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  1. Vertical GPU Mount

    @whiteninjazx6r sorry, some things are still subject to change so we don't really want to give details now for them to be inaccurate later.
  2. Vertical GPU Mount

    @whiteninjazx6r it will include the riser cable as well yes. If you sent an email to our support team they can provide all the details currently available.
  3. Vertical GPU Mount

    @chuckle working to launch it ASAP - still making some minor tweaks.
  4. Do these cables work?

    @e46 extensions are universally compatible with all PSU's. We offer extensions too, but we also offer full replacement cables for your PSU as well if you would like to take a look at our C-Series AXi/HXi/RM kits. You could also use our custom configurator page for more customization, as well as our pro cables with added thickness and pre-applied cable combs.
  5. @MrWalex have you checked our resellers and EU store? https://cablemod.com/where-to-buy/
  6. 900D Vertical GPU

    @Cinnabar Sonar this should fit in most mid-tower and full tower cases with 7 PCI-E slots, no modding required.
  7. 900D Vertical GPU

    @Zagarott we will have a no modding required solution hitting the market soon in case you don't want to cut your case up. Here's a quick unpainted teaser pic.
  8. Specific colors of cable sleeving...

    @Chuck Comet you need to use the configurator page for our brown cables. Check this link and use ModMesh under either of the "Custom" options: https://store.cablemod.com/configurator/
  9. Specific colors of cable sleeving...

    @Chuck Comet we do have the brown color (ModMesh on our configurator), but not the beige.
  10. CableMods Gone Horribly Wrong

    @Revan654 thank you for that - Matt@CableMod.com is my direct email or he can email Support@CableMod.com too, both will allow us to resolve any issue of course.
  11. CableMods Gone Horribly Wrong

    @Revan654 can you shoot me a message on who it is that purchased these cables? I would like to get in contact with them and resolve the matter of course. We sell a lot of cables and our RMA rate is very low, but we are still very proactive about fixing any issues that arise. It is unfortunate that we do have mistakes, but again we do take care of them. I do see this is the PSU end so the crossing cables is for the manufacturing pinouts of course, but do you have any feedback you would give for improvements? We of course always listen to feedback and try to improve.
  12. Vertical GPU Mount

    @Agent32277 about 1.5 inches.
  13. Vertical GPU Mount

    Just a quick proof of concept of something we're working on. This is a no modding required vertical mount we are looking to launch soon. We are going to for the final version be moving the GPU 1.5 inches closer to the side panel for more clearance behind the GPU, while still providing ample room for proper ventilation. This should be compatible with most mid-tower cases on the market with 7 PCI-E slots, and again requires no modding at all due to the spacing from the rear of the case to allow for display cables to pass through with ease.
  14. CableMod RGB Strips with Hue+

    @This_guy1998 would love to verify but I actually haven't tested the HUE+, sorry.
  15. Rgb strip compatibility

    @Intel HD Graphics you can also visit our where to buy page to view our resellers for cheaper shipping options. https://cablemod.com/where-to-buy/