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  1. I have three email address that are forwarded to one box. I do not have access to these email addresses (no login) since the emails are simply forwarded to my primary one. What i am trying to do it somehow make it so i can respond to particular emails as one of these forwarded addresses. I know that i can add additional email accounts through the mail app and then 'send from' but again these addresses are simply forwarded, they are not physical emails i can log in to. So this would not work i do not think. Any help?
  2. It looks like you are in the UK so i am not really sure how models and what not work there, or what kind of price range you are looking at. But without getting into why it is a horrible idea to buy "holiday sale" TVs (they are made to be sold at thay price its not a good deal), i will just start off by saying if you want the best OVERALL image quality with good motiom you should be looking at a Sony TV. The 900E is usually what i would reccomend to people looking for something semi-high end and inthe US you can find a 55" model at best buy for about 1000$ and it wont get going any lower that (at least not until the F series arrives around May. I could literally go on forever and list specs and whatever else but this post is already long enough. If you have questions about TVs please PM me.
  3. Would a 1ms versus 4ms really be noticable? I have read it can cause ghosting...
  4. Im looking spend no more than 700$. I have looking around an would prefer a TN panel for the lower response times. I do not do any editing or anything of that sort on my.computer but i do enjoyhaving good color quality and do sometimes watch movies on it. I will link my current monitor below. I am mainly looking for something that is going to have better color accuracy than it. I realize switching to an IPS monitor is where i would see the most gains but most of the gaming i do is competitve (csgo, overwatch). I have loved this monitor and the only think i have ever disliked about it is how crappy the colors look, i also have just been wanting something with a higher resolution. Here is my current monitor:https://www.bestbuy.com/site/asus-24-led-fhd-monitor-black/8767099.p?skuId=8767099&cmp=RMX&extStoreId=277&ref=212&loc=1&ksid=692450f4-3db5-4a21-997e-37d4ee120995&ksprof_id=8&ksaffcode=pg200209&ksdevice=m&lsft=ref:212,loc:2
  5. It's been about 5 or so hours since I uploaded it. And even if I was connected to wifi?
  6. Link: When I watched the video on my desktop it was 1080p60fps however on mobile it only goes to 480? I exported and edited using Adobe premiere. Any ideas? I am using a galaxy s8+, and connected to wifi. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=TMpJpYVpO8M
  7. I will check out these websites. Thank you.
  8. I am currently employed with Best Buy. I love Best Buy as a company and initially I LOVED working for them, I even was a Consultant Agent for Geek Squad for about two months. Long story short I had to transfer stores at the end of the summer (for school) and the management team at my new store has completely ruined my experience. Although I will be going back home soon and will probably seek back out another Geek Squad position at my old store, I need to find something locally to do until then. I have checked craigslist and indeed.com for positions and there really just is not many jobs to be had that are even somewhat related to my field of study (Information Systems at Kansas State University). Where do you guys look for jobs at? Any other suggestions of where I should job hunt?