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  1. Was about to say. Not really that medicine is extremely expensive, just that (in the US) they can get away with charging out the wazoo for things like Insulin (which, per vial, is something stupid like $5 to make but will be sold for hundreds).
  2. Make sure the suckers can't remove the damn thing even if they wanted to! Genius
  3. Might be worth logging with AMD, maybe they can send you a replacement cooler idk
  4. This is almost definitely a scam, has to be. Right? Also I went to their website at work... For anyone wondering, this is probably NSFW....
  5. Do it only if its the best price to performance - dont generalise on brands because its a constant tug of war when it comes to graphics products... check reviews! Always!
  6. Because people love pretty colours, like the explosion of the use of RGB in recent-ish times.
  7. shipping exists so i highly doubt it! although it would be a great excuse to just pop over there for a couple days.... or weeks.
  8. Hey guys, Trying to convert a .mov file to an .mp4, the file is about 2gb so using something like zamzar.com isnt an option (besides, its very likely a sketchshow anyway), we have pretty tight antivirus here so I want to make sure that when it inevitably does flag the software that it is at least vetted by you guys... Thanks!
  9. Saying that it is "up to x% faster" isn't technically incorrect. It could be pretty misleading especially because we want to read that as "it is 65% faster" instead.