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  1. I'd probably go for a 1440p 100-120hz ultra wide display depending on your country/availability, they're cheap in the US anyways. Otherwise why not just go for a 1080p 240hz display? Depending on the games you play of course. In any event I would just wait to buy a GPU, as it's going to be expensive to get a meaningful upgrade. Or wait for RX 5700 sales, because at $299 ish you can just overclock/bios flash it and get close to the 2070 super.
  2. The 2060 super is barely faster than the 1660ti something like 25-30% at most what's your current monitor resolution/refresh rate? I'd suggest just saving up and waiting for like the RX 5800/Nvidia 3070/3080 and buying a new monitor at that point.
  3. Don't know if it does any special, but the TUF and Gigabyte Elite X570 boards have the best VRMs in their price class.
  4. I stick to high settings just to avoid fps drops, ultra usually doesn't look much better anyways. The 2070 super is only 10-20% faster, so if the 5700 gets 100fps, the 2070 super is going to be at 110-120fps, it's really not a major difference, depending on how much more expensive it is.
  5. You should just double check reviews of the power supply to see if it's actually good, didn't even know antec still made products lol. An RX 5700 is going to be a perfectly fine GPU if it's a lot cheaper. Don't really need 32GBs of RAM just for gaming. How much more is the gigabyte elite or TUF? they just have a bit better VRM
  6. That one, and like ARMA 3, are just really unoptimized/unfinished. Like your CPU would be just behind the 7700K here, so no matter what GPU you use, you'd get at least 90-100fps in GTAV, depending on CPU heavy settings. You don't seem to have the right idea of what a "bottleneck" is. The 3700X would only really be faster in games that can use the extra cores/threads, but it might have less fps drops in general. There is nothing wrong with your 6700K for gaming. Even without overclocking.
  7. Your CPU will bottleneck what the maximum fps will be in a game, like 100fps at 720p low settings on any GPU your GPU bottlenecks your resolution quality settings, like 4k high/ultra. Your CPU could for example run 8k 60hz gaming with no issues, if you had a GPU that could push that in modern games.
  8. Your 6700K is perfectly fine for 100+fps in the average AAA game, and a lot higher in esports titles. The 2070 super is a bit overkill for 1080p 144hz, and by the time you get that 1440p display, the GPU market is likely to change. I'd go for 1080p 240hz myself, because I don't think the sharpness increase of 1440p is really worth it, unless you go for a 1440p ultra wide 100-120hz display But why not just get the cheaper RX 5700? It has 80-90% of the 2070 super's performance. Or get a used Cheap Vega 56, or 1070ti potentially, if it's a lot less than the RX 5700. The motherboard might have some basic overclocking features, like BLCK, or just multi-core/boost enhancement, but it's still going to be a perfectly fine gaming CPU at stock settings.
  9. It will automatically increase itself as you put it under load, probably to a max of 2GBs Could always just toss an RX 470 into a used business machine with an i7 2600K and be fine for 1080p gaming.
  10. Just grab any old nylon or canvas thing from X online store? Really don't need to spend that much. Don't think I've ever spend more than $20 on a backpack.
  11. There's nothing wrong with AMD's drivers,, actually GPU chill is really nice, nvidia should offer something similar to it.
  12. Just overclock a cheaper RX 5700 at $300-350 Also for fps games why not just go for a 1080p 240hz? Harder to hit that in non esports titles due to CPU/engine limitations though. Should also really stick to medium/high settings to avoid potential fps drops, and it's not like there's usually a big upgrade to go for ultra despite the fps drop.
  13. You could also maybe offer to pay the difference to get a PSU upgrade or something.