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    IL, United States
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    Mathematics, Computer Science, Hardware, Video games, and much more
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    From a household that didn't have computers when I was age 10 and younger.

    Lived in China for 6.5 years.

    Now at top 5 universities for Computer Science (and Mathematics). University of Illinois at Urbana-Champain.
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    Undergraduate Student


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    Intel i5 6600k
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    Asus Maximus VIII Hero
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    G.Skill Ripjaws 4 Series 8GB DDR4-3200 CL-16
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    Sapphire Radeon R9 Fury Tri-X
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    Phanteks Enthoo Pro M
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    Sandisk Extreme Pro 480GB
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    SeaSonic Snow Silent 750
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    BenQ XL2730Z QHD FreeSync
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    Cooler Master Seidon 240M
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    Varmilo VA87M (Cherry MX Brown)
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    Vengeance M95 Black
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    Oppo PM-3
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    Windows 10 Pro
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  1. My understanding is that CPU encoding simply outrivals NVENC, Quicksync, and VCE when it comes to streaming. This is due to the fact that twitch limits all streamers (aside from special cases) bitrate to 3,500, which GPU encoders handle very poorly. Youtube streaming does allow for a 10,000+ bitrate, but you'd need an upload plan to match,
  2. They must like the 16 core Zen parts AMD showed them
  3. I agree with the Air 740 looking bad. The angles/arc angles just aren't appealing to me. Now the 460x is something I could get down with.
  4. I would actually recommend an R9 Fury Sapphire Nitro R9 Fury Tri-X OC+ - $274.33 (315.91 + Debit Card + Opt. Free Rtrn + Shop15) It's faster than a 1060, but will use slightly more wattage. It's main draw (hehe, pun not intended) is it's 1440p performance and FreeSync capabilities.
  5. It's because AMD is delaying their enthusiast/high-end solution to late 2016/early 2017 The 980 launched in competition with the 290X
  6. They could be showing off Polaris, Vega, Zen, and Bristol Ridge. My assumption is that Vega and Zen would be the main NDA'd information while they are briefing the press on what to hype for Polaris and Bristol Ridge at Computex.
  7. Here are a couple facts... They used 3 minutes out of the 5 minutes of Boldguy's video. They also included 11 minutes of their own content.
  8. I vote either the new Cherry MX Speeds (Corsair limited exclusive) or Cherry MX Browns with o-rings.
  9. It will probably settle at $399 for most cards. You probably can get low quality heatsink and fan 1070 for $379 though.
  10. I think the new CPUs will perform like a 3770k or 4790k in games, but like an i7-4930K to 5960X in heavy, fully threaded workloads. It's really going to be a mixed bag during the reviews. It really needs to be priced well ($300-$500, no $600-$1,000 bull...) for it to be recommended. It's just that Intel will still have %5-%15 better gaming performance with an i5-7650k or an i7-7750k (Kaby Lake) and better fully threaded "professional" performance with an i7-6800K, i7-6900K, or even an i7-7850k (Skylake-E). There is also the AM4 platform that remains to be seen, in terms of fleshed
  11. But that isn't the expected performance level... It's supposed to perform like a 390x/980/Fury. It's also expected to be priced between $200-$300, about $100 less than the 1070. It could very well perform at 75% of the 1070 (probably closer to 85-90%, but the price dictates as such).
  12. Yeah. I'm talking about the heatsink and fan as it relates to the 1070.