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  1. There are two things you can actually do. If the ssd is your main drive in the system install a Windows 10 usb and boot into the flash drive and install the Windows version on the ssd. if you have more than one drive in your system with Windows on it, take out the ssd or unplug it, boot into Windows, open disk management and format as a new drive and select the letter for the drive
  2. Hello everyone! do last night I was on my computer as usual playing some csgo. After I was done I got a alert from hp assistant asking me to install a new version of their bios. It backed up my current bios and stuff. As soon as it was going to start, I got a blue screen of death. I don't know what it said. When I woke up my PC didn't start. I pressed the power button and two white flashes out of the keyboard caps lock went off. According to hp the bios is corrupted. Ok whatever so I got my emergency flash drive with a bios and plugged it in, put the laptop into a power outlet and pressed
  3. Yeah, i ran malawarebytes and it came right off. But still, what do I do about his MBR?
  4. This has not happened to me, but my friend. He got a bad virus when he downloaded a code generator for some reason. The virus told him that the master boot record got deleted, and when we checked C:/Windows System32 was missing. So now we know he can not restart his computer. What can he do to restore his MBR?
  5. Well, it still depends on the games? Are you going to play cpu intensive games like gta 5? Or are you going to play more gpu focused games? I would get the i7 if you can get a pretty good one. I would say go the i7 4790 or (k)
  6. So, what should I buy? It's a youtube machine that clearly needs no power. I already have the Power supply, and the Graphics card
  7. Really, for any games like that, any mouse would do. I currently use an amazon basic's mouse (7$). If you go to amazon, and search up mouse anyone with good build quality would do. Since you are not playing games like CS:Go professionally, you don't need much of a mouse
  8. and? I have tried windows xp, with an old version of chrome? It's not really shitty for the time. Intel/amd were starting to make dual core systems
  9. But I have tried other os. And it's just a youtube machine, not a gaming beast. All my brother does it watch youtube at 480p for some reason, even though his monitor 1440p.
  10. Can you please provide more information. What do you mean stream? From a powerful desktop to your laptop? Remotely? Also have you tried on other computers? If so which ones and what are their specs? If your using a service what s it? And is it compatible with OSX?
  11. Hello everyone! I have a question about my old desktop. It is that it crashes a lot. Like I am moving a file, freezes and crashes. This happens when the cpu reaches 100% for more than a few seconds. It has a celeron 450, 3gb of ram, gtx 770, and a evga bronze certified 500w power supply. This always happens. Also this is my little brother's pc, and all he does is watch youtube. He only has chrome and word apps. There are no background applications running, except the system. I have tried: Windows 7, Ubuntu, Windows 10, Windows xp, Lubuntu. It still happens. Cpu-Z tells me that the cpu at
  12. There is no limit, only the limit of the hard drive space. And for everyone having a psn account, it's not necessary but need one for online gaming.
  13. So this is weird and it has something to do with csgo just that game! Every time I play on competitive, I always get an error saying that I'm unable to maintain a steady connection or something is interfering with VAC. I then play tf2 and nothing is wrong. So why is this a problem for csgo? I always have to check the integrity of game cashe and it always installes the exact same direct x. I have no mid's or anything installed. Steam forums does not really help me. Thank you, by the way, I shut down all anti virus programs and stuff. Edit: I have a 7 day ban for this right now
  14. No, i don't. Sorry, but i'm in the minority who uses p2p for good.
  15. So, i have gotten ddos'd so many times while trying to seed. legal programs such as linux iso. But since I do not have a vpn, and your ip, gets shared, i am constantly under ddos attacks. People think they are funny, but really it is not. So any suggestions? I seed a lot on my old desktop.