU. 

    if you want more multitasking, grab a 6700 and some moar RAM.


  15. 17 minutes ago, e46 said:

    I wanna get dual nvidia founders edition 1070 on this motherboardhttps://pcpartpicker.com/product/Tswqqs/msi-x299-xpower-gaming-ac-eatx-lga2066-motherboard-x299-xpower-gaming-ac.   And I don't know what size of sli bridge I should buy

    nearly all board that support SLI will come with a bridge. it won't be fancy looking, but it will work, and be the proper distance for the board. 


    if you have the budget for it, it's normally better to go with a better single card rather than SLI. SLI is normally used when you can find a similar card a few years down the road on the cheaps to extend the life of the rig, or when going all-out and buying 2 or 3 of the newest and best card. (I bought 2x GTX980s when they were brand new.) 

  16. 1 minute ago, Abyss Gaming said:


    damn. IDK man. i'd try looking in other places in your bios like power saving on/off and try to turn XMP off and manually do it if you can, or keep trying the best profile it shows you. 


    at this point i'm not 100% on what the problem can be.