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    intel i5-9600k
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    ASUS Strix z-390i
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    Corsair Vengeance DDR4 16GB
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    Steelseries G4me Zero (Black)
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  1. Hello there, I am trying to undervolt my CPU (i just want same performance but less heat, due to my smaller case and fan). How exactly do I undervolt in the Asus BIOS? I went into advanced mode and under AI Tweaker, but I am not sure what I am supposed to change. There is an option to change from auto to manual, adaptive, and some other option. I can't find any option that says "CPU Core voltage offset," or "CPU core voltage" that I can edit. it's just this one option that changes it from manual, adaptive and the other one. I was using Intel's Extreme Tuning Utility
  2. Yea. Max is usually 72. Haven't seen higher. Alright, just wanted to double check. Thanks!
  3. Hello there! So I have just built my new SFF computer. Here's a link to the pcpartpicker: https://pcpartpicker.com/user/analpowder/saved/tNFr7P If you can't click on the case link, here it is: https://www.louqe.com/ I want to know if these are good temps and if I should turn down the RPM when reaching my max temps to minimize noise. Basically, I am running the Noctua L12 with a 9600k (stock). However, due to this case's size, I can only have the 90-92mm fan. I am currently sitting at 38-39*C when idling, when I do some light stuff (chrome+discord+spotify,
  4. FIXED!!! Literally turning off the CPU Fan Error fixed it. I had to disable the BIOS from checking if it was on.
  5. I'll check it out. I'll check if there's a BBS order. I am running the Windows Boot Manager on my 1TB SSD, and it does say that it detects the Windows Boots Manager, and like previously mentioned is #1 in priority. I'll check that out.
  6. Windows Boot Manager is already #1 in boot priority. Hasn't solved it. I set my boot device in the UEFI ASUS BIOS to the forth mentioned Windows Boot Manager. I've tried all of these. With regards to settings, everything is just as it used to be. There is a CPU fan error, but that's due to my Corsair H100i GTX pump. It has always had that, but it would boot up just fine prior to the BIOS update. Is there a way to maybe disable that error, since that could be preventing the system from auto booting to Windows Boot Manager?
  7. Hello there! I decided to update my ASUS motherboard's BIOS to the latest non-beta version. I updated it through the BIOS (using a USB and the .cap file). After it updated, it did the normal thing of showing the American Megatrends screen. However, once I restarted the PC to turn it on like I usually would, I ended up at the American Megatrends screen... again. And again. And again. It would never got to the Windows loading screen (or boot up from the Windows Boot Manager, which is set to #1 priority on the boot menu). Now, everytime I wan
  8. Nah. The installer doesn't even open. Just a pop up with a message. Pretty sure it's related to that installation bug some people have mentioned on the Asus' forums. Thanks though.
  9. Hey there! I ran into a problem while installing the AI3 suite (Asus' fan xpert + other stuff utility). I looked up online for a solution, found out about the "ai3 cleaner.exe," however it seems like the link to download the file is ... dead. Anyone here have any idea how to uninstall (besides control panel), and reinstall ai3 suite? Mainly it'll help to get that cleaner.exe from Asus. Or if any of you magically have it ^.^/ Anyhow, thanks!
  10. Oh, yea. The ASUS motherboard I have has 3 options in the advanced menu for USB settings. There was the legacy which I kept on, the xhci hands-off, and the Intel 3.0 thing (which is called something else). I turned the last 2 off (disabled) and after I did that everything worked in safe mode. Then I went back to normal mode with those 2 still disabled and everything works just fine too. However, I am not sure if I should at least try to turn on the intel 3.0 usb thing since it might help USB 3.0 devices connected to those ports.
  11. No, I was using the blue 3.0. It works now. i am booted into Windows just fine. I am not sure if I should turn on the intel thing in the usb settings in the bios though.
  12. Yeah, booted into safe mode. Can't use mouse or keyboard to log in to safe mode desktop. Edit - I disabled the xhci hands off and the intel 3.0 usb thing inside the bios. I disabled both and kept the legacy option on. Both mouse and keyboard work just fine now. Entered into safe mode. Running scan now.
  13. Alright. Also, no, I don't have any other peripherals to try to work around it. It's just these 2 wired USB ones.