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  1. @TheDeathDragon extensions wouldn't cause an M.2 failure, would need to troubleshoot other recent changes to discover what the cause of the issue is. May help others with troubleshooting knowing how much data has been written to the drive, and how long you've owned the drive.
  2. @TheDeathDragon our Black Friday deals are going through Cyber Monday, you can find the page here: https://store.cablemod.com/black-friday-2019/ Otherwise, if you purchase ASUS motherboards or PSUs there are 20% off sleeved cable discounts included in the packaging with those products.
  3. @WallacEngineering yeah unfortunately it is while supplies last - and with these discounts they tend to move pretty quickly.
  4. @WallacEngineering our Black Friday sale can be found here: https://store.cablemod.com/black-friday-2019/ The sale will only apply to the products on this page though and the configurator does take part in the sales.
  5. @Caroline we haven't increased our prices at all actually, not sure where you got that information but it is definitely incorrect. There are other options of course, some cheaper, some more expensive, that's to be expected and you'll see that in all markets. You have to factor in support from all brands too though, and I would say we're very helpful in that category.
  6. @will01gt it would be that price for the kit, not just one cable - the cables included are in the description though.
  7. CableMod basic extension kits - available at Amazon and VLCanada.
  8. @AlexQC yeah as mentioned above, this is standard actually and is normal.
  9. @bruny06 we process in order received so generally we ask that you allow up to 1-2 weeks to receive it, should be quicker for premade kits though.
  10. @kaptkrunch looks like EVGA changed the link from before, but check this out: https://www.evga.com/products/product.aspx?pn=M022-10-000138 This will turn the 3 slot IO into a 2 slot IO and it would be compatible with our bracket then. The IO plate is what needs to be 2 slot, the cooler can be 3 slot though just to remove any confusion.
  11. @bruny06 if your code isn't working, please email Support@CableMod.com so we can check that for you and get you taken care of.
  12. @VRS_Protocol what is your PSU make/model? We have our cable kits available in VL Canada.
  13. @Zator very welcome! If you ever need assistance, feel free to drop us an email as well at Support@CableMod.com - always happy to help!
  14. @Cheolieces I checked and it looks like there are regular replies daily to you, and everything seems resolved now, is that correct? We don't have a phone number though unfortunately as we're a small team - but if you need anything further please continue to bring it up with our support so they can assist ASAP.
  15. @Zator we ship worldwide from our global store actually. No sales planned just yet but that could change. Either the SE-Series or RT-Series kits would be compatible though if you wanted direct replacement cables.