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    gigabyte z87x ud4h
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  1. No, I hate cases. I use a glass screen protector, reluctantly. Battery life is less than I expected. imessage issues, bluetooth issues like taking forever to connect and dropping connection every 20 seconds for 5 seconds when going from wifi to cellular, the mute toggle will not instantly vibrate when put into silent mode, auto brightness is very slow to respond to lighting differences, screen on activation when lifting my phone up lags or just doesn't work sometimes.
  2. Unrelated, but after half a week, my phone's glass back is already scratched to hell. I've had looooots of issues. Not been a great experience.
  3. I'm not sure about honda, but it seems like the past 10 years for both toyota and GM have been pretty bad with mouse damage.
  4. Yeah, going against grandma in her Buick Century is a fair match.
  5. The CX-7 I worked on had fomoco casting all over it. My car has Mazda motors casting all over my 2.0
  6. I hit 110 in my car. You won't be doing it on accident, but its achievable in my car. Won't ever do it again on public roads. Too uneven and bumpy for those speeds.
  7. Its shit for reliability. Makes good power. Yin-Yang thing. And it ties into the type R thing as well. Its still a bit early. Catastrophic failures can happen to the most reliable motors out there within a short period of ownership due to manufacturing or assembly faults. I'm more interested in long term things to see if Ford fixed the timing chain issues the previous 2.3ls had. And even honda, they had timing chain issues on K series.
  8. Wiring harness are pretty common warranty and recall items. They either get pinched during assembly, or mice get to them during shipment or after sale because the "eco friendly" wire insulation attracts the shit out of micce. The funny thing is, Toyota wont fully cover mice damage on warranty iirc. Honda does. Why? Well honda made the mouse repellant tape, thus admitting that mice being attracted to wiring is a manufacturer fault. When we have mouse damaged wiring in the shop, we use the honda tape. The focus RS uses that cursed 2.3l motor. Not surprising they are still having issues. The type R uses a new motor from honda, so it'll be a few years at least to see what kind of issues it has. We'll know a lot when Becky gets them in her new accord.
  9. Ah. Yeah, I was surprised somewhat... it was pretty cramped. Also had a chrysler crossfire which is a mercedes in the shop... that thing was tiny. If it wasn't an auto I doubt I could even drive it.
  10. I was mainly wondering about size. The toyobaru was pretty damn small. Not quite MR2 spyder small, but small. The MR2 would be impossible for me to comfortably drive.
  11. yee KBB still thinks mazdas are unreliable or some shit. Rust issues may be a factor as well.