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  1. I can go closer to $250 - $300 total for the router and switch but was unsure if I needed to. If you were working with this budget, which router / switch would you recommend? My area's max internet is 400Mbps, but I'm at the 200Mbps rate at the moment.
  2. Hello! I am doing a home rennovation which is allowing me the opportunity to add ethernet drops and wireless access points throughout my house. I'm looking to see if I'm misunderstanding anything or if there are better products for my needs. I have not purchased anything for this project yet, but have included some links below. 2 WAPs means a wired router without WIFI is fine The switch has 16 ports, so 1 going to the modem leaves 15 to be used on the patch panel A 24 port patch panel so that if I wanted to expand or maybe add speakers I could do so Mod