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  1. Deaf people must have it really rough where you live. Open prey for getting ran over and mugged.
  2. Depends on the gearing. I used to rev the piss out of my mazda in first because second was so tall. After that I could short shift.
  3. Not really, it is a dry taste. Plus IMO mango is the worst flavor. You can try Truly. They have much more flavor, especially their lemonade varieties.
  4. I drink white claw a lot, mostly because I am celiac and like the carbonated seltzers. Its not really something to get messed up on. You should really mix the vodka though. Drinking any sort of hard alcohol straight will mess you up.
  5. vetali

    Jeep Compass

    We have a customer with a CVT accord that just hit 200k miles.
  6. vetali

    Jeep Compass

    Yeah that kinda changes things if they are in India. Options might make it the best available.
  7. vetali

    Jeep Compass

    3rd gen Durangos are nearly the same as Grand Cherokees. Might be some slight differences especially in more optioned out ones, but I will agree that most Durango owners just drive the piss outta them and neglect them.
  8. vetali

    Jeep Compass

    Non Grand Cherokee Jeeps are some of the worst vehicles I have done used car inspections on (for us its a 20 mile test drive). Grand Cherokees have a decent platform and are fun with the v8s if you can deal with the interior, however you can avoid the Jeep tax and get a Durango which is the same thing. The Wranglers are a wildcard. I dislike them greatly, but people love them. So thats really down to wants/tastes.
  9. Ah well that use case I have no clue. Stock for stock, the manual would probably last longer in that environment. A properly built auto will be much stronger though.
  10. Maintenance wise yes and no, you should still do regular fluid changes like an automatic. It is cheaper to do fluid changes in a manual especially considering how expensive the new ATFs are. Honda ATF 3.1 used to be like 65 dollars a quart, and you need 4 quarts to do a service on a ZF 9 speed. Its gone down to about 30, which is still crazy spendy. If you can drive a manual properly it should be less. If not, the repairs could exceed the potential maintenance costs of an automatic.
  11. Book says it has an EQ. Either way not a huge deal because I can control that in spotify.
  12. Yeah the manual is basically the wiring diagram, and how to use the OS. Amazon page is useless. Haven't bothered googling too much yet. I will once I have it set up and see how the existing speakers are. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B08F17GDSY/ Basically its about the only single din apple carplay compatible head unit I could find in stock. If I used android theres a ton of options. I think pioneer or alpine makes one? But its near 700 dollars. Bit too much for me to spend on my beater with a heater. Dodge had an obsession with 1.5 din stock head units and no real
  13. I'll do some research and make a decision. It doesn't matter if its a 50 or a 600 dollar head unit. They all come with a basic kit of labeled wiring. I am talking about the output specs.
  14. Is the input the RCA and the output goes through the stock harness? That would actually be cool.
  15. I have been looking at some polk speakers. I might go with that. First I am just gonna wire it up and see how it works with the speakers that are in it. They are very old infinitys. This thing also has the uplevel amp, but I believe its been bypassed. If it works okay then I will just slap in the polks and get an amp for a sub. Rather not have to wire into each door if I don't have to.
  16. Not what I meant but if they are eccentric then it should of been adjusted (green=go doesn't mean good) Thats the thing with car audio. You pay premium price for low/mid range stuff. Its really annoying. Its why I am debating on just going cheap.
  17. Thats only somewhat good for toe... not good for a full alignment. Problem is they likely aren't eccentric bolts so its really difficult to do minute adjustments. Honda says .50 degrees cross caster is out of spec. Looks like yours is the same. Its very borderline. Cross caster is the difference between the sides on the axle. I wish I knew like anything about car audio. I am trying to do the audio system in my durango and its somewhat confusing. Doesn't help the chinesium headunit I got (pretty much the only single din carplay head unit that wasn't crazy overpriced) doesn't have an
  18. Cross caster is pretty dang close to being out of spec. Its nice their machine greys out non adjustable measurements. Ours will show it as red if its out of spec and non adjustable.
  19. Yeah, good point. But for the Kyles that drag out the mower once a week for their 600 sqft "yard", theres no point. Where I live is like John Deere's wet dream. People buying their 5k dollar zero degree turning radius riding lawnmowers for a yard the size of a basketball court.
  20. I meant as in new cars. We won't see freevalve in mainstream cars because the advancement to EV has already begun. Yeah, we will still have ICE powered cars on the roads for a long time. Or just replace the mowers with electric mowers. Cheaper than pouring all that crap on a single cylinder motor. Riding lawnmowers will likely still need to be gas powered until we have tech for lawn roombas or something like that. Cargo ships wont change, true. But I do think their pollution gets swept under the table lot. Can't tell me theres nothing they can do to improve it.
  21. Yeah see, I skimmed over this because of that issue... Anyway, freevalve is really cool and its pretty impressive he created it in his garage. Too bad internal combustion is gonna be the way of the dinosaur before freevalve is mainstream. I still think clamping down on big polluters like small engines and cargo ships would be a much better move to a greener planet than moving general commuters from ICE to EV.
  22. This is gonna be a meta post, but while I don't post much anymore I feel like its something I'd like to bring up. Since really I made my account I have been a poster in this thread, and prior to that active on the overclock.net auto thread. I generally think that tech forums so far have had great automotive communities that aren't narrowed down to one brand/make. It creates a melting pot of fans of different types of vehicles, brands, etc and usually aren't too elitist aside from a few shitters... myself included sometimes even in jest. Its also allowed me to step out of my comfort zone of ess
  23. Not remotely 50%. Acura cars also had K series engines... I am really not sure what straws you are trying to grasp. I work as a tech at a Honda dealer... I know what I see lmao. If you wana spreadsheet it to prove a point then be my guest. Until then stop pulling numbers out of thin air to prove your baseless statement. B20. Yep. Not a huge fan of them. Almost bought a 5 speed one for my second car though. Went with the mazda 3 instead.