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  1. Don't think you will be wrong either way, but I'd get the stinger. Looks slightly better, even if the rear end looks like a dodge dart.
  2. I can't find anything on NBs, but its roulette if your projector will tolerate HIDs. some do ok, others will shine sharp beams of light above the cutoff. very harmful to oncoming drivers.
  3. halogen projectors != HID projectors. they will still blind oncoming drivers. retrofitting involves putting a HID projector in place of the standard projector in the housing.
  4. Hopefully they got it on camera. Screw parking lot hit and runners. Some fuckhead in a mazda pickup changed lanes right into my sisters civic on friday. Luckily all it will need is a fender, fender liner, bumper, and headlight. Screwed up his truck pretty good though.
  5. plus a boat anchor would throw off the weight distribution with the car.
  6. Jalopnik in one image don't read anything from gawker. Doug is meh, but I like his vids because of the "quirks and features". RCR is good when its funny, otherwise I feel like I'm listening to a wikipedia article. Savagegeese is the best auto youtuber (watch the LC500 video). Hasn't uploaded much but hes in the Chicago area and doing performance car reviews there right now is asking to die. TheTopher/Windingroad is also gewd.
  7. and people thought I wasn't serious about toyota frame rot issues.
  8. Dear Toyota, Why Did You Make This Car a Camry?

    because they have crossovers to make boring now, and the sedan is dipping in sales. the newer (recent 6 years) v6 camry never sold well because with the price, you are in entry level lexus territory. new fully loaded camrys are 39-40k USD.... yeahno
  9. turn the key on to ignition 2 with the engine off and within 5 seconds press the gas pedal to the floor 3 times. then turn the key off and start the truck. better flowing exhaust = more gas. thats your problem. too many fuccbois per square mile in cali. 20k gets you a flawless s2k here.