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  1. Vertical GPU Mount

    @Cyberspirit would depend on the GPU, a reference card MIGHT work but no guarantees there as bigger air coolers could interfere with this type of a solution.
  2. Vertical GPU Mount

    @Jrac86 we're looking at late March-early April.
  3. Where to Start

    @Majorpayne yep - fully compatible with our SE-Series. https://store.cablemod.com/compatibility/
  4. @jc_223 yes we do! You'll find our support for it on our configurator page. https://store.cablemod.com/configurator/
  5. @Bl00dgod build looks great! Thank you for your support!
  6. What RGBW light strip do your recomend?

    @trzasku the CableMod RGB-W were focused on PC lighting, however there's nothing stopping you from using them externally. Might need to use a little more imagination on how to properly route things though.
  7. CableMods Question

    @xovague you can check that with our support team - please email Support@CableMod.com for that.
  8. CableMods Question

    @xovague not sure if those would work honestly - haven't really tried anything outside of what we offer admittedly. Our cables are 18 AWG though.
  9. CableMods Question

    @xovague definitely check out the pro cable kits then - or if you need full customization and want to make your own kit, visit our configurator page where you can customize in much more detail. https://store.cablemod.com/configurator/
  10. CableMods Question

    @xovague if you're getting the ModFlex kit then go with the size A black combs PPCS makes, these ones here: http://www.performance-pcs.com/cablemod-cable-combs-4-28-slot-black.html Otherwise we don't sell the closed combs we make separately as they are a fit to the pro series kits only.
  11. CableMods Question

    @xovague Performance-PCs actually makes several colored comb options that you can check out here: http://www.performance-pcs.com/catalogsearch/result/?is_ajax=1&q=cablemod+cable+combs&wiremanagementtype=2457 I'm not too sure though if they would be compatible with 4mm thick cables though so you would want to check with their support team.
  12. @SebastianTimmy we don't offer 90 degree connectors yet but there are some available on PPCS. http://www.performance-pcs.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=90+degree+connector Otherwise the EVGA powerlink could be an option for you as well as others have mentioned.
  13. @Revan654 in the plans the entire time. Already available on Amazon, more stock should come this coming week. https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=cablemod+internal+usb+3.0 I believe next week the right angle SATA data cables will be available.
  14. CableMod cables do not fit

    @Revan654 it's impossible to have exactly 0% RMA rate - however we are below 1% on RMA's like this, it's actually very rare, however since we do have so many sales, you may see issues like this occasionally. It isn't what we want to see, but we of course always fix it as quickly as possible.
  15. CableMod cables do not fit

    @NMS no need for any work on your end, if the wrong connectors were used that's an error on our behalf and we fix it for you.