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  1. Hey guys, I used to have a pair of Logitech h800's With the h800's, the headphones come with a USB bluetooth dongle for pc. The one feature I like about them, is that it has a dedicated switch so i can switch my headset from my phone to laptop seamlessly without having to go into device settings and change the bluetooth settings. What i am looking for is a bluetooth headset that would allow for me to switch between my laptop and phone via a button on the headset. Looking for headphones not earbuds, preferably over ear headphones made with leather and not the cheap fabric, b
  2. Yea tbh, not sure how well it will work since both connections are very different, but I will give this a try this weekend... thanks!
  3. Alright, So first off, I have 2 internet connections: 1. Rogers 25/5 (+/- 20 ms ping) with a usage limit of 100gb (with a $5/gb overage charge) 2. Xplornet 25/5 (700-1000 ms ping) with a soft usage limit of 100gb (After 100gb the speed throttles down, so there are no overage charges) I want to combine the two connections at the same time. I know the ping of the xplornet will be rough, but I can deal with it. But, I also have a work computer that needs to have a low ping (close to 20ms or so) for the work I do, so I am looking for a router that allows me to route the sp
  4. Furmark just crashes whenever I try to run a test. I get this when I run video memory test:
  5. tried drivers from August, April, and January, still not working.
  6. Anything that specifically uses the GPU (OBS, Xsplit, Any steam game, Nvidia control panel, etc)
  7. Update: When I completly uninstalled the driver, stuff was working (using intel integrated graphics) but once I re-installed the drivers, everything stopped working again.
  8. Pretty sure I'm on the most recent drivers, but I will try re-installing
  9. Hi there, I have an asus ROG laptop with a gtx 1050. I am running windows 10. Essentially, whenever I try to launch an application that uses the GPU, the application crashes. So all the games in my steam library go unresponsive when launched. Obs will launch, but when I try to do window capture/browser source/etc, it will also go unresponsive too. When I go to my NVIDIA control panel, and I click the "adjust settings with preview", the app also crashes. I think this is an issue with drivers for the GPU, but I'm not sure where to start. Any help/suggestions would be appreciated. Cheers
  10. Its not from LTT domain, if you click that little arrowright beside "a idwared.charo1." you will see that the domain is not ltt and that they just set their name as that email address.
  11. Mining bitcoin without an ASIC at this point is useless -however nicehash is a good possibility tho - I make 30CAD a month with a single GTX 1050 I have. They have a profitability calculator you can use on their site (Once they finish maintenance)
  12. Don't even try. If you need to host multiple sites for people, there are specific web hosts for that already. Web hosting space is too crowded for anyone new.
  13. @Slick @LinusTech pls maybe un-private the after party?
  14. I know I can't get the speeds... But I wasnt sure if there was a way to plug it in to get USB 2 speeds..