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  1. plug directly to the wall. 2apm is blazing fast recharging
  2. Gaming go for 7700k. Video editing, rendering, lots of multitasking, etc go for R7 1800X. Best cooler you can get Noctua NH-D15.
  3. I'd get a cheaper case and better components. All the mobos listed are consumer grades. No server grades. I would suggest you pick the one with the longest warranty. Asus prime Z270-A is alright. IX Hero is overkill for your needs. Try to get a more recent gpu (Pascal). GTX 1060 or 1070... A good 500 or 600 PSU from EVGA is more than enough.
  4. Try reinstalling without uninstalling. maybe you'll see a "fix" option. otherwise idk.
  5. Under LN2... Bc I have a liquid nitrogen tank chilling in my closet to watercool my pc. lol
  6. This gives me idea. I want RGB sata cables now. RGB thumb screws for my case panels also.
  7. I'm not a competitive gamer either so I prefer to play games at ultra settings (better visuals) at 60 fps rather than trying to get 144 with medium settings. V-sync does the job. You don't need G-sync. I have 3 x BenQ BL3200PT 32" 2560x1440. Resolution total 7680x1440 @ 60 fps
  8. You would be better with upgrading the GPU first. Sell the 960 for extra money and try to buy a 1070 or 1080. CPU upgrade later
  9. you can get a refurbished that works for $40. otherwise price on sale is around $60-70.
  10. you can remove it using a microfiber cleaning cloths with hot water. its not the ideal but better than old thermal paste. Just make sure there's no impurity before reapplying.