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    i7 4770k
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    gigabyte z87x ud4h
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  1. y tho wasn't it proven that the 1.0l didn't save fuel over the 4 cylinder because you have to wring the guts out of it to get any power?
  2. Original cosmos was one of my favorite cases back in the day. Aged poorly, and the 2 didn't improve much. 5.25 bays you can't remove at $300+ is unacceptable in todays age.
  3. http://komonews.com/news/nation-world/man-dies-in-california-botulism-outbreak-from-gas-station-nacho-cheese avoid the nacho cheese as well.
  4. Probably shouldn't mention my CPU has been running warm lately. That good old haswell shit TIM is getting crusty and I don't want to delid while I have no funds.
  5. 970 has a fan going out. This is the 2nd GPU in a row that had its fan shit the bed prematurely.
  6. She needs her own bumper car if shes gonna continue to do that.
  7. Witchcraft to me. But yeah... no good. It looked fine in the pic, but I was looking at the gap in the light area and bumper.
  8. Its more likely that Washington would get blown off the map. Giant earthquake, tsunami, multiple volcanoes past their due dates, japan radiation, north korea if they don't blow themselves up first.
  9. Its getting bad here in the past 5 years. Bad cali drivers migrating up here and taking metaphorical shits on the road. My hope is that there is an economic collapse and they all go back into their holes that they came from.
  10. Depends on which end you are at. This guy was in a hooptie dakota. Dude started merging and I honked and he almost over-corrected into oncoming, and proceeded to flip me off. If he woulda hit me I was in prime position to PIT him off the road to where EMS would be picking his teeth out of trees.
  11. I don't know. I see warning labels that state the product causes cancer in california. Something about the place... must be the smug.
  12. Everything there causes cancer. good luck.
  13. Made the choice to drive my car today. Had one dipshit try to merge in into traffic from a double yellow median into me. Fuck you thread ju-ju.