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  1. Did some digging, Ive was far from on hiatus. Sounds like he took more of a consultant role in the past 2 years. The problem with the iphone 8 at least, is visually its too close to the previous gens. You could tell the first iphone and 3g apart easily. You could tell the 4 from the 3gs easily. You could tell the 5 from the 4s easily. You could tell the 6 from the 5s easily. It may seem stupid, but to a lot of people it means that "its the same phone". That said, the feel of the new iphones are on point. I went from a 6s to an 8. The 8 makes my old 6s feel like a toy.
  2. Jack of all trades, or a master of one?

    A jack of all trades will likely be less skilled in a single one, thus making less money in their career than a master of one. However, a jack of all trades won't spend as much on general repairs/replacement of things. I like being a jack of all trades. Not knowing how something works and how to fix an issue bugs me. I also don't like paying money to have other people repair things for me.
  3. Cars that you absolutely hate

    Its a pretty big deal to me. When they are in the console they tend to collect crap, get stuff spilled on them and become sticky and gross. Plus there was a time where I had to replace the switches in a Suzuki SL7 that had console mounted switches. The procedure was to take out the entire center console to flip it upside down and access the screws. Well, that would of been fine if this car hadn't smelled so repulsive that I wore my dust respirator to help me breath which was likely placebo, but it did make it possible to work without almost vomiting every breath. Then I went to pull the screws that secured the console, and within the storage area it was filled with adult diapers. So I said fuck the book procedure and I just peeled back the side plastic on the console, unscrewed the switches, and replaced them. Then I went home and took a shower. Thankfully those customers never came back after that job because they tried to get us to commit warranty fraud by saying we replaced a "window transmission" rather than a window switch because their warranty didn't cover electrical failures.
  4. In a public restroom? I'd give it a week before the door was kicked in.
  5. Cars that you absolutely hate

    The problem I have with a lot of those cars is they're just as quirky on the inside as they are on the outside. The exception being the Kia Soul which is fairly "normal" on the inside. Something I did just think of thats a huge deal breaker in any car for me: center console mounted window controls. Can't stand them.
  6. Another reason to use the stall I suppose.
  7. Thing is, some of these streamers are also adult performers on other platforms using twitch to greatly expand their audience. I see that as the big problem. If these streamers choose to do private shows or sell nudes on patreon, thats fine.... however, they shouldn't however be given partner or affiliate privilege on twitch. These streamers give not only twitch/amazon a bad image, but also legitimately talented streamers. Its really unfortunate that twitch/amazon looks more to the money in this case, they could resolve it now... or wait till big companies/events start pulling their streams from twitch. Which is what will have to happen for anything to get done.
  8. I've been using FF57 on my main machine for 2 weeks now. Have to say its been a great experience. It doesn't really feel faster, if not slower than chrome in general use. I feel the UI and resource management is superior. The biggest difference I notice is on twitter. If I kept loading recent tweets on chrome it'd eventually bog down and lag badly. I'd then be forced to refresh the page. I've yet to run into this issue on FF57. Not really a huge inconvenience while I was running chrome, but it makes FF feel like a better put together program.
  9. You left out the most important part of the article, thus making this thread extremely clickbait.
  10. Cars that you absolutely hate

    I work on cars for a living so the list is long. Easier to list the ones I like: Honda, newer Mazda, GM aside from that trash 3.6 they put in everything now including the Colorado, newer Ford (~2000 and newer), and some VWs.
  11. I disagree. I like to see every notification. Otherwise I miss messages. Do carriers still "QA" these updates, which results in delayed updates that usually end up screwing up your phone? Looking at you, Verizon.
  12. Because they're trying to use wireless in a stadium with 50,000 + wireless devices. Plus each team (and now officiating) has their own secure network to stream footage from NFL servers. This isn't your typical broadcast footage either, consisting of multiple camera angles where you can scrub back and forth in high framerate footage. When theres a problem, the entire tablet system is taken down for both teams until resolved by a separate set of "surface officials".
  13. Doesn't stop me from wishing. I'd consider a google phone before a microsoft phone anyway, even if they were equally competitive. While apple has tripped over their feet in the past, Microsoft has been a train wreck in progress. They still have enough market momentum to arrive at their destination, albeit in a crumpled mess.
  14. Now known as "Just make the launch deadline" iOS 11 has made me wish that there was a competitive phone OS that wasn't made by google. Maybe with these bugs it'll force Apple to realize their yearly update crunch is compromising their softwares vaunted usability and security.... ....but I highly doubt it. Apple and a significant majority of their consumer base is stubborn. They'd likely view skipping a year of major updates to collectively get their shit together as the sky falling.
  15. gboards cursor movement is a ghetto knock off of apples. Its much worse.