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  1. CableMod

    Vertical phantek gpu mount

    @Oskar Mcfarlane if you don't want to cut your case, consider checking out our vertical PCI-E bracket. It requires no case modding as it moves the GPU towards the front of the case by 3.1cm to allow the angled display cables that we include to route neatly outside of the case.
  2. CableMod

    What PSU cables should I get?

    @BeckS0 sounds like a plan, and thank you for your support!
  3. CableMod

    What PSU cables should I get?

    @BeckS0 share a pic of your build?
  4. @Robertshipley EVGA sells 2 slot brackets for their cards.Check that out at the link provided, and maybe consider our vertical bracket which @Skiiwee29 was kind enough to link (thank you). https://www.evga.com/products/product.aspx?pn=M022-10-000130
  5. CableMod

    Corsair LL140 RGB fan question

    @AmirAcle @W-L the B2 is different actually and we don't support this one unfortunately. I believe it was a different OEM entirely on that one if I recall correctly. We've never supported this one though, it is the B3 units that we have support for.
  6. CableMod

    New cables for my PSU

    @Patrik_ I would go with the ModMesh for that case/build. It does come down to personal preference though. The above pictured would be our ModMesh. ModFlex is our softer, more flexible sleeving option. ModMesh is our stiffer, more vibrant sleeving option which has UV reactive colors.
  7. hi can you please support power supply cables for EVGA SuperNOVA 850 B2 i need two SATA power cable

    1. CableMod


      Sorry but we have no plans on supporting the B2 model at this time.

  8. CableMod

    New cables for my PSU

    @Patrik_ of course we do - I've just been very busy with builds.gg recently, sorry. Instead of the 6+2 - maybe do a straight 6 or straight 8 so you can go with the pro option? (See photo)
  9. CableMod

    6-pin and 8-pin

    @Evolutiioz the 6+2 PCI-E cables will provide better future compatibility, but otherwise you can just go with the 6-pin PCI-E and 8-pin PCI-E if you don't change GPUs often.
  10. CableMod

    I want more RGB in My pc

    @LukeSavenije RGB strips, yes. RGB fans, no.
  11. @Cfcase gaming yt email our support team at Support@CableMod.com and we can verify the PSU you have and the kit you received, but we will get you the help you need.
  12. CableMod

    Help needed.

    @charbel1011 they still function all in the same, the difference is the included capacitors in the Type 4 cables and the 24-pin ATX cable has additional pins - but all the cables will work in the same, again with the exception being the 24-pin ATX cable though as that has a 28-pin connector setup at the PSU end to accommodate the additional wires.
  13. CableMod

    Help needed.

    @charbel1011 the 24-pin ATX cable is the only one different in those kits and the other cables are all compatible. Email Support@CableMod.com though and our support team can assist you with this.
  14. CableMod

    Cablemod Pro vs Cheapo stuff

    @Firewrath9 we use 18 AWG in our cables, there's no noticeable difference in 16AWG other then the fact it costs more.
  15. CableMod

    Cablemod Pro vs Cheapo stuff

    @aisle9 dang! You make a good point!