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  1. @MadeInChina O69 we really like you too! Ha - thank you.
  2. @MadeInChina O69 they should be in stock at Amazon, Performance-PCs, and NewEgg as well - we don't have any plans to put either of those on end of life though.
  3. Computer Refresh

    @snpr1992 great looking build! Thank you for your support!
  4. hello, can u tell me which cablemod AIO sleeveng is compatible for Corsair H60(2018 edition). Thanx

    1. CableMod


      @SaM_Fisher101 please email Support@CableMod.com and we can check on that for you.

  5. cable extensions for integra m 750

    @revibe404 extensions would be universally compatible, it's replacement cables that are the ones you need to watch compatibility on due to pinout differences between PSUs. Check out our kits here: https://store.cablemod.com/products/?filter_product-category=pro-extension-kits https://store.cablemod.com/products/?filter_product-category=basic-extension-kits
  6. @MadeInChina O69 the paracord cables do have the same thickness as the nylon cables if you go with the pro option. Only difference at that point is the sleeving material itself. Paracord is softer and more flexible, while nylon is more durable, offers more vibrant colors, and is UV reactive.
  7. addressable led without rgb hub

    @UnOrignalUsername our strips are also compatible with the addressable headers on ASUS, and Gigabyte/Aorus boards alike, but due check to verify the boards RGB header is an addressable header and not a standard RGB header prior as it requires addressable headers for proper functionality. Our kit is still in development though as an update on that.
  8. Vertical GPU Mount

    @eQu-X ours has the included riser cable, and you also do not have to mod your case with our solution.
  9. Vertical GPU Mount

    @mattlaz1234 the length variance is from the front to back of the case, so where the radiatior/fan setup is in the picture, account for an additional one inch of clearance needed as ours requires no modding.
  10. Poor CableMod Customer Service

    We in no way would leave you hanging, but we do also need to follow the normal procedures and verify everything first. We do apologize for the inconvenience but it is being looked into I assure you. We aren't going to just take your money and run, that isn't what we do here, do not worry.
  11. Vertical GPU Mount

    Just as an update, our no modding required vertical PCI-e bracket is live! Global Store: https://store.cablemod.com/products/?filter_product-category=vertical-pci-e-brackets EU Store: https://eustore.cablemod.com/products/?filter_product-category=vertical-pci-e-brackets
  12. Define r6 Modding?

    @vladonizer check out the Performance-PCs mod shop - they do a lot of modding work over there. @PPCs-Matt should be able to help and chat with you in more detail.
  13. Sleeved Cables

    @Monskiller always an option as well if you're comfortable doing so.
  14. Cablemod Addressable LED Strips Compatibility

    @pigsrawesome123 you should receive a reply within 24 hours of your ticket submission if not sooner.
  15. Cablemod Addressable LED Strips Compatibility

    @pigsrawesome123 the 4-pin are standard Aura - 3-pin is addressable Aura and there is a difference between the two. Please email Support@CableMod.com though and we can help you with this.