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  1. Recommended led strips?

    @Densetsu me too! Heard they're really awesome!
  2. @Jawad14 just as @Densetsu mentioned, this would be a standard 5050 RGB LED header, which we do also offer strips for, but this isn't an addressable header. So instead of individually addressing the LEDs, it addresses the entire strip as a whole. We do offer strips for this too though if you want to checkout the CableMod WideBeam Magnetic RGB LEDs.
  3. @Jyadel you're very welcome. If you ever need any additional help, you can also email Support@CableMod.com too.
  4. @Jyadel that actually shares the same connectors and pinouts, so you'd be good to go with any of the Seasonic listings we have.
  5. @Jyadel as @Spotty shared we do have a large variety of listings that are compatible in the same among the Seasonic PSUs. Which make/model will you be using exactly?
  6. We do cover VAT/Import on EU orders from the EU store, however we don't have white connectors at this time.
  7. Cablemod Connectors not working in PSU

    @xXCraftyGamingXx the first gen "G" model (for the 1000w variant anyway) had proprietary connectors used on it I believe which is why we never looked into adding support for it, the kit you purchased does not support the PSU you have because of this PSU utilizing these different connectors at the PSU end. The newer G1+/G2/G3/P2/T2 series PSU's share the same pinouts and connectors now, but this old model did have differences.
  8. Painting CableMod AIO Sleeves

    @Marfe very welcome! Also yes the X72 is supported with this series kit.
  9. Painting CableMod AIO Sleeves

    @Marfe ah yes this is a random Amazon seller marking up pricing because it is out of stock.
  10. Painting CableMod AIO Sleeves

    @Marfe that pricing sounds off from the start honestly, please email Support@CableMod.com so we can check on that for you. I wouldn't recommend painting though as these are nylon based, and flexing them as you do with AIO tubes would result in the paint flaking most likely.
  11. Cable Extensions

    @KingOfSweden extensions are universally compatible as the primary connectors on your PSU are all set to a standard that is compatible with the motherboards, GPUs, etc. Check out some of our offerings. https://store.cablemod.com/products/?filter_product-category=pro-extension-kits https://store.cablemod.com/products/?filter_product-category=basic-extension-kits
  12. Sata power and 6 pin vga require

    @Altruist send an email over to Support@CableMod.com and our support team can assist you.
  13. @mikedrewsmy if the PSU failed then the cables should be fine so long as something wasn't mismatched and wires weren't melted. Just do an inspection on the connectors and pins at both ends of the extensions to verify everything appears visually fine and you should be safe to reuse the cables as they are extensions.
  14. Need help with custom cables from cable mod.

    @MyFartSoTart yep - the PCPP link.
  15. Need help with custom cables from cable mod.

    @MyFartSoTart HE IS I.. AND I AM HERE! Jokes aside, please email Support@CableMod.com and send our support team this link, we can help you out with what cables you need and what cables will be optional.