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  1. CableMod

    Vertical GPU Mount

    @Hv440 ready to go when you are! We don't have pre-order options available, but we shouldn't be running out of stock on the next restock. So you should be good.
  2. CableMod

    Vertical GPU Mount

    @Hv440 we should have these back in stock in around 2 weeks.
  3. CableMod

    Anyone Have Issues With CableMod Recently?

    @FaultyWarrior around this time of the year the couriers are usually pretty hammered with Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and upcoming Christmas shipments so there can be backlog and slower delivery times. Not really something we can help unfortunately, just depends on how many shipments they're processing each day on how quickly they're able to get to the next one. We have also had a lot of orders coming in though too so processing times on our end are a little longer than normal as well though but we're continually working to hammer orders out as quick as possible with a strong attention to quality being maintained of course.
  4. CableMod

    Best Sleeved Cables?

    @GlowingTurtle54 sounds like a plan! Thank you for your support!
  5. CableMod

    Best Sleeved Cables?

    @GlowingTurtle54 I know of a company! https://store.cablemod.com/ If you need help with purchasing, feel free to email Support@CableMod.com and our support team can walk you through everything you need and what would be an optional purchase.
  6. @RarisnRovers appreciate the update! Helpful information to have both for us, and others who may have encountered this as well.
  7. CableMod

    Cablemod to GPU

    @wilda of course, always happy to help. If you need anything else, ask away!
  8. CableMod

    Cablemod to GPU

    @wilda the dual 6+2 PCI-E (pictured) is more so if you don't have enough available connectors at the PSU end, or if you're doing a SFF/ITX build and space is a limiting factor. They're great in these situations. However for cleaner aesthetics the 6+2 PCI-E (not the dual) is going to be a cleaner look as it is two individual cables, instead of one cable that is a splitter essentially. The PSU ends will be marked "PSU" but the primary end connections aren't marked because the EPS and PCI-E are keyed so that they only go into the appropriate headers. Additionally, the EPS will be a 4+4 and the PCI-E will be a 6+2 - so it is easy to navigate between the two.
  9. CableMod

    Cablemod to GPU

    @wilda yes, that kit will have everything you need and then some. The 6+2 PCI-E would be the cleaner option.
  10. @xHero12 you're very welcome!
  11. @xHero12 you can add other cables as well of course, those were just the ones I was listing based off the PCPP link. The pro cables are thicker with the preinstalled cable combs (should you choose to add the closed combs).
  12. @RarisnRovers you're welcome! Always happy to help.
  13. CableMod

    CableMod 24pin cable doesnt fit to PSU

    @Djesur Feim it does appear you bought the wrong kit, email Support@CableMod.com though and we can get you the correct 24-pin ATX cable. That's the only one that actually needs replaced.
  14. CableMod

    Cables for the following build:

    @R U CRAZY you're very welcome!
  15. @RarisnRovers if it isn't in your software then you would need to ask Gigabyte/Aorus about that, we don't have control over their software implementation per board. There should be a portion for direct customization (see photo).