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  1. GTX 1070 Overclocking Limit

    Either way, Average for water is 2079 https://hwbot.org/hardware/videocard/geforce_gtx_1070/
  2. Might be worth going back to windows 7 or 8 then maybe. Could also attempt a BIOS update, but it's doubtful that would do anything. Could just try some older drivers as well.
  3. Just google around man, CPU should be able to handle LoL alright, but it is really weak on that laptop. Do you 100% need a laptop? Because a relatively cheap R3 2200G desktop PC would be a decent step up maybe. thread from 2013 http://forums.euw.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=89736
  4. Hey, quick question! Overclock

    You want your LLC in the middle most likely so you hope for stable voltage, I think the max voltage for Coffee Lake is 1.4V? Probably want to stay as close to 1.3V as possible though. Did you already delid your CPU? It applies more/less voltage when you go under load, of course it can help.
  5. GTX 1070 Overclocking Limit

    Pascal hits a limit around 2100mhz anyways, so you're pretty much at the peak for air cooling. You could try to get a 150% power limit in different software, or do a Volt Mod to get more current.
  6. Well what's your CPU? It could be your bottleneck maybe. Or maybe Nvidia Optimus isn't properly switching from the iGPU to your GPU in that title. I also agree with the above poster, should totally level up to dota when you can.
  7. Some Additional Videos, it's just all commissioned sales and affiliate links, and selling $1000 courses to people.
  8. If your current system has issues then ya probably upgrade to the R3 2200G, the APU will have better resale value in the future than the R3 1200. If you can save up more and wait until April for better motherboards and Ryzen 2 then that's the better option, what's the issue with your current system? You just have to look up CPU benchmkarks on a per game basis, Assassin's Creed Origins for example can scale even up to threadripper. Don't think many games can do that, though it's fps is still really low due to poor optimization. https://www.computerbase.de/2017-10/assassins-creed-origins-benchmark/3/#abschnitt_eine_unglaubliche_cpukernskalierung
  9. The R3 2200G will be faster in some games because it's like 40-50% faster per thread, and since most games don't utilize more than 4 threads very well it'll do alright. OZ has the exact test, but it's not worth upgrading in any event, wait until you have a higher budget so you can jump on a true upgrade with like a 6 core Ryzen 2 chip. And ya the test you were watching was probably on the onboard GPU, which needs to run games at 1080p low, so the fps should be higher unless he was running at higher graphical settings.
  10. You won't get anything major for $300 You'd have to go with the same ASrock Pro4, an R3 2200G, and 8GBs of DDR4 for around $300
  11. 1070 worth it??

    Everything but ARMA 3 can be played pretty alright at 1080p 60fps on a sub $500 Ryzen APU PC, would suggest just grabbing that and saving the rest of your budget for a future GPU upgrade. Unless you 100% need a laptop? In which case I'd suggest you just buy a far cheaper GTX 1050 machine or something
  12. What's your budget? Something like $75 + 175 16GBs + 200 will get you an upgrade to a Ryzen 2 R5 2600 6 core/12 thread CPU when it launches in april You could buy an ASrock Pro4 at $75 but it'll need an updated BIOS and you may want a better X470 chipset motherboard anyways.
  13. I thought it was more based on selling internet advertising and stuff like that, like getting money from affiliate links through amazon and stuff. Or is the Idea that you get your subs to buy something, and then get their subs to buy something, and so on and so on?
  14. Okay maybe it could use a better name, but I've been seeing a lot of advertisements for channels like this. I think because of cypto and bitcoin searches. People who claim to be millionaires and such, but who have a relatively small online presence despite basing their business model on being a massive online presence? Maybe at the end of it all Linus can finally have his lambo like some of these guys. This channel is one of the Testimonials on the above channel/website/"Company"?, and it of course talks about "Affiliate Marketing" as well Although he used to just be a Headphone review, then after a 3 month gap went really hard with the affiliate marketing angle. So my suggestion is to simply explore Affiliate Marketing, Selling a Personal Brand, whatever they want to call it. I think the real "scam" comes in from the first guy, with places like this. http://iag-media.com/ https://iag-media.teachable.com/p/influencer-ignited Don't know if you'd want to pay for the course they offer or what other people offer, I mean it's only $997! *there is no promise or guarantee that affiliate marketing, or selling your personal brand will actually make you money, and you can only get a refund if you watch less than 30% of the content, we take no responsibility from....In an actual tiny font at the bottom of the page. Maybe just try to get a refund and see how that works out following their strict refund guidelines. As for the content itself, it'd be up to you guys how to go about it. I just think it would be interesting to take a look at some potential scams on the internet and expose them. Maybe force 2 people at the office to sit through a course and follow the instructions on how to become millionaires through it. Or enlist some friends outside of the channel who want a chance at getting rich quick. Just have them give weekly reports on their progress to becoming millionaires. Maybe find a few normies, an elderly person, and then a few people who know tech and building websites as such well. This is likely only a small sample of the people running these kinds of operations, there's a lot more out there, and there's a lot in the world of Crypto as well, like Bit Connect. Reminds me of "Multi-Level Marketing" from a while back. Some of the affiliate marketing scam PSAs I guess date back a few years as well. This video is likely the most relevant for LMG
  15. compatible motherboards with ryzen g

    All of them They just need a BIOS update You probably want the ASrock Pro4 in any event, just go to a local place if possible, or contact newegg before buying it.