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    Being a Student


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    Intel Core i5 3570K
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    ASrock Z77 Extreme3
  • RAM
    Crucial Ballistix Tactical 8GB
  • GPU
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    NZXT Tempest 210
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    Seagate 2TB
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    Corsair 500W 80+ Bronze
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    Acer 21.5
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    Evo 212
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    CoolerMaster Stealth w/ Cherry MX Brown
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    Zowie FK1
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    HyperX Cloud 1.0
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    Windows 10

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  1. TheRuke

    Replacing Hard Drive

    Hey guys, I don't know a lot about storage but I was wondering if I could replace my Hard Drive by cloning it even though it is in this configuration. Certain things are directed to my HDD and other things like the OS are held on my SSD. Im afraid if I clone the HDD it won't interact with the SSD correctly. Is this a non issue?
  2. TheRuke

    What are your recommended headphones for csgo?

    I use HyperX Clouds. They're great!
  3. TheRuke

    Fan Upgrade Help please

    I personally like the plain Corsair fans. They're pretty quiet, they looks very nice, and they move a lot of air.
  4. TheRuke

    How to enable LAN Port?

    I want to play the Black Ops 3 Beta and I got a connection error. I read that you can fix it by enabling the LAN port. How does one do that? Thanks.
  5. TheRuke

    Poor Dennis :(

  6. TheRuke

    Moving OS from HDD to new SSD

    fak I just did a clean install a month ago. I didnt think I would get an SSD so soon.
  7. Hi, I just got my first SSD and I'm wondering how I can move just my OS to the SSD and keep my HDD as storage. Thanks!
  8. TheRuke

    Extra Mouse Buttons: Gimmicky or Useful?

    You're right, more options isn't bad but it might be hindering you from aiming better. Better aim and Gamesense/awarness can easily carry you out of MG. Idk how your setup is more accurate when I can just as easily move around and quickswitch when AWPing. Maybe the notches or my scrollwheel are deeper but it's really easy to switch between weapons for me.
  9. TheRuke

    Extra Mouse Buttons: Gimmicky or Useful?

    Scroll Wheel to switch? You should also be able to hit 1 and 2 with your ring finger while still depressing your "W" key for forward if you don't use Scroll wheel. You need to learn when it's safe to change and not. Getting caught with the wrong weapon out is just careless. I guess the Crouch thing is preference but you could just as easily do that with a keyboard.
  10. TheRuke

    Extra Mouse Buttons: Gimmicky or Useful?

    Ingame options only allow for one command per button. You can make more advanced binds with Third Party software. It's easier to make changes to your binds too.
  11. TheRuke

    Extra Mouse Buttons: Gimmicky or Useful?

    That's why I'm asking for your imput! What kind of binds do you have for productivity? I've recently tried AutoHotKey which has the option to automatically change things you type so that helps me write some things faster but I don't use anything mouse related for productivity.
  12. TheRuke

    Extra Mouse Buttons: Gimmicky or Useful?

    I use my Scroll Wheel click to push to talk and I don't consider it an extra button because it is standard with every mouse.
  13. Do you think extra mouse buttons on mice are useful or distracting? I play Counter-Strike a lot and it requires precise aim and concentration so I like to stick with a basic setup on my mouse. I own a Zowie FK1 which has 2 extra buttons on the side that can be programmed through a third party application such as AutoHotKey but I only use the left click, right click and the scroll-wheel. Anything that I can think of rebinding to my mouse, can be easily reached on my keyboard. Why shift my mouse hand and throw off my aim temporarily when I can just press the key on my keyboard? I don't play any MOBAs or RTSs but is that the target audience? From what little I've seen, Starcraft players have amazing keyboards and crazy APM and I don't think binds/scripts are even legal in LoL or DOTA 2. Thoughts?
  14. TheRuke

    My commputer is a light sleeper

    @Jiia you're a god. Thanks!