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    Intel Pentium 2117U
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    ASUS X550CA
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  1. My mother and I just spent about an hour configuring thunderbird to her needs, and she likes it. Thanks guys
  2. windows 10 mail is just terrible. i want a layout somewhat similar to the god tier vista windows mail i'll give thunderbird a try too because she's not with gmail I'll give them both a try, thanks
  3. Basically, my mom uses emails as main form of communication. She has been using Windows Mail on windows vista for years, (this:) but she has a new PC and thus needs a new email client. Do you have any recommendations on Email clients that have similar layouts and that will work on Windows 10? Thank you!
  4. I'm running windows 10, and for some reason, I can't use my pc properly anymore. >I can't load up skype >I can't load up nvidia control panel, it says nvidia share has stopped working >I can't load up the contorl panel >I can't load up steam >i cant load up malwarebytes all of this happened in one restart, randomly. my hardware: http://ca.pcpartpicker.com/user/ActuallyImJerome/saved/hsbYcf pls help edit: nvm, randomly started working again
  5. Is it safe to overclock a 1050ti that doesn't have 6 pin connector? It says on my gpu box that I can use EVGA precision oc, so I was wondering if it was safe to overclock.
  6. Forgot to say in the OP... my workspace is very limited. I need something that takes not too much space.
  7. i own a 1$ mousepad rn and its pure garbage
  8. Hello! I am looking to buy a mousepad that I will use for gaming. I want to spend as less money as possible. Are there any good, very cheap mousepads with a consistent surface? Note that I don't need 65billion colors rgb xxxgaming premium x mlg certified mousepads. Just something decent that will give me good feedback.
  9. aight, but do you have any HDD reccomendations for me?
  10. Hey, So I am looking to build a silent gaming build on a budget. Although, I want it to be as quiet as possible. I want to have a HDD, but I'm pretty scared WD Blue or SG Barracuda will be quite loud, so I want silent drives that will run fast enough for gaming. Will WD Purple be okay for gaming? Also please don't say wd green, I'm unable to buy one because the canadian stores are fucked up.
  11. STAY AWAY FROM SSDNOW SSDS!! It has performance issues. http://www.anandtech.com/show/7763/an-update-to-kingston-ssdnow-v300-a-switch-to-slower-micron-nand
  12. Just wondering... are those normal read/write speeds for a 750gb 5400rpm hdd? laptop. also I've tried doing a smart test, but I just can't manage how to get it to work.
  13. Go check attached file I just wanted to know if these are normal noises a HDD should do, considering it is 2.5 year old, as I'm kinda worried about it. hdd.m4a
  14. I currently have a little spot on my small af desk for my pc on the bottom, but I'll ask someone I know soon to make me a desk that will be pretty huge so that i can put everything on top of it.
  15. My laptop used to crash very often, I just removed the ram and put it back on, and it worked like a charm. try this.