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  1. Asus Merlin is a great firmware that works on Asus routers. I'd buy whichever I could afford in their supported list. but that's personal preference. https://www.asuswrt-merlin.net/ any dumb unmanaged switch is fine.
  2. now you got me guessing about my 3080 TI, but i'm pretty sure my SFX PSU won't allow for a piggy back. EDIT: just checked it's not possible to piggyback on my current PSU.
  3. start sorting on newegg. they have some great filters. college students should not use Macs because some classes require windows only applications like Visual Studios or Solidworks.
  4. LOL wtf is this? i've never done this. i've always just used the piggyback for the 2nd plug. that's what it's for? I always thought the RM and CM series PSUs from corsair had a bad reputation. I remember a few of them being trash a decade or less ago. hell, my SF series PSU had a recall on it and it was fresh last summer. Check corsair for a recall maybe?
  5. it depends. are you building ATX or ITX? are you going for unicorn vomit RGB? are you water cooling? 3x140mm? 3x120mm? 2x120mm? 1x120mm? are you going to pick it up and move it often?
  6. ryzen CPUs like RAM above 3200, but don't go rush out to buy more RAM for a performance bump that isn't worth the cost, if you even notice it.
  7. the basic concept is there. I did this in my house with a 24 patch and a 48 port switch. 24 ports for rack equipment 24 ports for 24 patchs from my rack to my wall, from my wall to my attic, from my attic to where ever in the house. biggest thing is get a router that doesn't suck. maybe one that supports Duel ISPs, or Link redundancy to your switch for more throughput, since your switch and router are only 1Gbps. I understand you're doing this on a budget though. I hope you're good at terminating RJ45s. I went shielded Cat6A and the keystones w
  8. i've seen a lot of RAM die early to frequent power surges/outages/blips if this happens often(more than once a month) you should buy a UPS and put your machine on a that UPS so you can shut it down gracefully when the power dies.
  9. your experience seems to be one filled with growing pains. android auto works much better now than ever before. USB disconnect issues are nearly always the cable, sometimes they're the cable in the back of the unit. my wife's unit doesn't support android 11 very well, i will admit that. it doesn't like the OS integration and she uses android 9, and it works fine, save that Spotify doesn't work well with her unit. it's specifically spotify. i've never had any issues with bluetooth in a car. like ever. IDK what you're talking about. I just don't see how a 2 spare phone setup
  10. https://jeepcables.com/xj-double-din-radio-install-kit-97-01/ this is a doubleDIN frame for your jeep. android auto is simply click yes to confirm and go. android 10+ should have it baked into the OS now with no need to download the app anymore. the setup is pretty effortless. all of the android head units are super Chinese blocks. setup and keeping them stable is a monster. I have one in my car. my wife has an alpine. Here is one that supports a SIM for 4G. https://www.amazon.com/JOYING-Android-Touchscreen-Bluetooth-Receiver/dp/B08JQ8MRMX/ref=pd_di_sccai_6/139-555279
  11. i feel like a standard double DIN headunit replacement that supports android auto would do you a lot of good. get a DIN adapter for your car and rip out the old stereo, then replace it with a new aftermarket unit. a lot of them support a dashcam input and a rear cam too. it's a massive modernization for an old car. what model car do you have?
  12. This isn't all of the 3000 series. it's just the 3090. because of the VRAMs on the back side.
  13. he's probably ESL so, i'm giving him a pass on grammar. OP, if you just got an intel 9400f i'd just hold on to it for a while. I think it's fine for gaming. maybe not for video editing though. i don't know what kind of workload you edit, so only upgrade if it's frustrating to compile/render. if you're willing to spend the money you can get an x570 motherboard and slot an AMD 2600 or 3600 in it until you can afford a better 3000 or 5000 series. or hold off even longer and save up for the next AMD generation. (it just keeps getting better)
  14. My 3080 Ti is run off of a 750w (Corsair SF750) I'd bet your 3070 ti would be fine on a 750W too, even though your CPU is power power hungry than my 5600X.
  15. they won't care. just box it back up, bring the receipt back, and ask for a replacement. tell them you updated the BIOS and still haven't had any luck. or you can tell them it was DOA, and ask if they can test it. if they refuse to test it, ask for a refund or replacement.
  16. if you updated it in june you went to F34, anything past F30 should support that CPU. maybe try to return the CPU and get a replacement?
  17. did the BIOS update notes list "added support for 5000 series" ? if not update the BIOS again. read the patch notes.
  18. This! there is an old saying that goes "if it isn't broke, don't fix it!" especially if you haven't updated firmwares before. read the patch notes. if they apply to you, then update. if the patch notes don't fix an issue that you have, leave it be.
  19. I use the 5600X with the stealth cooler and at idle it's cool(60ish), but under load it reaches 85C+ I run a SFF, so case fans don't apply to me. what are your temps at idle? 80C? Thermal paste does go bad after a while even if it's been in a tube, the seal isn't perfect. how old is the paste? if it's a few years i would get new paste. eiher way, if it's not over 90C+ you're fine. it's not going to hurt the CPU, just maybe begin to thermal throttle. if you're worried about it, get a better CPU cooler.
  20. it's been that way for decades now. plus, the centered taskbar is a massive turn off for me. and it's a mostly cosmetic upgrade. so i'm think it's going to be like Vista or 8.
  21. seabrent rockets seem pretty good, or so i hear.
  22. every other version of windows sucks. just use windows 10 until 12 comes out.
  23. if money isn't an issue get max Capacity, at the highest speed, with as many sticks as you can. if money is an issue just get two higher speed sticks in the capacity you want.