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  1. Is it worth buying it around 400-480€ euros or should I wait for black friday, etc.?
  2. Be Quiet! Straight Power 11 550W 80+ Gold
  3. Mobo msi mag b550 tomahawk Cpu R7 3700x Ram G.Skill Trident Z 16GB Air cooler DRP4
  4. I only see dsp versions here in my country and when I see oem, it has esp with it. Is it good for my normal pc (gaming and streaming), not for workshop? And I didn't see any product key on the characteristics of the os, should i be worried?
  5. I'm planning to stick with gtx 1660 super instead of rtx 2060 because its still pricey(might change of mind if they drop the price) and want to pair it with 144hz monitor but I'm not sure if it will run fine. I don't mind running it on 1080p but if it's possible to run it to 1440p or not that's fine to me. (Games: recent RE series, Shadow of tomb raider, Arma 3, R6 Siege, recent Need for Speed games, Genshin Impact). Cpu: R7 3700x Ram: G.Skill Trident Z 2x8gb Case: nzxt h510i Air Cooler: DRP4
  6. Dawon

    Is it safe?

    The bottom area that has the psu? Not that, if the mouse pad have static or not
  7. Dawon

    Is it safe?

    Im new into building pc and I'm not sure if it has static or not(the mouse pad)
  8. Dawon

    Is it safe?

    To put the pc case above my mouse pad? (mouse pad: corsair mm300 pro)
  9. Is gtx regular 1660 /super/ or ti version worth at 350-450€ euros? Because I'm seeing some shops online of this cards dropping a little bit(I know the msrp are lower than this, it's just its a bit hard for them to get to msrp price in this situation).
  10. As the title says, their gonna be both 80plus Gold and both 550watts. I'm not gonna oc much except my xmp for ram, and I will mostly do gaming sessions (streaming maybe) but not hardcore core games. My specs: NZXT H510i case G.Skill trident Z 16gb non rgb ram MSI mag b550 tomahawk mobo R7 3700x cpu Be quiet DRP4 air-cooler RTX 2060 non super gpu Samsung 870 Evo SSD sata 1tb Samsung 970 Evo Plus m2 NVMe 500gb
  11. HyperX Alloy Origins (HyperX Red) or HyperX Aqua or any other hyperX(almost below 100usd)?
  12. Yeah it is a bit expensive where I am, for like 50+€ euros
  13. Hello! I'm gonna do gaming sessions(mostly triple aaa games like Tomb Raider series, R6S but not hardcore ones like Cyberpunk etc.) and might do streaming or some other stuffs like music editing and I'm not sure if it's gonna be a good pair with a RTX 2060(can't go higher than that). I don't do rendering or 3D stuff and such but I might do in the future.
  14. Hi! Is it compatible the MSI MAG B550 Tomahawk motherboard with a Ryzen 7 3700x, and if yes do I have to flash bios/update the motherboard?
  15. Yeah the drp4, I found out some other guy had almost the same case as me but the nzxt h500(almost similar case as mine), his case max clearance is 165mm while the air cooler is 163mm(162.8) but maybe i will change case or buy other air cooler.