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    Games, cars, computers, Chinese cartoons, football (Seahawks), baseball (Mariners).
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    Honda technician, ASE certified master automobile technician


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    i7 8700k
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    ASUS z370-a prime
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    16gb gskill ripjaws
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    gigabyte g1 gaming 970
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    phantecs eclipse silent w/ window
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    samsung 850 evo 1tb ssd
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    corsair hx 750
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    dell sg2716dg
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    nzxt kraken x52
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    ducky shine 3 cherry mx blue white LED
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    logitech g700/g600/g502
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    sennheiser hd 558
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    windows 10

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  1. The Launch tools work really good on hondas. I've paired ECM and immob modules with it on hondas.
  2. you should never trade in or put a down payment on a lease. All it does is lower your payment and if you total the car as soon as you drive off the lot, its money you will never see again.
  3. I'd say its quite uncommon, and if you do fall for it then its your own fault. You sign multiple times on agreeing for the final price of the vehicle. The asking price is printed on the window. Unless its a popular car the base markup is usually under a thousand dollars. On new cars with a trade in the dealer does not make much money in the sale. They rely on reselling your trade in for their money. Used cars is a different story. Profit margins on used cars is where they make a lot of money. It depends how much patience you have. I'm trying to sell some miscellaneous items and I'm so tired of the shot in the dark low ball offers. Like, because its assembled and never been used, apparently that means it should be 1/4 the price of retail.
  4. Lets not let shitty fart can 4 cylinders drag all 4 cylinders down. After all, the good ones don't sound as bad as 99% of turd trumpet V6s.
  5. AGMs are pretty picky with how they are charged. Once they go dead theres really no bringing it back without a special charger. Most cars with them are littered with sensors to detect draw and temperature. They use those inputs + battery age to more efficiently charge the battery to extend its life, theoretically. The F150 would no start during low ambients after a short heat soak. Needed a jump pack and it would start up fine.
  6. Could be worse, had a newer F150 with an intermittent no start, co-worker had replaced the battery and apparently you need to program the battery to the BCM for it to be happy. Can't wait for those to start getting more battery replacements. Not only do you need a 350 dollar AGM battery, but you also need to pay a shop to program it!
  7. I should know too. I've worked for a GM dealership. They're boat anchors. Seems like your problem has little to do with Fords being circumstantially unreliable and more of you just not liking Ford. I don't like Ford either, but I don't get my nuts in a mouse trap every time one is brought up on an internet forum.
  8. Lets hear it then. Chevy has had DOD issues for 10+ years. Dodge has had cam/lifter issues across multiple generations of hemis.
  9. single cab the soy boi driving that brings the HP down to stock levels
  10. I read that as depression. Was more fitting in the context of jeeps.