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    Games, cars, computers, Chinese cartoons, football (Seahawks), baseball (Mariners).
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    Honda technician, ASE certified master automobile technician


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    i7 8700k
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    ASUS z370-a prime
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    16gb gskill ripjaws
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    gigabyte g1 gaming 970
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    phantecs eclipse silent w/ window
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    samsung 850 evo 1tb ssd
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    corsair hx 750
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    dell sg2716dg
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    nzxt kraken x52
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    ducky shine 3 cherry mx blue white LED
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    logitech g700/g600/g502
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    sennheiser hd 558
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    windows 10

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  1. Not really interested. Have to modify to be remotely reliable. Would rather use that money towards a clean is300. If you are just gonna end up replacing it with good stuff, then whatever garbage is cheapest.
  2. Not really. Its because the speed 3 is physically wider.
  3. I think quaife made LSDs for my car, but as with anything aftermarket for the early non skyactive 2nd gens aftermarket support is next to nothing today. Speed3 stuff don't work in my car because of the different proportions of the car. I think I remember reading the case is the same size, but axles are different splined and length.
  4. 1.6k for a LSD for a mazdaspeed 3. Dayum. They have tons of honda stuff though.
  5. not sure how that relates to cousin fornicating.
  6. A wall mount strut compressor is about the only thing I would trust with those big springs. I would just pay a shop to swap them. Won't be that much since they're already out of the truck, plus less risk of you killing yourself unless you wana dump ~800 bucks on a good compressor. https://www.amazon.com/Branick-7600-Strut-Spring-Compressor/dp/B00MMLG9ZU/ref=sr_1_4?crid=IE6YU3USOUZP&keywords=strut+spring+compressor&qid=1552779353&s=gateway&sprefix=strut%2Caps%2C211&sr=8-4 Thats what we use. Works great on those truck springs
  7. Most likely. The inspector we had was a former tech, hurt is back, refused to become a service advisor (based) and went to inspecting for that company. Insurance companies always fight you on labor rates and stuff. Surprisingly the fit with the heater box issue was pretty painless, and that was through Geico which we all expected to be a nightmare. Maybe. I had to take a break from online/social media shit for personal reasons.
  8. Insurance companies are a bitch. Warranty companies are usually pretty easy to deal with. Only had one job where an adjuster had to come out. That was because it was a big lifted truck they had just bought from a buy here pay here dealer that needed almost 5k in work. Dude was pretty cool and knew his shit. Okayed everything even with the lift kit.
  9. More likely a 17 year old stealing their parents van on a friday night
  10. First day in a few months over 65 degrees today. I was hitting the backroads and ran into a dodge caravan going 5mph below the limit. I was just gonna follow until my usually passing area because nobody in washinton gets over. Then this random sienna comes outta nowhere behind me, double passes me and the caravan on a double yellow. I finally pass the caravan and catch up to the sienna, they brake check me, and every corner they are lane splitting so hard that they were mostly in the oncoming lane. Then they hit the highway and mostly go 5 above the limit, miss the speedzone heading into town, so they're flying 65 in a 40 and I lose sight of them. It ain't even spring and I am seeing peak summer stupidity on the roads.
  11. looks like a tundra minus the dildo shifter, but isn't a tundra. a good outcome.
  12. If you give me your VIN I can run it and make sure. Sometimes the sites are delayed or inaccurate.
  13. Both equally. As far as looks, the Rams are probably my favorite right now.
  14. The new silverados are sure are an eyesore. Been seeing a few on the roads lately.