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  1. As long as you have seen civil war, you will be fine not seeing black panther. If you haven't seen Thor Ragnarok you will be extremely lost at the start, and likely through Thor's storyline in Infinity War.
  2. The order I'd go in: Iron Man Hulk* Thor Iron Man 2 Captain America Avengers Iron Man 3 Captain America winter soldier Thor the dark world Avengers 2 Ant Man* Civil War Guardians 1 Guardians 2 Spider man * Doctor Strange Black Panther* Thor Ragnarok Infinity War * = movies I did not see and didn't really confuse me in later films. Theres some loose parts even following the map, like scarlet witch and quicksilver in avengers 2 had me confused. I think they were mentioned in a prior movie's post credit scene. They deserved an origin film, but Fox had rights and there was a dispute over it. Oh yeah, be sure to watch all the post credits scenes too. You miss some good build up to Infinity War if you don't.
  3. Yeah I bought some. Gonna throw it in the durango's power steering system. It has a faint whine.
  4. The first product that isn't snake oil and I've never heard of it.
  5. Which a very clean, non shit AP2 is within a few thousand of a new ND. 150 HP is just too low even with the torque it makes. Thats as much HP as my mazda 3 and its 8 years older and port injected. Torque seems to be the fad now days thanks to turbos in everything. Honda has done a complete 180 and went to torquey turbos. I prefer NA though. Yeah, the torque dip seems bad. Rumor is that it'll be getting a 2.4 NA motor.
  6. Mazda is prioritizing torque instead of peak HP. Those old honda motors didn't produce any torque, plus were in much heavier cars later on. Who knows, those HP figures may be with regular gas. The skyactivs like premium. My feeling is they know from their partnership with toyota that the BRZ about to get a power jump next gen, so they wana beat them to the punch on that.
  7. Nobody is going to make another desirable engine to swap. Mid 2000s are the best years for modifying cars. The ND is getting a big power jump in 2019. 181 HP at that weight and price makes it extremely enticing. https://www.autoblog.com/2018/04/09/181-horsepower-2019-mazda-mx-5-miata-chat/
  8. Dealer recall scams?

    TSBs often get elevated to recalls. The online sites to search for active recalls are usually months behind, and when you do get the issue remedied its not updated for equally long. Had some people claim we didn't do their inflator recalls because their car was still listed on the NHTSA site. I would wait until you hear something from toyota themselves, rather than from the dealership. They likely run a mass VIN inquiry within their customer records to notify customers as soon as a recall happens. So you should hear something from toyota within a few months.
  9. You should look up how much radar cameras are, which must be mounted front and center of the car.
  10. 3.8 is one of the best v6 motors GM made. Trans is ok. Parts are cheap. Not much else...
  11. if its a 3.8 SC that lesabre will walk a protege. 3.1 and 3.4s are boat anchors