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  1. I bought OEM all seasons, and yeah. The drivers side floor mat is about as big as one square of toilet paper. thanks toyota
  2. The real fallout is the small floor mats that exist because of Toyota. I have removed some floor mats I consider dangerous though. The weathertech ones are pretty awful. They curl up on the edges and can interfere with the gas pedal.
  3. already got air tools. Fun fact, if you visit a Toyota dealership and you have an aftermarket floor mat on the drivers side then we have to remove it and place a safety notice in the car.
  4. Drums can warp too. They likely used torque sticks. Torque sticks do not torque evenly or to spec.
  5. lug nuts that have uneven torque or holding the brake on while the rotors are hot, which you have to get them pretty hot for that to happen. Most of the time its uneven torque.
  6. I suppose. I was gonna trade all my battery tools and shit to go to snap on. Now that I'm working again and theres still no snap on dealer here I made that choice. I do want to upgrade to the bosch 2.5 AH batteries if this tool works out.
  7. Already had Bosch tools + batteries and I like them. Nothing against Milwaukee, just that everyone has them and I'd have to engrave all of my batteries and tools.
  8. Classic B and 8 mixup. I bought it because my PS41BN can't take off Tundra and Tacoma skid plate bolts, and everyone has Milwaukee so I didn't want to get those. Was really close to getting a Milwaukee though. I don't think this can pull off lugnuts. Only at 85 ft lb. Its more for light under hood work. Valve cover bolts, bracket bolts, etc.
  9. Perhaps providing a link would be smart on my part.
  10. Anybody ever deal with free promotions on Amazon? Ordered a tool that had a free battery promotion, tool arrived, no coupon or anything for a free battery.
  11. Have you looked into getting your 6s repaired, or are you on the android train now? I went to ios 11 beta 5 tonight. Really smooth and responsive on my 6s. ios 10 was a boat anchor.
  12. I kept getting low ball offers on my tools so I unlisted everything. Extremely aggravating, especially when they offer like 5 dollars less than asking price. Just pay the full price or don't even offer.
  13. Yeah, another 4.3 but based off the LS platform, rather than a 30 year old SBC platform.