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  1. I have three email address that are forwarded to one box. I do not have access to these email addresses (no login) since the emails are simply forwarded to my primary one. What i am trying to do it somehow make it so i can respond to particular emails as one of these forwarded addresses. I know that i can add additional email accounts through the mail app and then 'send from' but again these addresses are simply forwarded, they are not physical emails i can log in to. So this would not work i do not think. Any help?
  2. It looks like you are in the UK so i am not really sure how models and what not work there, or what kind of price range you are looking at. But without getting into why it is a horrible idea to buy "holiday sale" TVs (they are made to be sold at thay price its not a good deal), i will just start off by saying if you want the best OVERALL image quality with good motiom you should be looking at a Sony TV. The 900E is usually what i would reccomend to people looking for something semi-high end and inthe US you can find a 55" model at best buy for about 1000$ and it wont get going any lower that (
  3. Would a 1ms versus 4ms really be noticable? I have read it can cause ghosting...
  4. Im looking spend no more than 700$. I have looking around an would prefer a TN panel for the lower response times. I do not do any editing or anything of that sort on my.computer but i do enjoyhaving good color quality and do sometimes watch movies on it. I will link my current monitor below. I am mainly looking for something that is going to have better color accuracy than it. I realize switching to an IPS monitor is where i would see the most gains but most of the gaming i do is competitve (csgo, overwatch). I have loved this monitor and the only think i have ever disliked about it is how cr
  5. It's been about 5 or so hours since I uploaded it. And even if I was connected to wifi?
  6. Link: When I watched the video on my desktop it was 1080p60fps however on mobile it only goes to 480? I exported and edited using Adobe premiere. Any ideas? I am using a galaxy s8+, and connected to wifi. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=TMpJpYVpO8M
  7. I will check out these websites. Thank you.
  8. I am currently employed with Best Buy. I love Best Buy as a company and initially I LOVED working for them, I even was a Consultant Agent for Geek Squad for about two months. Long story short I had to transfer stores at the end of the summer (for school) and the management team at my new store has completely ruined my experience. Although I will be going back home soon and will probably seek back out another Geek Squad position at my old store, I need to find something locally to do until then. I have checked craigslist and indeed.com for positions and there really just is not many jobs to be